Lesson 9: Opening up your Sixth SensePart 4: Seeing a Spiritual Presence

Like with sensing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling spirits we have all seen spirits with out realizing it. It is only when you realize what the signs are that you realize just how many times you have seen them.

Most people expect to see a full blown apparition of a spirit. They expect to see a person or entity in full form like we see each other. The truth is that it is very rare for people to see spirits in this way.

There are two types of Clairvoyance (clear seeing – seeing spirits and angels). The first type is Objective Clairvoyance and this type of seeing means a person is capable, of literally seeing spirit entities and angels with their physical eyes (I am an Objective Clairvoyant myself).

For example; One night I was fast asleep in my bed when I felt as thought there were someone watching me. I awoke to see the spirit of my late father kneeling beside me. He was watching me sleep. I saw him as clearly and as vividly as I see the people around me.

Another time I was in my lounge sweeping the floor. I heard foot steps in the kitchen and looked up as I thought my husband David had returned home from work. On the wall separating the lounge from the Kitchen there is a large smoky glassed window – so you can see into the kitchen from the lounge.

As I looked up through the window I saw a tall man (all in a black shadow) walk through the kitchen and into our dinning room. When I ran into the dinning room he had vanished. About 10 minutes later my husband David arrived home from work. I saw this man as clear as day and even heard his foot steps.

Many years ago I lay in bed reading a book. I suddenly felt a pressure on the end of my bed so I looked up. There in front of me was a friend of mine named Roland who had passed away. I could see Roland as clearly and as vividly as I can see the people around me. We sat and spoke together for a while before he got up and left my room.

These are all examples of Objective Clairvoyance – when a person can clearly and vividly see spirit with the naked eye. Objective Clairvoyance is a very uncommon gift as it is rare to find a psychic or medium that possesses this gift.

Most mediums and psychics see spirits using Subjective Clairvoyance – which we will learn about next. Objective Clairvoyance can not be taught or developed. It is a gift that you either have or do not – Over time though and with lots of practice and patience the spirits may bless you with this gift.

Subjective Clairvoyance is the most common form of seeing spirits. Subjective Clairvoyance means that a person can see spirit but in the minds eye (mental images and visions).

A person may see symbols, pictures, and images of spirit or angels, people, colours, numbers and words (I also have this form of seeing spirit). We see all of this in our mind’s eye – like visions. When a medium is performing mediumship work it is common for you to hear them say, “I see a man standing behind you, he is tall with dark brown hair.....” The medium is not actually seeing this man with their physical eyes. He or she is seeing the man with their mind’s eye – as a vision.

Or a psychic who is performing a reading might say, “I can see a red rose.” The psychic can not actually see a red rose with their physical eyes, but can see it in their mind’s eye. We can learn through spiritual growth and psychic development how to enhance Subjective Clairvoyance.

Below are some of the more common ways in which spirits or angles shows us that they are around, also how we have seen them.

Angels and spirits show us that they are around and with you by leaving, lots of feathers, hearts, birds, coins and things for you to find. So if you find that you keep finding white feathers lying around or where you walk (especially if you are in need of comfort) – this is your angels and guides way of letting you know that they are with you.

I find that when ever I am feeling down or in need of guidance, I ask my angels and guides to please let me know that they are with me. It is comforting to see signs that they are around. I will then keep finding little white feathers or hearts. One day when I was particularly down I found up to 30 feathers in one day. I felt comforted as I knew that it was my angels leaving these feathers for me – to let me know that they were with me at this difficult time.

A friend of mine named Wendy had just split with her husband. She was feeling venerable and did not have enough money to feed her two young children. All the money she made through work went towards paying the bills. This left her with hardly any money to by food for her children and her self.

One day she sat down and asked her angels and guides to please help her support her children. She did not like to ask for money and felt guilty asking but she was desperate for the help. Her guides and angels knew how desperate she was and they wanted to help her.

She had literally just finished saying her prayer then went for a walk when she found a 5p coin laying on the ground. For all that week she kept finding 1p, 2p, 5p coins. By the end of the week she had found enough money to buy food for her and her children. The angels sent her this money to help her as they knew that she genuinely needed their help. Not long after these incidences she managed to get another job writing Astrology for a local newspaper – this helped her to provide for her children.

