Lesson 4: Positive Energies

There are so many ways of drawing positive energies into your life. The more positive energies in your life the happier you will become. So many times in our lives we draw negative energies to us with out realizing it. Just by thinking negatively of yourself or others can draw negative energy to you.

If you can train yourself to think more positively then you will notice that positive things will begin to happen in your life. If you think negatively then negative things will happen. The more positive you are and become and the more you learn to love and accept yourself for who you are, the more your psychic gift and intuition will heighten and grow into something beautiful.

This next lesson is all about helping you to draw positive energies into your life. You will find that in this lesson we will learn how to dust out any negative cobwebs to make room for positive changes.

The first step in drawing positive energies into your life is to learn to love yourself – not in a vain kind of way but more in an accepting of who you are and being happy to be you.

God, your guides and angles love you for who you are. Your family and friends love you for who you are – now you need to learn to love yourself for who you are. You can not change the person you are or how you look so why not learn to accept who you are and learn to love the body that you were blessed with.

The first lot of exercises in this lesson are designed to help us learn to love ourselves more. Try doing these exercises daily and as many times a day as you can.

Loving and Accepting the Way You Look

Each time you look in the mirror and think, “ERRR I wish my hair was not so thin! Or “I wish I was prettier!” or you think negatively of yourself, stop and tell yourself off. Say in your mind or out loud, “STOP IT! I am beautiful just the way I am. I am me and I am unique. Each and every person on this planet is beautiful in their own special way and so am I. We are all beautiful and loved in the eyes of the Lord.”

Spend just 5 – 10 minutes taking a long hard look at yourself in the mirror. Make a list with two columns. Call one column Negative and the other Column Positive. Write down in the negative column all the things that you do not like about your appearance. After you have done this then write down in the positive column, all the things that you like about yourself.

The things on your negative list are the things you need to deal with. In other words these are the things that you need to learn to accept about yourself and like about yourself.

For example if you do not like your teeth because they stick out too much. Try thinking of how you can change your negative feelings towards your teeth. You could go to the dentist and ask him to help sort out your teeth, or you could accept that this is how they are. Accept that your teeth are a part of you and what makes you your unique self.

Each time you think about your teeth try pushing away the negative thoughts that pop into your mind, replace those negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Tell yourself to STOP being silly. Yes your teeth stick out but they have done all your life. Remind your self that your family, partner and children (if have) and friends love you – even with your sticky out teeth.

Another example of this is say that you look in the mirror and you think that you have put on some weight. You do not like the size of your waist line. Instead of feeling all negative in side and running yourself down, you should think that I have two options. I could either do something positive about my weight by doing more exercises or going on a diet. Or I can accept that this is who I am and know that my loved one accept as I am.

Most times we can sort out the things that truly bug and annoy us about ourselves. There are always options on things we can do like dieting or going to the dentist – to help make us like our selves more. But at times there are also things that we would like to change about ourselves but these things are unchangeable. It is these things that we need to learn to love and accept.

For example: Imagine that you do not like your ears as they are too big or too small. You can not change the size of your ears so you need to learn to accept them for how they are. Your ears may not be your cup of tea but do you see your partner, family or loved ones complaining. No! They love you unconditionally and they love you and your ears just the way they are. Keep reminding yourself how if others have accepted you for the way you are, then so can you.

Each time you have sorted out and dealt with something on your negative list, tick off those negative things and add them to the positive list. It may take you days, weeks or months to do this exercise, but once done you will find that your negative list will be empty and your positive list would have grown. You will find that all those things you used to hate or dislike about your appearance now do not seem so bad. They have either been fixed or accepted. You will like your appearance so much more and accept yourself for who you are.

Loving and Accepting Your Personality

It is not just our appearance that we need to learn to accept but also our personalities. Each and every one of us has a unique personality that makes us the people we are. Our personalities are what makes us stand out from the crowd and what gives us our sense of identity. We need to learn to love our personalities as these are our identity cards. Our personalities and our funny little traits and quirks, are what makes us unique and stand out.

Sit down somewhere quiet and where you will not be disturbed. Have a piece of paper in front of you and a pen. Make a negative column and a positive column as you did before. In the negative column write down the things you do not like about your personality. Write down the things that annoy you about yourself. Write down the things that you do that annoy others and upset you.

Then in the positive column, write down all the positive things about yourself and your personality. Write down all your good qualities and your strengths, write down what others love about you, and write down the things that you are good at.

