Lesson 6: Working with Light

Many people create and heal using light. Once you know how you will find it to be fun and enlightening. I love working with light and do it often. After working with light you are always left with a warm and comforting feeling.

I always find that I can strongly feel the presence of my guides and angels around me, when I create, heal and work with light. I would like to help you to learn to create and heal with light too and share with you this wondrous experience.

Light is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. Light is a living presence that is around us all and is everywhere. It responds to your thoughts of it. With out light the world will wither away and die. Light helps the world and us to grow and live.

Calling Light

How to call light to yourself is easy, just stop what ever it is that you are doing. Shut your eyes and say either out loud or in your mind, “Light please come to me.”

* Imagine that above your head is a large ball of light.

* Watch as this ball of light surrounds you in a cocoon of light.

* Take note of what the light feels like and how it makes you feel. Is it warm, hot, does it make you feel happy, sad, free or light headed? Take note of the feelings and thoughts that come to you.

* Take in a deep breath and imagine that the beautiful light begins to flow with in you, filling your entire body, lungs and soul with pure white light.

* Imagine that you now are completely filled with heavenly white light.

With practice you will soon find that this exercise will come naturally to you and will only take a few minutes of your time. You can do this exercise any time or any place.

I find that I do the exercise while cooking dinner, in the bath, brushing my teeth or walking. When ever you feel upset, in need of protection, down in the dumps or need to calm your nerves – then try this exercise and notice how different and confident you will feel.

Not long ago I went though a stage of great depression. I felt that no matter what I did I still felt down in the dumps. After several days of struggling to shake off the depression I called light to myself. I instantly began to feel the depression lift and ease after performing the exercise.

For the first time in days I felt renewed, at peace and happy within myself. I received many positive comments from family and friends – commenting on how fresh and happy I looked. Calling light to yourself does work!

Light and Your Ambitions

Do you have a specific goal, dream, an item or wish that you hope to fulfil and have? If so them here is an easy exercise that will help to draw these things to you. It won’t happen over night as it takes a lot of imagination, creating with light and determination.

Sit down somewhere where you will not be disturbed. Put on some soothing music and light a scented candle or two if you like. Shut your eyes and take in three deep breaths. Let your body completely relax. Think about what it is that you truly want most or about your goals, dreams and wishes.

Imagine that you are in a cinema and in front of you is a large white screen. Imagine that you are watching a little movie on the large screen. The movie is all about you achieving your goals, or getting the things that you most want in life. Imagine that you do achieve and receive all that your heart is longing for. Actually see yourself in the movie receiving and achieving these things.

Try to imagine this in as much detail as possible. Imagine how you would feel if you achieved these things. Feel the feelings deep with in, take in any smells, thoughts, feelings, tastes and sounds that come to you. Make this movie as real and vivid as you can.

Once you have reached your goal, got what you most wanted then imagine the white screen filling with brilliant white light. Watch as the light fills up the images on the screen.

Once you have done this then imagine that you are sending the images and light from the screen up as high as you can. Imagine this light going higher and higher through space and different dimensions, where it forms into a large ball of energy and light. Watch as this ball of energy and light grow larger and larger.

Then bring the ball of energy and light back down to you. Imagine the energy and light from this ball enter with in you and fill you with light. Say out loud or in your mind, “This is now my reality, I have the things I most want in my life.”

Try to repeat this exercise daily if you can and try to do it for a few months or more. Watch as your dreams, goals and wishes soon begin to take form and become your reality for real.

Our imaginations are incredibly powerful tools. I know of a very true saying that, “Every thought is pure energy.” When you think and use your imagination – you are actually working with energy and creating what you see around you.

If your thoughts are negative then you send out negative energy, which in turn brings negative things into your life. If you keep your thoughts positive and upbeat then, you radiate positive energy and draw good and positive things into your life.

Healing with Light

Healing with light is just as simple and easy as creating with it. You can help to heal yourself or those close to you. You can even send healing energy to others who need it. If there is someone who is ill, depressed, down or sad then all you do is;

Sit quietly and say out loud or in your mind…

“I call upon my highest level spirit guides and angels and I call upon ....................... (the person you are sending light to) highest level spirit guides and angels. I ask that you will please send healing light to ...................... Please help ....................... to heal and make a full recovery. Thank you. “

Then imagine that you are holding a ball of beautiful white light in your hands. Imagine that the person whom you are sending healing light to is standing across the room from you.

