The Circus

Find somewhere comfortable and quiet to sit or lay down. Close your eyes, take in 3 deep slow breaths and quiet your mind. Once you feel completely relaxed imagine that you are going to the circus.

Who are you going with? Are you going on your own or do you have someone with you? Imagine that you are standing out side of the large circus tent. What colour is the circus tent and is it one or more colour? Does the tent have patterns or is it plain? Now enter the large circus tent.

What do you see? Is there a lot of people there? What types of animals or acts are there? Find somewhere to sit as the circus is about to begin. Where about in the large tent are you sitting? What does the person who is sitting on your left look like? What does the person who is on your right look like?

Now the conductor walks onto the stage. What does he look like and what is he wearing? He introduces the first act. What is the first act? The first act begins. What is it and who all are involved. Imagine what this act would be like and enjoy the show.

The first act is now finished and everyone claps. Did you enjoy that act? The conductor re-enters the stage and introduces the next act.

Do the same as you did above for the next 5 acts, each time taking in as much detail as possible, creating your own acts and performances. Making the experience be as real and personal to you as you like. This is your vision – your day dream so anything can happen.

Below are a few other things which you can do to help re-awaken your imaginations.

Be more creative as when you do creative work it helps to fire up your imagination. People who do a lot of art work or other creative work are more likely to see their guides. You do not have to be a creative person to do creative things. Who knows you may even surprise yourself.

Try to day dream as much as you can. Remember that in your day dreams you can be any where you like, be who you want to be, have the life you dreamed of. Day dreaming is free, fun and highly imaginative. If you do not have a strong imagination then, day dreaming is the perfect way to strengthen your imagination. Also the more you day dream about things you want to happen in your life, the more energy you send out – which helps make your dreams become a reality.

Try to train your mind to be more open to the impossible. Stop putting things down to your imagination. If something strange or unusual happens then do not judge it. Trust what you see and what comes to you. Train your mind to believe in what you see and feel instead of putting it down to your imagination.

Try practicing asking your guides and angels for help - even if it is only for little things and remember to also put the effort in. Try to also over come any guilty feeling of asking for help. The more you ask your guides for help, the more they will work with you and the stronger their presence will be. Try each day asking your guides for one or two little things.

Ask for small things at first like help getting the kiddies to school on time or for help finding a lost object. Once you have got used to asking for little things then you can start asking for help with bigger things. The more you ask for their help and accept their help, the more you will feel them working in your life. You will begin to notice just how much they are in your life and always have been.

Each and every day spend just 5 – 10 minutes listing your blessings and the things you are grateful for. Thank your angels and guides for their help in your everyday lives. For example: Each morning when I walk home from dropping my little ones at school, I will list all the things that I am grateful for.

It is always important to try and pick a specific time that is the same each day to talk to your guides – almost like making an appointment to see them. To give you a better idea of what I mean here is my list for today (10/12/2010).

I would like to thank my heavenly father, my heavenly fathers angels, the Archangels, my spirit guides and angels, my higher self and spiritual helpers for all the guidance and protection that you offer my family and I each and every day. Thank you for your constant love and support, for all the wonderful gifts and blessings that you bless us with.

(These are the words I use but you can use your own words. Make your grateful list be personal to you.)

* I m grateful that I got Monique and Kristi to school on time today, thank you.

* I am grateful that I managed to find Monique’s school top that was lost, thank you.

* I am grateful that you helped remind me about the lunch boxes last night, thank you.

* I am grateful for your help in preparing this lesson, thank you

* I am grateful for all the bargains I got at the shop this morning as it has saved me a lot of money, thank you.

* I am grateful that Kristi was so good this morning and did not play up when getting ready for school, thank you.

* I am grateful that my family and I get to work and school and back again safely each day, thank you

* I am grateful that it is such a lovely day and I do not have to walk in the rain, thank you.

* I am grateful for my friends and family and the home you blessed me with, thank you.

* I am grateful that Donna found her missing cat, thank you

* I am grateful that Maureen is feeling much better and that the operation went well, thank you.

If you do this exercise each and every day you will begin to notice just how much your angels and guides help and support you in your every day lives.

Inventory of Your Life

Your guides want to help you to be happy and content with your life and with being you. They are dying for you to ask them for help and guidance. They want to be of service. This next exercise is designed for you to create a connection to your guides, for you to share with your guides your concerns and worries, to help you to ask for their help and work with them to make your life happier and easier.

Sit down with a pen and paper in front of you. Take a long and hard look at your life and where you want your life to go. Look at what is working in your life and what is not.