Like with the way you look exercise try to find ways to either change the things you do not like about your personality or accept them. Each time you have fixed or accepted one the negative personality traits, then cross it off the negative list and add it to the positive one. Accept the ones that you can not change and learn to love them as they are apart of you. Others accept them and love them and so should you.

Spoil Yourself

Treating and spoiling your self some times (not all the time) is so very important. So many times through out our lives we are so busy caring for others, working and getting on with our day to day lives that we forget to take care of ourselves and spoil ourselves too. We are all important and all deserve to be treated and spoiled some times.

This next exercise is a fun one and truly does help you to feel so much better about yourself.

Shop till you drop! - Treat yourself to a day out shopping; you can go either by yourself or with some friends. Make this a shopping trip with a difference. Make it a day trip going to shops where you do not usually go. Maybe even do some travelling if you can and visit new shops. This is not the usual food and daily shopping trips. This is a shopping trip for you to get some things that you really like – for you. Treat yourself and do not feel guilty about doing so.

Tell yourself that you will spend a specific amount of money on yourself and yourself alone – with out feeling guilty! When last did you do that? It is important to remember that you have needs too and deserve to be treated as much as the next person. You do not need to spend a lot of money – even if you just buy one item, you are still treating yourself.

Make your shopping trip be as fun and as enjoyable as you can. Do some window shopping, buy yourself an ice-cream or visit a café or restaurant for lunch. TREAT yourself!

Do something different - Try doing something different and that is new or that you have not done before. You could do something different to your appearance that makes you feel handsome or beautiful inside – you are already beautiful but it is always nice to treat ourselves to something that makes us feel good.

You could have your hair coloured or cut – maybe try out a different type of hair style. Or you could buy yourself a nice new outfit or shoes. If you are a woman you could get your nails and make up done at a beautician or even do it yourself (it is a proven fact that when woman ware make up it heightens their self confidence) – you could give yourself a full makeover and manicure. If you are a man then you could maybe try growing a goatee or beard or get a tattoo.

You could try wearing different types of clothing to the ones you usually use.

Try joining the gym as this may help you to feel better in your self and more healthy and fit. Maybe visit a place that you have never been to before, do an activity that you have always wanted to do but never had confidence or felt afraid, walk or drive a different way to work or school. Do something different and notice how good it feels to do so.

Dance - Spend 15 - 20 minutes a day dancing to some of your favourite music. Just put on your favourite cd and dance. If you feel conscious dancing then do this when no one is around. Dancing is great exercise and helps you to feel so good about yourself. Just close your eyes and dance to the music. Feel the music and have fun. Enjoy the experience.

Me Time – It is so important for us to take out some time for us each day – even if it is just 15 – 20 minutes. Try to make me time each day where you answer to no one, where you relax, distress and have quiet time to yourself. Treat yourself by having a luxurious bubble bath. Light some candles and maybe sprinkle some rose petals into the bath. Put on a little music and enjoy the relaxation and spending quality time with yourself. Pamper yourself afterwards if it helps you feel special and relaxed. You could go for a nice long walk and just relax and take in the scenery or just lay on your bed, shut your eyes and be one with yourself and your thoughts. When we make time for ourselves and quiet our minds, it makes it easier for us to clearly hear divine guidance.

You Can Do It! - Think of something that you have always wanted to do (something with in reason) and then do everything in your power to do it. For example: You have always wanted to go ice-skating but never got the chance. Now is the time to do it. Or you have always wanted to try eating shrimp but never have – so go out there and eat shrimp! Do that something special that you have always wanted to do.

A wonderful little exercise that you can try and do is to create a wishing wheel. A wishing wheel is a wonderful way of sharing with God and the angels all of your dreams, goals and ambitions. It is also a wonderful way to remind yourself of all that you would like to accomplish. By creating a wishing wheel you are drawing positive energy to you. You are also helping to make your dreams and goals a reality. By creating a wishing wheel you are showing and telling the universe what you desire.

How to Make a Wishing Wheel

To make your wishing wheel you will need some strong card, coloured pens, photos and pictures, glue or double sided tape, pain or felt tip pens, scissors, and any other odds and ends that you feel you would like to use. Take a dinner plate or some thing which is big and round. Place this onto your card and then draw around the dinner plate to make a large circle shape.