Our angels and guides also talk to us in our dreams. I always try to ask people to keep a dream journal where you record all of your dreams – even the insignificant ones. Our loved ones who have passed over, angels and our guides talk to us in our dreams. If you have dreamt of a loved one who has passed over then this is actually your loved one visiting you through your dreams.

A common way that people see spirit is out of the corner of their eyes. Have you ever seen something move out of the corner of your eye? Most people see this regularly but put it down to their imaginations. This is not your imagination it is actually a spirit or angel that you are seeing.

Another way of seeing angels is through clouds. Have you ever looked up into the sky and seen a cloud in the shape of an angel, heart, or dove? This is in fact your angels showing you that they are with you. They also love to show us that they are around us by sending us a beautiful rainbow in the sky or around us.

Some times spirits prefer to show themselves to us a fine mist / smoke or heat wave. Have you ever sat in your living room and then noticed a white or coloured mist in the room or sense the mist / smoke move across the room? Or have you seen heat waves like you get on a hot day but in your home or around you? These are both ways that a spirit shows its self to us.

Have you ever seen tiny sparkling lights that look like tiny specs of glitter floating in the air? At times these sparkling lights will swirl around and around then take the form of a person. This is another common way of spirits and angels showing them selves to us – especially our guardian angels and the nature angels. Seeing flashes of light in front of you or out of the corner of your eyes is another common way in which angels and spirits show themselves to us.

Have you ever sat talking to someone then you find that you see a person in your minds eye standing around you or in the room. This is another way of seeing spirits, it may be that the spirit you see standing around you is connected to the person that you are talking too. Sometimes spirits and angels reveal them selves to us as shadows. Have you ever seen a shadow (that was not your own) walk through a room or move quickly?

Spirits and angels also show us that they are with us by making strange occurrences happen – eg; clocks stopping, things being moved about in the home, loud bangs or little noises, lights flickering or telly and electrical goods playing up. Seeing orbs either in photos or with the naked eye is another way they show us that they are around. Spirits and angels some times try to appear in photos either as figures, lights, smoke or orbs.

So many times people see spirits and angels but sadly put their experiences down to the imagination or over tiredness. It is so heart breaking that so many people miss out on the wonderful gift of getting to know and meet their angels, or on feeling how much angelic and spiritual help they have around them. These people miss out on this wonderful gift and experience because they are not ready to face that there is more out there that meets the eye.

Sadly these people are not open to new possibilities or are afraid of the unknown. They judge the experiences that they have and need to see proof before they believe. My dream and ambition is to help others to learn to let go of the sceptic mind and to allow themselves to live a six sensory life. I would love to help others to realise just how much love and support they have on a daily basis and to learn to connect with their higher selves, angels and guides.

One of the most important rules of learning to see spirit is to STOP putting things down to your imagination. Learn to be more accepting of your experiences, the unexpected and mysteries of the world. Learn to be more open instead of blocking out something because you have no proof. Open your heart and mind and you will find wonderful blessings and surprises.

Exercises and Meditations to help heighten and awaken your sense of sight

Each lesson below is designed to help open your third eye and psychic seeing. These lessons will help you to pay more attention, to your surroundings and help you to open up to the spiritual realm.

Colour Vision

Find somewhere that is nice and quiet. Take in several slow deep breaths until you feel completely relaxed. Now close your eyes and try to relax your eyes. Concentrate on your breathing. Notice how your chest and stomach rise and fall. When you feel ready then do the following...

Imagine that there is a large bill board or cinema screen in front of you. Imagine that the colour of this screen is white. Now change the colour of the screen to RED. Try to see this screen as clearly as you can.

Now change the colour of the screen to ORANGE, then YELLOW, GREEN, TURQUOISE, BLUE and lastly PURPLE.

Try practicing this for a while. Write down how you found the exercise in your psychic journal. Also write down your feelings, sensations, any experiences and your thoughts.

