Lesson 9: Opening up your Sixth Sense

Part 1: Sensing and Feeling a Spiritual Presence

Before we can begin to see, meet, connect with and get to know our guides and angels we need to learn to open up our sixth sense. Opening up our sixth sense helps to open us up intuitively and helps to develop our psychic ability. Our psychic intuition is made up of using all of our six senses.

So many people believe that psychics are evil or doing the devils work. What they do not realise is that each and every living thing is psychic. What being psychic means is that all your 6 senses are heightened and well developed. A psychic is a person who is highly sensitive and who listens and trusts their intuition (gut feelings, instincts, senses, thoughts etc).

Psychics are not some kind of powerful, magical or supernatural being. Being psychic is being a person who is highly sensitive as all their 6 senses are developed and heightened. Each and every one of us is able to see spirit and angels, is able to do spiritual work as we are all psychic.






Intuition – Inner Senses

These 6 senses are what help to build and shape our Clairaudience (clear hearing), Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Claircognizance (clear knowing) and Clairsentience (clear feeling). I will discuss the 4 Clair’s with you in greater detail later on in the course. The 4 Claris are what our psychic ability is made up off and what helps us to connect to our guides and angels. This is why it is extremely important to develop our senses and 4 Clair’s.

In this lesson I will be teaching you simple and effective ways of opening your third eye, psychic hearing and heightening your psychic intuition. The exercises I will teach you are fun, simple and enjoyable to do.

Lesson 9 will be broken down into 4 parts. Each part is equally as important as the next in order to open you up spiritually and to prepare you for the next step – which is meeting your guides and angels. Once we have completed lesson 9 we will be at the right stage spiritually to begin to learn, meet and work with the Archangels, our angels and guides.

Firstly we will concentrate on sensing and feeling the spiritual realm, angels and guides. Once you learn to sense the spiritual realm then we can move onto developing our four Clair’s.

Sensing and Feeling a Spiritual Presence

What many people do not realise is that each and every one of us has felt and sensed a spiritual or angelic presence, but do not know that they have felt this. Some of the most common ways in which you feel a spiritual or angelic presence are as follows;

Smelling a perfume in the air when no one is around.

Also smelling a loved one’s, favourite perfume even though they have passed over.

Feeling as though someone has touched you when no one has.

Feeling as though someone has touched your hair, cheek or hand but no one is there.

Feeling like someone hugged you or tugged at your clothing or arm even though no one is there.

Smelling flowers or cigar smoke when there is no smoke or flowers around

Noticing that the temperature in a room suddenly changes

You may feel a tightening or pressure in your head almost like someone is putting a lot of pressure on your head.

Feeling or seeing in your minds eye someone sitting next to you when there is no one there, or feeling as though there is someone standing next to you.

Sudden strong gut feelings and knowing

Feeling as though you are being pulled under water

Feeling like you are getting smaller – like someone is pushing you down and making you smaller. (like you are shrinking)

Sudden goose bumps or a prickly feeling on the back of your neck

Feeling the presence of your loved ones who have passed over around you.

Feeling the presence of a pet that has passed over around you, or feeling them by your feet or on your bed and lap.

You suddenly get a warm and calming sensation all around you or on one side of you.

Feeling like there is a spider web on your face or body when there isn’t.

Feeling a soft breeze brush by you or on your skin – almost like someone is breathing or blowing gently on you.

Feeling light headed or slightly dizzy.

Feeling like you are being watched or someone is in the room with you, when no one is there.

Feeling that you are in the presence of a very powerful person or being (this is usually one of the Archangels)

If there is a negative entity or energy around you then, you will suddenly find that you feel ill, have a throbbing headache come on suddenly, feel suddenly angry or depressed, feel nervous or as though you are in danger, feel suffocating or very dizzy and disorientated, you suddenly feel very angry or become violent, you suddenly feel afraid or very tearful, useless or out of control.

Exercises and Meditations to help you feel Spiritual Presences

Imagine touch

This exercise is designed to help heighten your sense of touch and feelings – making it easier for you to sense and feel the spiritual realm. This exercise helps you to use your senses and feelings more.