What you do next is write a letter to your spirit guides and angels, telling them all about yourself and your life. Share with your guides your hopes, dreams and goals. Share with your guides how you are feeling and if you feel you need help or guidance then ask them – they will be more than happy to help you.

If there is anything that you would like to tell your guides and angels, or if you would like to thank them for being apart of your life – then now is the time to do it, just write a letter to your guides and angels that is genuine, from the heart, personal to them and yourself. Let your guides and angels know that you would like for them to work with you. Let them know that you are grateful for the help and guidance.

Once you have finished writing your letter to your guides and angels then, close your eyes and take in 3 deep breaths slowly. Say out loud or in your mind, “I call upon my spirit guides and angels. I have written a letter to you and I hope that you will enjoy reading it.” Then read out the letter – either aloud or in your mind (as they can hear you.)

Once you have read your letter you can either keep the letter somewhere safe or burn the letter and sprinkle the ashes in your garden or somewhere that is special to you. Your guides will get your letter and they will appreciate receiving it. This is a wonderful way to help you bond with your angels and guides. You can also repeat this exercise when ever you feel you would like to strengthen your connection to them.

When writing or talking to your guides and angels you can always be yourself. They love you unconditionally and they love you for who you are. They will never judge you or abandon you. They want to help and guide you always. They are always proud of you and they respect your wishes. Your guides and angels will always try to help you the best they can – where they can.

Please remember that our guides and angels can not make things happen as they are not aloud to intervene in our lives, they can only help. For example;

I once did a reading for a man who was desperately looking for work. While doing his reading I advised the man to ask his guides for help as they wanted to help him. I also advised him to not give up searching for work as I felt that he would find work with in the next 3 months. I told him that there was a job waiting for him, all he had to do was ask his guides for help and continue searching for work.

Four months later I received an e-mail from the man and he was angry and disappointed. He said that he had asked his guides to help him find a job yet still he was out of work. Straight away his guides came through to me and told me that the man had not gone out looking for work.

His guides told me that he just stayed at home expecting his guides to deliver the perfect job. They told me that there is a job waiting for him – he would be working there now but because this man did not continue searching and just left it all to his guides – he had missed that wonderful opportunity. His guides had prepared the way for him and were ready to guide him to the perfect job.

I replied to the man asking (even though I already new the answer) what he had done to find work. He replied saying that he had been waiting at home for a phone call or letter saying there was a job available for him – you see he expected that his guides would do it for him. I then told him what his guides had told me and said to him that his guides will help him but he needs to put the work in too.

Guides and angels are here to help us were they can. They can pass on guidance and advice and help to make little things happen, they help guide us in the right direction, but we need to know that we have to put the work into it too. We can not expect things to just magically happen if we do not put the effort in trying to help ourselves. I never heard back from that man again so I do not know if he took my advice or not. I do hope that he has found a job and is happier in life now.

Another example is…

I had a friend who was suffering from bad depression. She would sit at home each day crying because she felt so depressed. One afternoon she visited me and asked me to perform a reading for her. While doing her reading her guides came through and said that my friend needs to see a councillor or someone who can help her in with her emotions.

Her guides told me to pass on to my friend that she needs to fight the depression as she is a stronger person than she realises. They told me that her depression was linked to her husband as she was unhappy in her marriage (which I later found out was true).

Her guides also told me that she should leave her husband and be on her own for a while to re-find her self. They said that they would help her but she needed to be willing to help her self too. They told me that if she left her husband then they would support her and make sure that she was well cared for and had enough money to get by. I told my friend everything that her guides had told her.

Unfortunately my friend never took the advice of her guides and almost a year later she was still very depressed - to the point where she did not want to live anymore. She was so unhappy in her marriage and most of her friends had left her as they found it too depressing to be around her.

The reason that she was still so very depressed was because she did not take any of the advice her guides passed onto her. She was still living with her husband and had not tried to help herself. She kept asking her guides to help her yet she was not willing to help her self, and then felt let down by her guides as she could not see any changes in her life.

If she had listened to her guides, taken their advice and tried to help herself then, she would be a much happier person today. My heart does go out to her and I hope that someday she will find happiness.

How many guides do you have?

Each and every one of us has many different guides that come in and out of our lives at any given time. Each person has different amounts of guides in their life. Where one person may only have a couple of guides, another may have up to 30 or 40 guides. Some guides work more with us more than other guides depending on our life’s situation at the time.

This next exercise will help you to find out how many guides you have. Please do not give up if nothing comes to you the first time round. Keep practicing and you will soon see some results.