Blow gently at the ball of light and watch as the ball of light leaves your hands and speeds towards your loved one. Imagine your loved one taking hold of the ball of light. Watch as the ball of light begins to enter and fill your loved one with beautiful white light.

Now imagine that your loved one is glowing from head to toe in white light. You can direct the light to a specific area of the person or just let the light fill the person’s entire body. You can use this same process to heal yourself, pets, plants and even loved ones who live far away.

Some of the Dreams that Natasha Have Had

Weird Dream

In August 2009 I had this dream that there was an out break of some kind of virus. This looked like a rash - almost like chicken pocks. The dream was so vivid and clear that it was like watching a movie. My sister Tahlita stood in front of me with the nasty rash all over her. She was completely covered in the virus rash.

I was doing everything in my power to try and make her well again. I was in a room which looked like a laboratory and was writing on some paper - doing research and trying to find a cure for the virus. I suddenly went into a daze and began to draw a picture. I watched myself in amazement as my hand moved on its own.

It was my handwriting but if felt as though it was not me writing - almost like someone was drawing the picture through me. Once I had drawn the picture my hand suddenly stopped and I looked down at what I had drawn. I was surprised to find that I had drawn a picture of a bunch of beautiful yellow daffodils. The daffodils were in colour even though I had drawn them in pencil.

They were clear and looked as though a famous artist had drawn them. It was amazing! I then clicked that daffodils were the cure to the virus. It was as soon as I realised this that I woke up thinking what a very weird dream it was.

Tidal Wave

Since I was a tiny little girl I have always had very strange dreams. Some are just plain wired and others can be very terrifying! All of my dreams are so vivid and clear. I can see, feel and taste, smell and hear things as though I were a wake. Many times I am even unsure if it was a dream or really happened.

I have dreamt of plane or train crashes where the dreams are so vivid that I can feel the heat from the flames, see every detail, feel the fear that the passengers feel. Some times my dreams seem so real that I do not know if I dreamt them or if it was something which actually happened. I have dreamt of wars, floods, natural disasters, famine, blood shed and murders. I dream of bibles burning, satin and God at war with each other, and I also dream of people who have passed away. They come to me in my dreams and pass on messages to me so that I can pass them on to others.

For years now I keep having this one particular dream that keeps coming back. I dreamt that I am standing on a sandy beach looking out to sea; everything is calm and peaceful when all of a sudden the sky turns dark and grey. Lightning and thunder decorate the sky. Out of nowhere two dark tunnels appear in the sky and strike down into the ocean. They look like two massive tornadoes.

Then to my horror a massive tidal wave appears and comes crashing down on everything. There is a lot of screaming and people running for their lives. I am swimming so hard to get away from the floods of water. I try to reach out to others to help others. Once the waters have calmed I see dead bodies lying around, also people who are still alive wondering about dripping wet with water. I run over and pull adults and children's bodies from the water and I try to help who ever I can. I look up into the sky and I see an older man's face in the sky and I know he is God. I then wake up with my heart pounding and gasping for breath.

I spoke to a friend of mine about my dream and told her that I keep having it. She told me that she has been having the same dreams for years now too. We checked online and asked others if they have had the same dream - we found at least 12 other people world wide that have had the same dream.

Creepy dream

On the 18th of January 2010 I dreamt that I was browsing online and then checked my e-mails to see if I had any readings to perform. I noticed that there was a message for me from someone who wanted a reading done.

I then looked at the title of the message and it read, 'A reading for a dying girl.' I felt shocked! I clicked open the message and I suddenly saw a lady. She was tall, slim and had long blond wavy/frizzy hair. (She looked a bit like the lady from Inside out - she had the same hair). Her hair was to just below her shoulders. She was warring a long dark coloured blue evening dress. She was lying on a big circle thing which seemed to be moving round and round.

There was a lot of sliver, blue and white lights around her. I kept hearing the words, "I will stab you in the side each time you/I scream." I noticed that I was not looking at the computer anymore but that I was looking down on her from above. Just then I woke up feeling freaked out. Well that's enough on the dream front. I have had so many strange dreams that if I had to write them all down I would be here for ever!!