Find some where nice and quiet to sit down or lay. Make sure you are completely comfortable and will not be disturbed. Close your eyes and take in 3 deep breaths very slowly.

Now imagine that there is a beautiful horse standing in front of you. Walk up to the horse and stroke its back and mane. Notice how the horse feels, is its skin and fur soft or rough? What colour is the horse? Is his mane messy or neat? How does the horse smell – can you smell him? Now draw your hands to his nose. How does his nose feel? Is it soft or hard? Is it wet or dry?

Spend some time looking at the horse, feeling how he feels – is he happy, sad or healthy? What feelings and senses come to you? How does the horse make you feel? Notice your feelings and thoughts associated with the horse.

Now imagine that you are holding a lemon. Notice how brightly coloured it is. How does the lemon feel? Is the lemon smooth, bumpy or rough? Is it big or small? Now smell the lemon – can you smell it? What does it smell like? Now imagine that you cut the lemon in half and take a bite. Is it sour or sweet? What does it taste like? What can you sense and feel from the lemon? How does the lemon make you feel? Notice your feelings and thoughts associated with the lemon.

Now imagine that you are standing next to a beautiful tree. Notice how the tree feels, does it feel happy and content in its environment? Is the tree healthy and strong or weak and brittle? What condition is the tree in?

Now put your hands to the tree and touch its bark. How does the bark feel? Is it smooth or rough, is it bumpy or scratchy? What does the tree look like in size, weight and health? How dose the tree make you feel? Notice your feelings and thoughts associated with the tree.

Imagine that your best friend walks up to you. Notice what she / he are wearing and what expression is on their face. Are they happy or sad? What feelings come to you? What do your senses and feeling tell you about how your friend is feeling. Look deep into their eyes. What colour is their eyes? What is their skin tone, height and weight like? What colour is their hair?

Touch their hair and notice how it feels. Is their hair rough, soft or smooth? Is it dell, damp, shinny or healthy? How do you feel about your friend? What feelings, thoughts and emotions are associated with your friend?

Write down in your journal how you felt, any thoughts, feelings, senses that came to you, how you found the exercise and if you feel any different.

Physical-Touch Exercise

This is a simple exercise that will help you a great deal with opening up your senses.

Close your eyes and take hold of an item. Keeping your eyes closed hold this item in your hand. Feel it and touch it. What does it feel like? What sensations come to you? Rub the item along the back of your hand and arm. Is the item hot or cold? Is it smooth or rough? Does it smell or is it odourless? Does it taste of anything or not? How does this item make you feel?

Now blind fold yourself and ask a loved one or friend to hand you different objects and foods. Do the same as you did above. Can you guess what each item is? Take special note of the sensations you receive and how each item makes you feel.

Sensing Exercise

This exercise can be done any time and any place. It is designed to help you work on your opening up your senses more.

Each time you meet up with a friend, talk to a parent at school or work, or in the shop and town – try to sense how that person is feeling. Use your senses and feelings to open you up spiritually. For example you are standing in the queue at the supermarket; there is a lady in front of you.

What do you sense from her just by looking at her? Does she come across as angry, sad, happy, healthy, miserable, excited, honest, dangerous, or shy? Do you feel comfortable around her or do you feel threatened? Dose her energy feel good and positive or bad and negative? How dose the lady make you feel? Notice your feelings and thoughts associated with this lady.

Another example is; your friend walks up to you and starts up a conversation. Notice your friends facial expressions, the way she / he holds them self. Do they seem happy or sad? What can you sense from your friend? How is your friend feeling? Is there something on their mind? Do they look healthy, well, tied or wide awake? Are they in a good or bad mood? How dose your friend make you feel? Notice your feelings and thoughts associated with this person.

Or imagine that you may see a stray cat walking on the side walk or in your garden. What energy do you pick up from this cat? Is the cat homeless or well looked after? Dose the cat look healthy or ill? Is the cat happy or sad? What do your senses and feelings tell you about the cat. How dose the cat make you feel? Notice your feelings and thoughts associated with the cat.

Try each and every day to always try and sense what people, animals, plants and nature feel like to you. What their feelings are, if they are healthy or not, happy or sad? Use your senses to take more notice of what is going on around you. Use your senses to get a better and bigger picture of people and things in your life.