Now cut out the circle. Right in the centre - middle of the large circle draw another circle which is about the size of a cup or class rim. In that little circle stick a picture of yourself and your name just under your photo. Also write .......................(your name)'s Wheel of Fortune above your photo. Then write just below your photo and name this short prayer; "I ask God, God's Heavenly Angels and my Joy Guides to please bless my wishing wheel. Please help to make all of my wishes, dreams, goals and ambitions a reality. Thank you."

Once you have done this then draw quarter (triangle like shapes) lines from the little circle going to the top of your large circle so it looks like a pizza / pie which has been cut into portions. At the very top of your large circle draw a line going all around the circle - make sure the line is about a finger size going all the way round like a thick rim.

In each of rims write down a heading of what you would like that pie / pizza portion to be called. You could write down GOALS, AMBITIONS, LOVE LIFE, SPIRITUAL PATH, MY BUSINESS, HOME, FAMILY, FRIENDS, HOLIDAY, FINANCE, CAREER etc. Keep doing this until each pie portion has a name at the top in the rim bit. Remember this wishing wheel is personal to you and you are writing down all of your goals, dreams, ambitions, wishes, etc.

Colour or paint each rim bit and pie portion in a different colour - choose a colour that reflects your goals and ambitions. You can then stick pictures of what you hope to achieve in each pie / pizza portion - for instance if you wish for a new car then stick pictures for cars in the pie portion. You could write down under the pictures what you hope to achieve or stick photos and stickers. Make your wishing wheel personal to you. Once you have completed your wishing wheel then ask God to please bless your wishing wheel fill your wheel with Heavenly love and light.

I have tried looking for photos of wishing wheels and below are a few pictures ones I found to give you an idea of what I mean. These are not exactly as the ones we are making as our ones have our photos in the middle and pictures in each pie /pizza piece of our goals and dreams, but they give you an idea of how to make your own wishing wheel.

Another wonderful idea which is similar to the wishing wheel is to create a wishing tree. Below is a short exercise that will show you how…

How to Create a Wishing Tree

To make a wishing tree all you will need is an old flower pot, some soil, foil or wrapping paper, ribbons, tinsel, tiny lights, glitter, beads, envelopes, card, gemstones and crystals, scissors, glue, paint, pictures, sticks and twigs or branches, paper and any other odds or ends that you would like to use to make your wishing tree.

Once you have everything that you need then decorate the flower pot. You could paint it, wrap it in wrapping paper or foil, stick on angelic or inspiring pictures and decorate it so that it feels personal and special to you.

Once you have finished decorating your pot and any paint is dry then fill the pot with the soil. You could also add gem stones, crystals and beach stones to the soil to add some colour and life. Now take all the branches, sticks and twigs that you have found and stick them in to the pot of soil. Try to arrange them so that they look like a tree.

You can decorate your tree in any way that you like. You could cut out green or coloured leaf shapes and stick them on the tree, add lights or tiny hanging bags to your tree, you could stick tinsel onto it, paint it or spray paint it gold. Your tree could look natural or colourful, be plain or have a colour theme. Make your wishing tree look special and personal to you.

Now you can write all of your prayers and wishes on to lots of tiny cards, leaf shaped cards or even write them on paper then stick them into tiny envelopes or bags. Stick all of your prayers to God and the Angels and all of your wishes on to your tree. You can keep adding prayers and wishes to your tree each day if you like.

Another creative and inspiring project that you could try and do to help you reach your goals and remind you how far you are getting in reaching your goals, is to create a Goal’s Ladder.

How to Create a Goal Ladder

To make a goal ladder all you will need is a large piece of card, scissors, glue or double sided tape, felt tip pens, colourful pens, drawing pins, sticky stuff / blue tac, stickers, pictures, glitter, and any other odds and ends that you would like to use to create your goal ladder.

Once you have all the bits and bobs that you need then on your cardboard draw a large ladder with out the steps (steps of the ladder that you step on). You can then decorate your ladder and the background in any way that you like. Now using a different piece of card, draw the steps of your ladder and decorate them. Once you have done this then cut out each step for your ladder.

On each step of the ladder write down one of your goals that you hope to achieve in the future. Try writing each goal down in the order that you hope to achieve them. Hang the picture of your step-less ladder on your wall and stick the steps of your ladder next to your ladder.

The reason you are adding the steps next to the ladder and not away in a draw, is because each time you look at the steps you will be encouraged and reminded of your goals. Each time you achieve a goal you can then add the step which has that particular goal written on it to your ladder.