Hurricane in Bexhill

On the 2nd of June 2011 I dreamt that there was a hurricane in Bexhill. The ocean was wild and the clouds dark and black. I was in a house with my mother and father in law. The house was right by the sea. Out of the window I could see an awful storm. I saw two young boys searching for their families. They were crying and pounding on doors of houses near the beach.

I cried and wanted to help them but there were large army men there who would not let anyone leave their homes. I then saw a rabbit hutch floating in the sea. I saw a large rabbit swimming in the sea. All I could think about was getting home to my family. The army men approached me and said that the worst of the storm was still to come.


On the 13th of April 2011 I dreamt that Sarah my best friend and the kiddies and I were at some small white cottage on the beach front. The telly was on and an emergency broadcast suddenly bleared on the telly.

It said that a tilde wave was due to hit Bexhill with in the next 3 minutes! Fear filled deep with in us. We grabbed the kiddies and ran to the front door. We then stopped and Sarah shouted, “Look out of the lounge window!” (Which looked onto the sea.)

I looked out of the window and could see lots of rain, large waves and the sea pulling backwards. I then saw a large wave in the distance moving closer and closer to us. “We are not going to make it! There is just not enough time” I heard my self scream. We all huddled together and prayed, accepting our fate for what seemed like an eternity.

We were surprised to see that no wave came to get us. We ran to the window and saw a massive storm out side. It then said on the telly that they had made a mistake, we were having a hurricane instead of a tilde wave. I then woke up.

The Funeral

On the 11th of April 2011 I had a dream that I was at a funeral. I sat in a small beige coloured church. I then realised that I was at my dad's funeral. I was sad but not too sad as I knew that I had already said goodbye to my father when he died when I was 13years old.

During the funeral two of my father’s favourite songs played quietly in the back ground. This made me cry as I missed my dad so much. Next to me was a tall man with dark afro like hair and fair skin. He made me think of Dave's friend Jon even thought it was not him. He looked similar to Jon. I had a deep knowing feeling that this was one of my spirit guides.

The man put his arms around me and held me close to him - not in a sexual way or anything but in a comforting way. I felt so safe and at peace in his arms, so protected and loved. My entire body filled with warmth and gratitude. I then heard a strange sound behind me. I turned and saw an elderly man wearing a white shirt and beige like pants. Next to him was a large vicious dog.

The dog looked at me and was growling. I knew he wanted to attack me. The old man just smiled as if nothing was happening. I then noticed that my youngest daughter Kristi was with the old man. I called to her frantically to come to me - scared that she would be attacked by the dog.

She ran to me and I knew she would be safe. The dog began to chase us and we ran as fast as we could to get a way from it. My mom was there all of a sudden and she led us to a car where we got in. We were safe from the dog. I then woke up.

Dog Attack!

I once had this dream that my two daughters and I were running to catch the bus. We had to go into town to do a few things. I could see the bus in front of me and we kept running towards it but kept missing it.

Finally we managed to run a head of the bus and stopped by one of the bus stops. We waited there for the bust to arrive. Suddenly two large dogs and a small dog approached us growling fierily. The dogs were German Sheppard dogs and the little one was one of those pit bulls.

I grabbed hold of my two daughters and tried to get away from these dogs as I could tell they were not friendly and wanted to attack us. Just then the three dogs whined as though something terrible was happening to them and they tried to run away. My daughters looked frightened.

I turned round and saw an extra large brown dog ward off the other dogs. I was not afraid of this large dog as I knew deep down, that it was trying to protect us and keep us safe. The large dog chased away the other dogs and just then the bus arrived. My daughters and I safely got onto the bus and I then woke up.

I feel this was a message from the Archangels, my angels and my guides letting me know that my family and I are safe, that they are removing and warding off all negativity and negative entities. Thank you my beautiful angels.

House Disaster!

On the 8th of March 2011 I had horrid dream that I was down stairs in our kitchen, when I noticed that there was water dripping from the sealing. I sighed heavenly as thought the children must be in the bath and wetting the floor. When ever my children have a bath they splash so much water on the floor, that it causes the kitchen roof (the kitchen is below the bathroom) to drip. I was so worried that one day our kitchen roof would collapse.

I then noticed that there was water seeping out of the kitchen and dinning room walls. The plaster on the walls started to break away as more water gushed in. I ran up stairs to try and mop of some of the water. When I got upstairs I found both my girls playing in Monique’s room and not in the bath. I was confused as to where all the water was coming from. I went in to my bed room and froze as I noticed that all the walls in my room were crumbling way and water was poring in. I panicked as thought the roof would cave and the house would crumble down around us.