Find somewhere comfortable to sit or lay down. Try to be completely relaxed and feel comfortable. Take in a few deep breaths slowly. Try to calm your mind from the days chatter. Once you feel completely relaxed take in a few more deep breaths.

Ask your spirit guides to please tell you how many guides you have. Say out loud or in your mind, “My spirit guides I call upon you now. Please tell me how many guides I have. Thank you.” Then wait and see what comes to you. Do not judge what comes just accept it and be thankful.

Please know that when finding out how many guides you have, you will either see a number in your minds eye, hear a number being said out loud or in your mind, you may feel several taps on your foot or hear several bangs or noises at once. Our guides talk to each of us differently. You need to just trust what comes to you and have faith that you have communicated with your guides.

It is extremely important to always remember to thank all of your spirit guides each time you work with them or ask for their help. Like us they like to feel appreciated and respected. Remember if ever you are unsure of the answer you received then you can always ask your guides for conformation – they will be happy to give it to you.

What are your Guides names?

Find somewhere that is nice and quiet and where you will not be disturbed. Have a piece of paper with you and a pen. Sit down and make sure you are in a comfortable position. Take in a few deep breaths slowly to help completely relax you. Try to calm your mind of the days chatter.

Ask your guides to please tell you what their names are. Say out loud or in your mind, “My spirit guides please may you tell me what your names are?”

If you found out that you have more than one guide then, on your piece of paper write down the number of guides you have. For example if you have 3 guides then write,




Ask your spirit guides to take it in turns to tell you their names. Each time you find out one of their names write it down until all names are found. Like above you need to trust what comes to you. You may hear a name being said out loud or in your mind, you may see a name in the air or in your minds eye.

You may hear someone in the street suddenly say a name – just at the point when you asked your guides what their names are. Our guides talk to each of us differently. You need to just trust what comes to you and have faith that you have communicated with your guides.

If you feel unsure whether the name you heard are your spirit guides name, then ask your guides to please send you conformation. They will send you conformation through signs. When I first did this exercise I kept hearing the words John the Baptist. I thought this was not possible so continued to do the exercise. Still the name John the Baptist kept coming to me, so I asked for conformation that John the Baptist was one of my guides.

I received plenty of conformation through signs when out and about as well as on the telly and computer. Our guides are happy to give us conformation if we feel that we need that little bit of extra proof. I have many guides around me and I know of a lot of their names. The guides who work closest with me and who have been with me for many years are named, James, John the Baptist, Jesus and Brother Bear. I also have a Chinese guide who works with me quite a lot named Kiawan (I think spell).

To help make it not too confusing – as all your guides will want to give you conformation all at once, ask your guides to please take it in turns giving you conformation of their names.

For example; Say you have 3 guides and their names are Pam, Tom and Sally and you would like conformation of their names. Ask Pam if she could please be the first guide to give you conformation. It may take a day or two but keep asking until Pam gives you conformation of her name.

You will receive conformation through signs such as seeing a van drive past with that name on the side, or you may see a sign post with the name. Hear it on the radio or see the name appear on telly. You may find that you keep hearing the name through out the day – these are all signs of conformation.

Once you have received conformation from Pam then ask Tom to give you conformation and so on – until you have received conformation from each spirit guide. Remember to thank each one for their help and their time.

Sensing your Guides Presence

Sit or lay comfortably so that you feel completely relaxed and settled. Take in a few deep breaths slowly to help completely relax you. Try to calm your mind from the days chatter and try to feel the vibrations in your room. How does the vibrations in your room feel? Do you notice any differences? Try to see if you can feel the vibration of your spirit guides.

You may not be able to see them but they are there. Spirit Guides have vibrations just like angels do. Trust the feelings and thoughts that come to you. Trust what you feel and do not judge it.

Ask your spirit guides to please help you to feel their presence. Ask each spirit guide to come through one at a time and share their presence with you. For example: (Using the guides from above) Say out loud or in your mind, “Pam I call upon you now. Please help me to feel your presence. Are you standing behind me? Are you standing in front of me? Or are you standing to the left of me, or to the right of me? Please help me to feel your presence now. Thank you.”

Once you have felt what Pam’s presence feels like then thank her and ask Tom to come though and share his presence with you. Take note of what each spirit guides presence feels like as each will be different. This will help you to identify each spirit guide when they are around you.

Write down in your journal your experiences, thoughts, feelings, visions and any other things that come to you during this exercise. Write down each spirit guides name and what each individual spirit guides presence felt like. It is so important to write it all down even if it seems insignificant.