Keep doing this until you have achieved each goal that you set for your self and your ladder has each of it's steps. You could add a large bright star at the top of your ladder to show that you have accomplished all of your goals. You could even (when you first start your ladder) set your self a special treat that you will have once you have all of your goals completed. I could not find any pictures of goal ladders so I have stuck other pictures of different ladders here.

Out of the comfort zone - Try doing something that takes you out of your comfort zone. We all hide in our comfort zones as we are too afraid to venture out. Once we do it helps us to build up self confidence. I have met many people who have dreamed of doing things – but because it involves them leaving their comfort zones, they never follow their dreams.

For example: Imagine that you are a member of an organization. You are all in a meeting and sharing your ideas on an event you are planning. You are naturally a shy person who does not like being the centre of attention.

You have some great ideas to share but feel too afraid to speak up. You want to share your ideas but do not have the self confidence and you do not want to draw attention to yourself. You mention your idea to the person next to you as it is easier than saying it to the entire group.

The person you told suggests your idea and everyone in the group love it. They congratulate that person for his brilliant thinking. You feel annoyed as this person gets all the credit for your idea. You think to yourself, “If only I had spoken up about my idea.”

If only you had come out of your comfort zone you would have gotten the credit. You would have been praised which in turn would have left you feeling confident in yourself and your abilities. Instead you are left feeling glum, annoyed and angry with yourself and the person who shared your idea, and you feel even less confident than you did before.

Another example is: Imagine that you have always had the dream to sing on stage. You would love to appear on X-Factor but, you lack the self confidence to try out for it. Your family and friends keep saying to you that you should give it a go. You would love too but are not confident enough.

Each year that goes by you wonder if you had tried out for it would you have got through. Would you have won? If only you could get out of your comfort zone and give it a go.

Each time you watch the show you see others as yourself who did not feel confident, but after joining the X-Factor they have now re-built their self confidence and have followed their dream. You know that in order for you to follow your dream you need to step out of your comfort zone.

When we step out of our comfort zone it does help us to build up self confidence. Yes it is terrifying and just the thought of it send shivers up your spine, but once you have taken the first step and done it, you will feel happy with in yourself and find your confidence grow. So try doing something that involves you coming out of your comfort zone.

Now that we have learnt how to love ourselves more and build up our self confidence, we need to learn how to change our thought patterns into more positive ones. We need to train ourselves to have a positive out look on life and to remove any negative thoughts and energies. The next set of exercises will help you to do just that.

Changing Our Thought Patterns

Each time that you think something negative about your self, someone else, or something in your daily life tell yourself to STOP! Then instantly try to replace that negative thought with a positive one. For example: Imagine that you are walking down the street and you see a person that you do not like. The first thing that pops into your mind is, “Oh no not her again. Look at the way that she thinks that she is better than anyone else!” STOP right there and tell your self NO! I will not think in that way.

Then try thinking of something positive about that person like, “Okay, so I do not like her and she can be a bit up her self at times, but she is still a person like me. Everyone has faults. Maybe deep down she is a nice person and what she portrays to the world is different to how she really is. Instead of judging her I should try taking the time to get to know what she is really like.” You have now changed your thought Patten to a more positive one.

Another example is: You are packing away the clean dishes when you accidentally drop one of the plates onto the floor. You scold your self, telling your self how clumsy you are.

You feel angry with yourself for dropping the plate and start putting yourself down. STOP and say, “NO! It was an accident and it could have happened to anyone. Yes I broke a plate but it is not the end of the world. What is done is done – there is no point in crying over spilt milk.” What you did there was stop the negative thought and energy and turned it into a positive thought which in turn turned into positive energy.

A final example of this is: You wake up in the morning, draw back the curtains to see that the weather outside is frightful. The wind is blowing a gale and it is raining hard. You let out a loud moan as you had planned to take the kiddies to the park for the day. You start complaining to yourself, cursing the weather and annoyed that your plans are ruined.

STOP and tell yourself, NO! I will not think negatively. Yes it is pouring with rain and the wind is so strong it might blow down a tree or two. Yes my plans are ruined but I just need to make the best of it. I could do baking or arts and crafts with the kiddies instead. They will enjoy it just as much and I will be spending quality time with them.”

You may find it hard at first to learn to change your thought Patten, but with patience and practice you will find that it all starts to come naturally for you. You will find yourself thinking more positively with out any effort, your relationships will improve and you will find more positive energies in your life.