Seeing Shapes Exercise

Find somewhere that is nice and quiet. Take in several slow deep breaths until you feel completely relaxed. Now close your eyes and try to relax your eyes. Concentrate on your breathing. Notice how your chest and stomach rise and fall. When you feel ready then do the following...

Imagine that you are looking straight at a large white screen or bill board. In the middle of the white screen is a small RED square – all the while still noticing the large white screen that the small coloured square is on. Once you can clearly see the red square try to change the colour of the square to ORANGE, then YELLOW, GREEN, TURQUOISE, BLUE and lastly PURPLE.

Now imagine that the small coloured square change into a RED circle. Once you can clearly see the RED circle change the colour to ORANGE, then YELLOW, GREEN, TURQUOISE, BLUE and lastly PURPLE.

Continue with the same process but each time seeing a different shape in your minds eye, e.g. star, triangle, rectangle, flower, butterfly etc.

Sound, Images and Colour Exercise

Find somewhere that is nice and quiet. Take in several slow deep breaths until you feel completely relaxed. Now close your eyes and try to relax your eyes. Concentrate on your breathing. Notice how your chest and stomach rise and fall. When you feel ready then do the following...

Listen to all of the sounds around you. What can you hear? Take one of the sounds that you can hear and try to visualize what the thing you are hearing looks like.

For example; you hear a car driving by.

Imagine what this car looks like. What colour is the car? How many people are in the car? What do the people in the car look like? Try to see if you can see this vision as clearly as possible. Or you can hear birds chirping out side. Imagine what these birds look like, how many birds can you see? What colours are they and what types of birds are they? What are these birds doing and where in your garden are they? Try make these visions as clear as possible.

Once you have done this then quiet your mind again and listen. What other sounds can you hear? Pick one of the sounds you can hear and try imagine what it looks like. Continue with this exercise until you have imagined what each sound that you can hear looks like.

Imagination Exercises

One of the most important things to learn to do when trying to open up to seeing, the spiritual realm is to learn to use your imagination more often. The worst thing a parent can tell their child is to stop using their imagination.

Children can see the spiritual and angelic realm much easier than we adults. This is because they do not judge what they see. They do not put everything down to their imagination playing tricks on them.

As they grow up their parents tell them to stop being silly as it is all in the imagination. This makes the children stop using their imaginations and start doubting what they see. As they grow older they use less of their imagination, they do not accept the images that they are shown – resulting in making seeing the spiritual realm harder and harder.

In this exercise we will learn to re-awaken our imagination. We will learn to be open to what we see and to not judge or dismisses it. What I would like for you to do is to try and use your imagination as much as possible. Below are the things I would like for you to please do as many times each week as you can...

Try day dreaming more often – make up stories in your mind and day dream about all your goals and dreams. Make each day dream as vivid as possible. Be more creative by doing arts and crafts, working with colour and designs. Try creating things (even if you are not a creative person just try and do creative things) as this helps you to use your imagination when creating.

Read more novels and books as when you read you are using your imagination to imagine, what the characters in the book look like and you imagine the story.

Also try to do a lot more Meditation (especially guided meditation).

When watching the telly try closing your eyes so that you can hear what is happening on the telly but you can not see. Then use your imagination to see what is happening on the telly screen.

Try putting on some music and closing your eyes. Listen carefully to the music and try to imagine seeing who is playing each instrument. Try and see how many different instruments you can pick out.

Try asking a friend to blind fold you then place objects into your hand. You can then try to describe the object as clearly as you can. What colour do you think the object is? How does it feel and does it taste or smell of anything.

Try seeing the object in your minds eye as clearly as you can. Then take off the blind fold and see how accurate or wrong you were. Then continue the exercise with other objects.

Record in your journal your experiences, feelings, thoughts and sensations while performing each of these exercises.

Memory exercises

Find somewhere that is nice and quiet. Take in several slow deep breaths until you feel completely relaxed. Now close your eyes and try to relax your eyes. Concentrate on your breathing. Notice how your chest and stomach rise and fall. When you feel ready then do the following...

Try to remember things from your day – replay your day in your mind. Try to remember as much as possible and in as much detail as possible about your day. What happened in the day? Was it just a normal day or did something exciting or different happen? How did your day go from the time you woke up until the time you went to bed.