Seeing your Spirit Guides

Find somewhere that is nice and quiet and where you will not be disturbed. Lie down and make sure you are in a comfortable position. Take in a few deep breaths slowly to help completely relax you. Try to calm your mind of the days chatter. Ask your spirit guides to please help you to see what they look like. Again ask your guides to take it in turns.

For example: (Using the guides from above) ask Pam to come through first and show you what she looks like. Once you have seen what Pam looks like then, thank her and ask Tom to now show you what he looks like and so on.

Close your eyes and trust any images or thoughts that come to you. What do you see and how do you feel? Do you see a person in your minds eye or do you see an animal? Do you see bright colours or lights? Do you see a feather or a heart? What pictures come to you? Try to take in as much detail in as possible and try to see these images as vividly as possible. At the same time try not to over concentrate as this will block out any genuine images. Just totally relax your body and mind and trust what ever come to you.

Keep practicing this exercise until you feel comfortable with what comes to you. You may find that you see many different things at first, but then one image should keep coming back to you each time you do this exercise. The image that keeps coming back to you is a vision of how your spirit guide would like to show themselves to you.

Please remember that you will not see a full blown spirit appear in front of you (though if you are very lucky then you might see a spirit appear). You may see a person or animal in your minds eye or you may sense what your guide looks like.

You may see a feather or see a tiny bird, or a bright colored ball floating above you. You may see tiny specs of glitter floating around you or you could even see heat waves or a flash of light – it all depends on how your guide would like to show themselves to you.

Write down in your journal your experiences, thoughts, feelings, visions and any other things that come to you during this exercise. It is so important to write it all down even if it seems insignificant.

If ever you feel lonely or feel as thought you would like conformation that your guides and angels are with you, then all you have to do is ask your guides and angels to send you a sign and they will. You may find that you keep finding tiny white feathers lying around, or find tiny hearts, birds or see angel shaped clouds. Your angels and guides will always let you know they are with you by leaving you little signs – especially signs that keep repeating themselves.

For example:

When ever I feel down or lonely or just need conformation that my angels and guides are with me, I always ask them to please send me signs. I will then find that I keep finding tiny white feathers appear. Some times I will keep finding tiny hearts and heart shapes appear in unusual places or I may feel my guides and angels around me. I love receiving these signs as it brings me great comfort and lets me know that I am never alone.

Some of Natasha’s Spirit Guide Experiences

Norfolk Spirits Joined In Our Holiday!!

On the 29th of August 2011 my family and I went to Norfolk for holiday. We went on holiday with my husband and my best friends and their families. There were 6 of us adults and 7 kiddies on our holiday. We all stayed an a beautiful large farm manor which was a real treat as we usually only ever go camping - we love to camp but it did make a nice change to stay in a manor with showers, telly, stove, fridge, bed etc. The old farm manor was set in Medieval style and looked just fab!

What we did not know was that the manor was also very haunted! Anyways, enough of describing the manor let me tell you about my experiences. The first was on the way to Norfolk. We were driving along to Norfolk and I said a private prayer to God and the angels to please keep my family, friends and myself safe on our journey.

I asked them to please help us to have a safe journey there and back. I was feeling on edge for some reason and felt that something bad would happen. This is why I said the prayer - as I could not shake the uneasy feeling I had deep with in. I think I was just being silly and worrying too much!

About 10 minutes after I said my little prayer I saw a large sign on the side of the road. It was almost as if it just appeared there by magic. In bold letters was the word, 'ANGELS'. As soon as I saw the sign a huge sense of warmth and comfort flooded through me. All my concerns just lifted out of me and I felt at peace. I thanked God and the Angels as I knew that they were watching over all of us and that we would be safe.

While travelling to Norfolk I began to think about my spirit guide James. I have a special bond with him and was missing him. You see about a month earlier he told me that it was his time to go as he was moving into ascension - his vibration was raising higher and he needed to go to do more learning.

He told me he would still pop in from time to time to make sure that I was okay. He told me that he needed to go as there was new work for him to do and new lessons that he had to learn. I cried as I said goodby to him as I felt so close to him and he has always been around.

Anyways I was thinking of James and wondered if he did still pop in to see me. I was missing him and just wanted to hear is voice again and feel his beautiful presence. About 3 minutes later a truck over took us so it was driving in front of us. On the back of the truck in big bold letters was the word, 'JAMES'.

I giggled out loud and my hubby looked at me surprised. I was so happy as I knew that James does still pop in to see me now and then. I thanked James for sending me his special sign. Told him how much I missed him and that I understood that he could not stay. I wished him all the best on his venture.