My bed room roof then did cave in and I grabbed my children in each hand and rushed down stairs to try to get out of the house before it collapsed. I woke up in a sweat and told my husband David about the dream. It was an awful dream that left me feeling so uneasy all day.

Where to Run!

On the 5th March I had a terrible dream that there was a huge Tsunami / Tidal wave. The dream felt so very real and vivid that I woke up in a panic and sweat. I have these sorts of dreams on a regular basis yet, each time I have them they still shake me up and play on my mind all the next day.

I dreamt that Kristi, Moinque (my daughters) and I were running away from this huge wave coming straight at us. We found a stone bridge and hid under it. I saw a man running near us and called to him to come hide with us.

I then realised that the water would probably swoop under the bridge and wash us a way. I wanted to run but there was not time as the wave was catching up on us. All I could think about is saving my children and other people, yet felt so helpless as I knew there was no running away from what was coming. The dream was so real, vivid and played on my mind for ages afterwards.

A Face from The Past

I had this dream that I kept seeing a spirit of a tall slim girl with a brush cut hair style. She wore red and white track bottoms and I think a colourful spotty top and trainers. I kept seeing her walking in the house and I kept trying to catch her so I could ask her who she was. Then I was talking to Dave in the lounge when I saw the spirit walk into my kitchen. Just before she walked into the kitchen she looked at me as if to say follow. I ran after her and found her in the kitchen.

I recognised her face but could not put a name to it. I then said to her, “What is your name and why do you keep following me?” She turned to me and said, “I am Bonnie, do you remember me? Quick, you must go up stairs now!” She then ran up our stairs.

Shocked I ran after her. I did remember her – she was a girl I went to high school with. I got half way up the stairs when I saw a big black dog running down the stairs. I turned and ran after the dog. The dog looked like my mother in laws dog. When I got to the bottom of the stairs Dave had hold of the dog and asked me if it was his mothers dog. I did not know.

Just then I saw a black raven / large black bird hopping about in the lounge. I quickly picked up the black bird and took it out side – giving it a little cuddle. I tried to find some where to put the bird where it would be safe from predators but I could not find anywhere safe to put the bird.

That is all I can remember of the dreams. The dream was very strange, vivid and detailed. The strange thing is that I have not thought about Bonnie for over 15 years – but only in the past week she keeps popping into my mind. I don’t even know what triggered the memory. I only knew her for a year – my first year at high school, but then I moved schools and never saw her again.

Bonnie was my best friend that first year at school. She never had any friends as she had either Autism or Down syndrome – but only mildly. People used to laugh and tease her and she was very down and lonely. I became her friend and cared for her all through that first year. I remember worrying about her when I left heigh school but also felt relieved as we had made another friend who promised to look out for Bonnie.

Bonnie was also a lesbian who had a big crush on me. She kept asking me out and giving me little love letters but I kept telling her that I was only interested in men. That never stopped me being friends with Bonnie as I felt it was my job to look out for her and be there for her.

I wonder if Bonnie has passed over and if she was popping in to say hello. I keep getting the feeling that if Bonnie has passed over that she was in a hit and run accident or killed in transport.

Face to Face with the Mothman

In Lesson 1 I mentioned to you about a horrid creature that used to haunt me. Here is the full story of this creature and the experiences that I had…

One night when I was eighteen years of age, I lay fast a sleep in my bed when I began to have this dream. In my dream I was asleep in bed when I was awoken (in my dream) by a dark figure in a hooded cape standing over me. The dark figure was not human but a demon or spirit of some sort.

His hands were all scaly and bony and looked discoloured and bird claw like, I could not see is face but I could see his eyes and they were a deep glowing red colour. Ultimate fear rippled through me. The fear was so intense that I can honestly say that I have never been so frightened in all my life. I felt paralysed with fear. I tried to scream but nothing would come out - it was as though someone had stolen my voice. My body felt paralyzed and glued to my bed.

I somehow managed to turn my head round and I glanced at my bed side clock but it was not working as there was a power cut so I was unable to see the time. I then said it is one o'clock in the morning and I felt confused as to how I knew what the time was if there was no power and the clock was not working.