Other ways to help draw positive energies into your life is to have a life plan. To have structure in your life and goals that keep you motivated and leave you with something to look forward to in life. This next exercise is designed to help keep you feeling positive and help to keep your life exciting and fun.

A Life List

Life lists have become more and more popular over the years and everyone seems to be doing them now. Life list offers a person comfort, something to look forward to, and gives them a chance to make positive changes in their attitudes and lives. They are easy to make and fun to do. You could even try making a Year List as well as your Life List, which is just the same as the life list except it is for a year in stead of life. Both are highly effective.

Find some where nice and quiet to sit down. Either on a piece of paper, your pc or in your psychic journal and write down the following:

................... (your name) LIFE LIST.

Then think about all the things that you would love to achieve in your life. Think of all the things that you would love to do before your time on earth is up. Think about what it is that you want out of life and what you would like to do that means a great deal to you.

On your piece of paper list all of these things e.g.

Enter Britain Got Talent

Shave my head bold

Go to Disney Land Paris

Learn to fly an aeroplane

Own my own business

Get married

Once you have created your life’s list, sit quietly and call upon your guides and angels. Say out loud or in your mind:

“I call upon the Archangels, my spirit guides and my angels. I have prepared a life list of all the things I wish to accomplish and do before I pass over. Please may you help to me to make the things on my life list become a reality. Please may you help me to do each thing on my life list before my time on earth is done. Thank you.”

You must remember that your guides and angels will not do all the work for you. If you truly want to do the things on your life list then you have to put the work and effort into it too. Your guides and angels will help you, but you need to help your self too.

Then make it your life’s goal to try and do each of the things on your list. Remember this is your life’s list, you have the rest of your life to try do each thing on your list. This list will give you goals to try and accomplish and will help you follow your dreams.

Each time you have done one of the things on your list – cross that thing off the list. Until each thing on your list is crossed off.

Questionnaire – Please answer all questions as honestly as you can…

1. When you look in a mirror what do you see and how does it make you feel?

2. What don’t you like when you see yourself in the mirror?

3. What do you like when you see yourself in the mirror?

4. Why do you think you feel as you do and do not like the things that you don’t?

5. How can you change these things so you feel better about them?

6. What are you going to do to change these things?

7. Are you willing to accept the things that you can not change?

8. Do you draw enough positive energy into your life?

9. Are your thoughts and feelings positive or negative?

10. What are your thoughts and feelings the way that they are – where do they stem from – is there a deep rooted matter here that needs healing?

11. What are you willing to do to heal and change your thought pattern from negative to positive?

12. Are you going to wait to sort this out or are you going to act now?

13. Put on some music and dance around, be silly and have lots of fun, afterwards ask yourself how you feel now from before you danced?

14. Do you feel better inside or not?

15. Stand in front of the mirror and pull funny faces, laugh and just relax, afterwards ask yourself how you feel now then from before you did the exercise?

16. Do you feel better inside or not?

17. When last did you do something different?

18. How did it feel when you did something different?

19. What are 3 things that you would like to do differently and why?

20. Are you going to do these 3 different things or not? If not then what is your reason for waiting?

21. When last did you have time on your own – quality me time?

22. How did it feel to have me time?

23. When last did you step out of your comfort zone?

24. How did it feel and why do you think you felt this way?

25. What can you do to stop feeling this way?

26. What are 3 things that you would like to do that takes you out of your comfort zone and why?

27. Are you going to do these three things or not do anything?

28. If you will not do anything then ask yourself why?

29. When last did you think negatively of yourself?

30. What were these negative thoughts and why do you think you thought / felt them?

31. What are you going to do to change this thought pattern to positive?

32. When last did you think negatively about your life?

33. What were these negative thoughts and why did you think / feel this way?

34. What are you going to do to change this thought pattern to positive?

35. When last did you think negatively about others?

36. What were these negative thoughts and why did you think / feel this way?

37. What are you going to do to change this thought pattern from negative to positive?


  • • Do ALL of the Loving and Accepting Yourself Exercises
  • • Do the Loving and Accepting your Personality Exercise
  • • Do ALL the Spoil yourself Exercise
  • • Do the Changing Our Thought Patens exercise
  • • Create your own Life List and ask your guides and angels to help you.
  • • Remember to record all of your thoughts, feelings, and experiences and how you found the lesson in your psychic journal.
  • Try making your own wish wheel and share with God and the angels all of your dreams, wishes and goals.
  • Try to make your own wishing tree. Make your tree personal and special to you.
  • Try to make your own Goals Ladder