About an hour later I started talking (in my mind as our angels, guides and spirits do hear us telepathically) to my guardian angels Elizabeth and Mark. I do lots of thinking and talking to my angels and guides on my travels. It was a good 5 hours or so drive to Norfolk so I had plenty of time. I asked my guardian angels to please look after my website - Psychic Friends while I was a way. I was worrying (I am a true worrier) about Psychic Friends and felt bad that I was not able to look after the site while I was on holiday. I asked Mark and Elizabeth to please look after Psychic Friends and make sure that everything would be okay.

Literally 5 - 10 minuts later I saw a white van that had pulled in front of us. On the back of the van were the words, "TRUST MARK". I instantly new that everything would be okay and that Mark and Elizabeth would look after Psychic Friends while I was away. They were asking me to trust in them that all would be well. I now felt safe, protected, loved and knew that all would be well when I was away. I could then relax and enjoy my holiday. Thank you to all my spiritual and Angelic helpers.

On the first night of our holiday I was laying in bed. I said my prayers and got comfortable. I was laying there thinking about how lovely the manor was and how happy I was that we were on holiday. Just then I suddenly had a very vivid and clear vision come to me. In the vision I saw a man standing next to my bed right near me. He was tall and thin with short blond hair – he looked very much like the tall think geeky guy from that TV series the office.

He had kind eyes and a kind smile too and looked friendly. He wore a white vest that looked baggy and warn. He also had beige like trousers on. The trousers were those ones that go to the knees and were tatted at the bottom. He stood there barefooted next to my bed. He smiled friendly at me and I smiled back at him. I felt that he lived on the farm many years ago, or lived on the land. He told me his name was Daniel. He had a good energy about him. He then vanished! It was like he just wanted to say hello.

I had sensed that there was also a woman, little girl and some animals as well as a boy in spirit who lived in the manor. I could feel their presences through out the holiday. A day or so later I sat out side in the court yard with my husband and friends. My friend Annette told me that she had a very strange thing happen to her.

She said that someone had moved her towels. She said that she could just not understand it as she clearly remembered, leaving the towels on her bed as she was going to use them to go swimming. When she went to get the towels they were gone. She asked her husband Colin and he swore that he had not touched them.

Colin and Annette searched everywhere for the towels but could not find them. They eventually found the towels folded neatly and put in a draw. Annette swore that it was not her as they were not even folded in a way that she would fold them. Both Colin and Annette were left baffled!

The next night our friends Annette, Colin and their daughter Emma as well as our other friends Sarah, Dave and their children Jack, Katie and Rosie had all gone to Great Yarmouth to see the fireworks. My husband Dave, our two girls and I had decided to stay in that night as our girls were both shattered and needed a good early night.

The girls were both sound asleep and Dave and I lay in bed reading when we heard shuffling out side of our bedroom door. We both looked at each other and sighed! “It must be Monique up. It is 9.30 she should be in bed,” sighed Dave. We knew it was not Kristi as she was a sleep in her bed which was in our bedroom. It had to be Monique as all our friends were out for the night.

We both waited for Monique to come inside our room but she did not. After a few minutes there was more shuffling out side our bedroom door. We could see a shadow moving under our bedroom door as though there were someone standing on the other side of the door. Just then our bed room door handle began to move and it lifted up and down several times. When the handle started moving I jumped out of bed to open the door as Monique was clearly having trouble opening the door. We also did not want her to wake up Kristi.

I tried to open the door but felt the person on the other side tugging at the door so I could not open it. Dave got annoyed and said in a loud whisper, “Monique let go of the door, what is she doing!” I finally managed to open the door and to my surprise no one was there. I then heard heavy foot steps running down the hall. The strange thing was that I was looking down the hall. I could not see anyone there but could hear the footsteps – invisible footsteps. I rushed into Monique’s bedroom but she was fast asleep and even snoring.

I searched the entire manor and all was calm and quiet. The doors were all locked and no one was there. I went back to our bedroom and told Dave that no one was there and that Monique was fast a sleep. Dave’s face went white and he just looked at me puzzled and confused. I laughed and said, “Think it was a ghost trying to get into our room.”

My husband just laughed and said unsurely, “it must have been the wind.” He looked at me again and his face said it all – he knew as well as I did that it was not the wind. The wind can’t make shuffling noises out side of our door, make the bedroom door handle move up and down or make clear heavy foot prints run up the hall.