Write down in your psychic journal how this exercise made you feel. Also write down any thoughts, feelings, visions and senses you got.

Sensing buildings and Places

This exercise can be done any time and any place. It is designed to help you work on your senses and develop your psychic intuition.

When you next walk into a supermarket, house, restaurant, work place, or building notice how you feel. What feelings, senses and thoughts come to you about this place or building? Are your feelings good or bad? Do you feel safe or threatened? How does this place feel to you? Is it damp and cold, warm and cosy, smelly and dell, bright and inviting? Is it a calm or busy place? Take not of how you feel, what your senses are telling you and how this place or building makes you feel.

Write down in your psychic journal how this exercise made you feel. Also write down any thoughts, feelings, visions and senses you got.

Sensing Spirits and Angels

In the beginning of this exercise we spoke about how all of us have felt spiritual and angelic presences before and have not realized that we have. I also gave you a list of common ways in which we sense and feel the spiritual and angelic realms. In this next exercise we will be using these common feelings and senses to recognize when there is a spiritual presence around us.

Take note of each time you experience, feel or sense one of the common senses you get when there is a spiritual presence around you. Write these down in your journal. What where you doing when you felt this sense or presence? How did it make you feel? Did you see, smell or taste anything when this happened? What feelings and thoughts were associated with the senses and feelings or experiences that you had? How many times a day or week did you experience these?

Try sitting down or lying down in a quiet room. Make sure you are completely comfortable and will not be disturbed. Ask your guides, angels and spiritual helpers to help you to feel their presence. Take note of how you are feelings, what the room feels like; are there any changes in the temperature? Do you feel a presence? What pictures, visions, smells and tastes, feelings and thoughts come to you? Did you hear any words or feel someone touch you. Did you feel any of the common senses associate with a spiritual presence?

Write down in your psychic journal how this exercise made you feel. Also write down any thoughts, feelings, visions and senses you got.

Trusting our feelings and gut instincts Exercise.

Next time the phone rings or the door bell goes, try to sense who your caller or visitor is. Or when you are speaking on the phone or texting / messaging someone try to sense how the person you are talking to is feeling. What feelings and thoughts come to you? Notice what your senses and feelings tell you.

Our guides and angels regularly communicate to us through our senses and our feelings. For example: You are walking home from the town when you see a short cut home. You are tied and can not wait to get home so decide to take the short cut.

You suddenly feel as though someone is watching you. You get a sudden pain in your head or stomach, or you may suddenly feel a strong sense of butterflies or goose pimples ripple over you, it could even be a wave of fear that spreads over you suddenly.

These are all signs from your angels and guides that this short cut is not a safe route to take. It is then up to you to trust your feelings and instincts (messages and senses from your guides and angels) and go the long way home, or to go against their help and take the short cut. Our guides and angels can advice and guide us in our every day lives but, they can not intervene in our lives with out our permission to do so. The only time our guides and angels can intervene, is if our lives are in danger when it is not yet our time to leave this earth.

Try each and every day to always take note of any feelings, senses, thoughts and pictures that come to you. How do you feel like when you talk to a stranger? What dose it feels like when you talk to someone you like, opposed to someone you do not like?

What feelings do you get when trying to make important decisions? How do you feel when you know you got something right or wrong? How do you feel when you are in danger or being warned about something? Note the feelings you get when shopping, buying a new home, going for a job interview or watching the news.

Our guides and angels are constantly talking to us through our thoughts, feelings and senses. We need to push the though of “its all in my imagination” aside and learn to trust our instincts, senses and feelings. You will find that once you have tried out this exercise a few times that you will begin, to recognize what senses and feelings your guides and angels send you. You will begin to realize how they talk to you and you will understand their messages more clearly. Write down in your psychic journal how this exercise made you feel. Also write down any thoughts, feelings, visions and senses you got.


* Please could you learn the common ways in which a spiritual presence lets you know that they are around.

* Take note of what your senses are showing you, telling you, and how your feel each and every day.

* Please do all the exercises and meditations in this section

Write down in your journal how each lesson made you feel any experiences you had and any thoughts or feelings you have