The dark figure leant over me and its breath stunk as though something had died in his mouth and had been rotting there for months. I felt sick in the pit of my stomach and still I was unable to speak or move. The figure then grabbed hold of my stomach and dug its long claw like nails into me, I was pregnant at the time with my daughter and I feared it would kill my unborn child. I tried with all my might to force the creature off of me but I failed.

I had always slept with a bible next to my bed, I reached for the bible and managed to grip my hands around it but it suddenly went up into flames and I dropped it to the floor, just then I woke up feeling frightened and out of breath. The terrifying thing was that when I did awake I found to my horror that, there acturally was a power cut and my bible was laying on the floor next to my bed, thankfully not burned and the time on my wrist watch said 1.05 am.

I had a bad stomach ache and the next morning. When I looked down at my stomach I discovered that I had bruises and scrapes all over it. I have seen that dark figure many times in my dreams as well as when I have been awake. He haunted me for 2 and half years. One night my ex-husband and I were making love when I suddenly felt that we were not alone in the room.

I looked up and to my horror saw the creature standing at our bed side watching us. I grabbed my ex-husband's arm and pointed to where the thing stood. He nearly jumped out of his skin and swore blue murder as he too saw it. This was proof to me that the monster was real and not just my imagination as someone else had also seen it.

One day a friend of mine told me that he had been seeing a dark bird like man who looked like the reaper. He said that a number of his friends had seen it too. He told me that this creature had also been haunting him and his friends for months now. What was this thing haunting everyone? The time of the haunting was just before Zimbabwe (where I lived) was going downhill and into war. I then met a lady who a friend of mine introduced me too. She was psychic and told me a prayer to help ward off evil spirits, the pray goes like this:

I plead the blood covenant of Jesus over myself, my family and all those close to my heart; I ask in the name of Jesus Christ that you allow your angels to watch over us, this room, this house and everyone. I thank Thee for by your grace we are here today. Amen.

I said this pray each time I saw the creature. When I did begin to say the prayer over and over the creature would become weak and leave. In October 2001 the situation in Zimbabwe was too much to bear and my family and I were forced to leave our country and moved to England.

It was then that the horrid creature stopped visiting me and thankfully I have not seen it since. Only years later I watched the film The Mothman Prophecies and realized straight away the dark figure which had haunted me and so many others in Zimbabwe was actually the Mothman. I am 100% sure that it must be it as there are so many similararities and it did appear at a time where there was Great War happening in Zimbabwe.

I have been psychic all my life and for as long as I can remember. When I was younger I did not know that the reason for all of my experience was because I was psychic. I had always thought that I was weird, different to everyone else and felt like a reject or outcast.

When I was 18 years of age the woman who shared the prayer with me to stop the Mothman also told me that, I was psychic and explained everything to me. For the first time in my life I felt that I was not going crazy, was not a nutcase or reject. For the first time I understood why I was experiencing the things I did. I had spent 18 years of my life thinking that there was something seriously wrong with me.

I spent all those years feeling afraid, lonely, feeling that no one cared or understood me. Then all of a sudden there was light and I felt that I belonged. It was a huge and comforting relief that there was someone out there who understood all that I had gone through, someone who cared and could help and guide me, and that I was not the only one in this whole wide word who experienced the things that I did.

Thank you to this woman I realised that all the experiences that I had were not evil or bad, but that I was being visited by angels and guides. I was being visited by spirits who needed my help. I realised that all the things that I mostly feared for all those years were not actually scary. I learnt that I could call on angels for help and I also discovered just how much love, support and protection I had all round me from my guides and angels.

Before I felt alone and afraid but after speaking with that woman I felt that I had finally come home. I felt surrounded by so much love and support. I did not feel so afraid anymore. I am forever grateful to that woman for her help. She helped me to find out who I was and to realise that I was not a freak!


Please spend the next two weeks working with light as much as you can.

Try out the various types of meditations and find the ones that best work for you.

Try creating with light, healing with light and charging yourself with light.

Try sending light to your loved ones or those in need.

Try sending light to your pets, garden and to the world.

Write down before you start these exercises how you feel and how your life feels. Then at the end of the two weeks write down how you feel now and if you can notice any differences. Through out each lesson always try to jot down your feelings, thoughts, experiences and feedback on each lesson. You will find your notes to be helpful in the future.

In lesson 7 we will be looking at the Chakras and learning how to cleanse, unblock and balance our chakras. We will also learn how important each chakra is and how they help us on our spiritual path.