On the last day of our holiday we were all rushing about packing last minute bits and bobs. I rushed into the lounge to get a few things that I had left in there. As I rushed into the lounge I saw (with my physical eyes) someone walk quickly across the room. I only saw them from the back and they looked like my friend Sarah’s daughter Katie as it was a girl with long blond hair down her back. She wore a long white dress and was about 9 or 10 years old.

I watched her walk quickly towards the front door and then went right through the door. I was gobbed smacked as realised that it could not be Katie as the door was shut and locked. The girl that looked similar to Katie had just gone through the door then disappeared.

Later that morning just before we were all about to leave our holiday home and go back to our own homes, Colin, Dave, my Dave and myself all sat outside in the patio having a coffee and cigarette before the long trip home. Annette, Sarah and the kiddies were in doors.

The lady who runs the holiday home came over to us to see if we had enjoyed our stay. We chatted to her for a bit and then my husband apologised to her for a plate that he had accidently broken. The lady was friendly and said, “Oh don’t worry about that plate it is okay. We will just get it replaced as there is always the odd thing that gets broken. I did know about the plate already as the lady told me about it.” She then wished us well and a safe journey and left.

We did not think anything of it as thought that Annette or Sarah must have mentioned the broken plate to the landlady. Just before we left we all stood talking by our cars and I said to Annette and Sarah, “Did one of you ladies tell the landlady about the broken plate?”

Both Annette and Sarah looked at each other then back at me. Both swore that they did not mention the plate as neither of them had seen the woman all week. We were all shocked as who was the mystery woman who told the landlady about the broken plate? Was she a ghost and did the landlady know she was a ghost or did she think it was one of us who were staying at the manor? The landlady had met Annette and I on the first day that we arrived at the manor, but she never met Sarah and they had arrived later on that evening. Did she think that the mystery lady was Sarah? Very confusing and a mystery I guess we will never know the answer too.

Native Americans In My Kitchen!

On the 13th of April 2011 I was in the kitchen preparing the lunch boxes for the following day. My husband David was in the bath and both my girls were fast a sleep up stairs. As I buttered bread I suddenly heard drums begin to play. I was surprised and thought that maybe one of our neighbours had turned their music on really loud, it was strange as it was about 11.40pm.

The drums then got louder and louder and I could hear singing too. It sounded like a group of Native Americans singing a Cherokee song or some Native American song. It sounded so loud that it was as thought they were singing right there in my kitchen. It was truly amazing!!

Uncle Steve

On the 21st of April 2011 I was hanging up washing when I clearly heard a man's voice call out my name. I turned round but no one was there. For the rest of the day this man kept calling my name and also whispering in to my ear.

Later that afternoon I was sitting down reading my Doreen Virtue book when the man whispered in my ear again. I put down the book, shut my eyes and took in several deep breaths before asking the spirit man what his name was. I also asked if he was the spirit who had woken me the other night by saying, "Natasha, are you awake?"

I had just finished asking him this when I heard the words, "Steven". So I asked, "Who are you Steven and are you one of my spirit guides?" Steven replied, "No, but I do watch over you and visit you from time to time."

I suddenly had a deep sense of knowing and knew exactly who Steven was. He was my uncle Steve who passed away when I was about 8 or 9 years old. I thanked him for speaking with me and for letting me know that he is still with me. It was truly an amazing experience.

Mr and Mrs Rumble

One day about 5 -6 months ago while doing a meditation exercise I suddenly could see an elderly man and woman called Mr and Mrs Rumble standing beside me. Mr and Mrs Rumble was a kind elderly couple who brought our previous house from us. Unfortunately they both passed away about 2 years ago. We got on very well with them and it broke our hearts when we heard of their passing.

In the meditation I saw them both as clear as day. Mrs Rumble took me to different houses in the meditation and was opening doors. I felt that she was trying to tell me that they are both helping us to find the perfect house. I felt that are guiding us with our house moving venture. I could feel my guardian angel Elizabeth's energy by my side so strongly while I did this meditation session.

Spirit Guide James

In June 2009 I was going through a very tough time in my life as I had been fighting depression on and off for years. I felt so depressed and did not know which way to turn. I felt lost and afraid, alone and desperate for help. I then started to notice that there was a spirit following me around. Each time I felt really down and alone I would feel its presence comforting me, I would hear strange noises and whispering in my ear. I would also feel as though someone was giving me a hug, touch my shoulder or standing next to me.

At night I would feel as though someone was sitting on the end of my bed or a hand was resting on my leg. I did not feel afraid as I felt that this was a good presence and it only appeared when I was feeling low. Each time I felt it I was left with a comforting feeling that I was not alone.

One day I invited a few girl friends round for lunch as I though it may help to make me feel a little better - having the company. A friend of mine called Kim (who is also psychic) came too. She picked up on the presence instantly. She asked me if I realized that I had a spirit around me and I said yes. She said that she would try to see what she could pick up on this spirit.

She said that she could see a tall man who was in his 70's. He was in the army and that he was connected to me some how. She said the month of June is an important time for him. She also said that when he was alive he was a stern person who liked things to be kept in order. He was also a loveable and empathic person who used to make people laugh. I could not place who he was.

Kim then said that in the end of his life he had trouble breathing and she felt that he had died from breathing problems, possibly cancer in the chest and throat. The initial E kept coming to her. She said that when I am down, this man will gently massage my shoulders to comfort me. She said that there were many spirits around me. She said that one of the spirits around me is an elderly woman, small and who had trouble standing with out support.

I thanked Kim for the things she had said and then thought that I would give it a go and see what I could pick up. I stood up and shut my eyes asking for the spirits to talk to me. Straight away the name James came to me. I felt he enjoyed fishing and that he was lost. I thought he was connected to my friend Monica as she has a son named James - but knew the spirit could not be connected to her as James is still alive.

Anyways, a few days later I sat working at my computer when I got the strongest feeling that I was not alone. I could feel a presence standing next to me. I did not feel afraid, I felt comforted. I tried to be brave and asked in my mind, “Is there someone really there or is it just my imagination?” Just then I felt this feeling as though someone were tugging at my skirt. I looked down at my skirt and to my surprise my skirt was swaying very quickly as though someone had a hold of it and was moving it two and throw.

I just sat there in amazement as my skirt swayed quite quickly too and throw. It then stopped for several minutes before swaying again. That afternoon I rang my friend Annette (who is also psychic) and told her about the skirt incident. I did not mention any names or sexes. All I told her was that a spirit had made my skirt way back and fourth. As soon as I stopped talking Annette suddenly said, "There is a man in spirit around you Tash and he is about 32-35 years old - that is the age he is showing me. His name is James Brooker and he looks like he is from the 1940's / 1930's time period. I can tell this because of the type of clothes he is wearing."

She said he is wearing a waist coat with a watch in one of the pockets. He has shinny black shoes on and a cap on his head. She said he loved to go fishing. She also said that he is a very caring and kind man and does not mean me any harm. He is very gentle and is tall, handsome and has brown hair.

She said that he has been lost and travelled a long way - he has been on a very long journey. He feels comfortable around me as I remind him of his wife. He is happy and settled here with me.

A few days later I was sweeping the floor in the living room when I looked up and saw a tall silhouetted man walk though our kitchen and into the dinning room before vanishing. I knew straight away that it was James. He also keeps blowing on the back of my neck to get my attention.

That same day I was working at my pc while listening to Earth Angel by the Penguins (one of my favourite songs) when, I heard a male voice humming along to the song right behind me and right near my ear - I could actually feel warm breath on my ear. Of course when I turned around I could not see anyone there and I was home alone. Now each time I play that song I can hear James humming along.

Not long after James was humming along to Earth Angel did I hear a soft tapping on our kitchen cupboard. The tapping started off quietly but got louder and louder. I went over to the cupboard and opened it but as soon as I did the tapping stopped and there was nothing strange in the cupboard. I shut the cupboard and sat down and a minute later the tapping started up again. This began happening regularly and still does to this day.

James has many ways of letting me know that he is around. Some times I will be watching telly when I feel someone tickling my feet. Or I feel James’s presence by my side. I always see him of the corner of my eye, or walking up our stairs. I don't think there is a day that does not go by where I do not sense or feel his presence. Even now while typing this entry I have seen a small glowing yellow light ball move from above the pc to behind me and around me.

When I first met James I was going through very bad postnatal depression. I felt like giving up on life and I was at my lowest. Then James came along and helped to give me hope and love and support. Not long after meeting James I found a brilliant job at The Psychic Detective website, I also created Psychic Direct and other websites. I even started a small group up where we learnt all about spirit guides and angles. James helped me though some of the tough times in my life.

I am forever grateful to James for all the help and support he has offered me over the years. He is my hero and I am so grateful that he decided to stay with me and be my very own spirit guide. He helps me when I do my work and helps to guide me each day. I have a deep love for James - a brotherly love for my very special spirit guide and best friend.

A ghostly visit from my father

When I was fifteen I was laying in bed a sleep when I was a woken by the feeling of being watched. I glanced up towards the window and my heart stopped as in front of me was a slim man whose face looked very familiar.

He smiled at me and placed his hand on the window pane, as though he wanted to come in. I woke up my mother and asked her if she too could see the man standing in the window.

She said no and told me to go back to sleep as I was probably dreaming. About ten minutes later I had the same feeling of being watched, I opened my eyes and that same man was kneeling down beside me.

He had his arms crossed leaning on the bed and his head rested on his arms, he was watching me sleep. When I look at him he smiled down kindly at me and just watched me. I sat up with a jerk and screamed out loud waking my mother for the second time that night.

I told her what had happened and she said she was taking me to another councillor; this would be the third councillor in two years. You see at that point in my life I did not realise that all the strange things that happened to me and all that I saw was due to the fact that I was psychic. My mother knew (as she and all the woman in her family were psychic) but she never wanted to admit it or face that I were psychic so she never talked to me about it. As far as I was concerned, I thought there was something very wrong with me.

I thought that I was different and not in a good way. I cried many nights because I was a afraid of everything. No one told me what was happening to me and children at my school laughed at me and called me names. To them I was a freak or just plain weird always saying that I could see and hear things that no one else could. I also had a very painful childhood which made it even worse. About a month later my mother and I were looking through some old photographs which were stored away and I came across a photo of a young man in his early twenties.

I recognized him straight away as being the man who had visited me that night. I asked my mother who the man in the picture was and she said it was my father when he was in his twenties. She was in disbelief when I told that he was my mysterious night time visitor and said that I must have seen the picture before and just remembered it. I knew that I had never seen that picture before. That it was my father visiting me to say he was okay and keeping well.

Signs from Dad

My father passed away on the 5th of December when I was 13 years old. It took years for me to overcome my father’s death as it hit me so hard. I remember having to see several councillors to help me deal with my father’s death.

Each year on the 5th of December and the days leading up to it and after it I will think about my dad. On the 4th of December 2010 my husband, children and myself were busy hanging up the Christmas decorations. Usually we will leave it for another week or two but we had, had a lot of snow that year and my husband and children could not get to work or school. We decided it was a perfect time to get all the decorations up and ready for Christmas.

I was busy tying bright red bows onto my money tree – Chinese Jade (which is my favourite tree) all the while thinking about my dad. I found myself saying in my mind, “Dad, I love and miss you so much. I hope you are well and will be with us this Christmas. Please give me a sign that you are by my side.”

I felt silly asking this of my dad as I know that he is still with me even in death. A few minutes later and out of no where a two pence coin fell to the floor. I could not understand it as the coin just fell as if by magic.

I picked up the two pence coin and looked at it. I then remembered that someone had told me to bury a coin in the soil of a Chinese Jade plant as it is suppose to be good luck and bring you money. As the other name for a Chinese Jade is Money Tree. I remembered burying the two pence coin in the soil about 2 years ago.

It surprised me that it was now in my hand after falling to the floor. I was just tying red ribbons to the branches of the tree and did not touch the pot of soil where the two pence coin once was. I gave the coin a small kiss and then buried it once again – thinking I hope it does bring us some money. I then said in my mind, “Dad did you do that? If that was a sign from you then please send me one more sign for conformation.”

That night I went upstairs to get ready for bed. I checked on the kiddies as I always do before heading to my bed. When I got to my bed I noticed that on my bed side table was my heart shaped pink soap. It usually always stayed on my dressing table and had not been moved for over a year. I picked it up and smiled as I knew this was a sign from my father that he was with me and that he was at peace and happy.

I asked my family if any of them had put the soap there and neither of them had. The heart soap was a true sign for me as I see hearts as signs from angels. When ever I look at a heart the first thing that comes to mind are angels.

I have found that since that day I have found two £5 notes in really strange places – which have really helped us as we have been struggling a bit for cash, with Christmas coming. I also keep finding heart shapes and objects in strange places and I also found 7 feathers on my walk one afternoon to pick up my daughters from school.

I felt that my father is truly telling me that he will be with my family and me this Christmas – not just Christmas but always. I am grateful for these beautiful signs from my loving father.


* Do the Awakening of your imagination meditations

* Try using your imagination more often by being more creative and day dreaming a lot more.

* Do the ‘How many guides you have?’ exercise

* Try finding out what your guides names are

* See if you can feel what each of your guides presence feels like

* If something strange happens then do not put it down to your imagination.

* Start training your mind to be more open to the impossible and to trust what you see and feel.

* Write a letter to your guides and angels sharing with them your worries and concerns.

* Try practicing asking your guides and angels for help.

* Each and every day spend just 5 – 10 minutes listing your blessings and the things you are grateful for.