Now choose one of the people that you saw that day. See that person in your minds eye as clearly as you can. Can you remember what clothes they were wearing? What styles and colours where their clothes. How did they wear their hair and did they look happy or sad. Try to visualize this person as clearly and as vividly as you can.

Now pick one room in your home (not the room you are sitting in) and try to see how accurately you can see this room in your minds eye. What objects are in this room? What furniture or wall pictures are in the room? What colour is the walls and floors, curtains and furniture? Try to see this room as clearly as you can in your minds eye. Then open your eyes and go to this room and see how accurate you were.

Visualize a place or scenery e.g. a forest, beach, busy town centre, mall, woodlands, fields, farm, desert, lake, mountain or somewhere where you feel happy and comfortable – this does not have to be a place where you have been before -try to make this vision as clear and as vivid as possible.

See what is around you and take note of your thoughts and feelings. Feel what the ground feels like beneath you. Is it hot or cold? Can you feel the wind in your hair or smell what the air smells like? Imagine that you are in your chosen place and you are looking all around you – take every detail in.

Try remembering little details from your day e.g.; if you were in the supermarket then try remembering what the woman or man looked like who served you. Were they wearing jewellery or not? What colour were their eyes and hair? What clothes did they wear?

What did they say to you? Or if you caught a bus to work or school then what did the bus driver look like? Which places did you pass on your journey? Who all was on the bus? What did you see when looking out of the bus window? If you walk to the places you need to go then what did you see on your walk? Did you greet any people on the way and what did they look like? Try to remember these things in as much detail as possible.

Try to remember what the weather was like for your day. Was it very windy, raining, sunny or snowing? Try to remember a time when you looked out side and saw the weather. What were your thoughts and feelings at the time? What did you see and notice?

Sit down somewhere nice and quiet and take a pencil and a piece of paper. Try thinking of someone very close to you and draw this person. Try and make the drawing look as clear as you can. Even if you can not draw still try and draw the person you are thinking about. Once you have done this then try and draw a place that you visit each day.

This could be a supermarket, work, school, your home or garden. Try and draw this place as clearly as you can and add in as much detail as you can about what you remember about this place. Now try and draw a picture of your pet or a house plant – again drawing it as clearly as you can with as much detail. Lastly draw a picture of yourself using as much detail as possible. With this exercise you are using your memory and imagination to draw as accurate picture as you can.

Take a picture from a newspaper, magazine or book and look at the picture for a few minutes. Then close your eyes and see if you can see that picture in your minds eye. Each time you loose the picture in your minds eye – take another look at the picture and try again.

Pick an object in your minds eye – you could choose to see a dog, candle, picture, rock, dvd, spoon (any object) and try to visualize what this object looks like. Try and see if you can feel what it feels like and see any details on it. Record in your journal your experiences, feelings, thoughts and sensations while performing each of these exercises

Symbols and Feelings Exercise

Many times angels and spirit guides will talk to us or show us things by using symbols. When performing a reading or mediumship work a medium will see symbols in their minds eye.

These symbols helps to pass on details and messages to the psychic or to you and me. Each symbol could mean many different things. It is up to you to interoperate what you feel the symbol means. Below are a few symbols you may see.

Next to each symbol write down what the item means to you personally. For Example a flower may mean spring, birth or new beginnings to you. Or a sun may mean summer, hot, warm or holiday. A baby may mean birth of a child, pregnant, birth of a business venture or new idea, new beginning or happiness. A horse may mean freedom, animals, hard working or a horse.











Work Place







Swimming pool


































Stuffed Animal








Wheel Chair











Pen / pencils


Washing Machine



Record in your journal your experiences, feelings, thoughts and sensations while performing each of these exercises.

Signs and Messages Chart

A wonderful way of understanding and learning how our angels and guides communicate with us is by creating a special chart, where you record all of the different ways in which your angels communicate with you on a daily basis.

Each person’s angels and guides communicate to them in a different way. Our guides and angels communicate to us differently because we are all different. They want for their messages to be heard loud and clear. They communicate with us in a way that will be personal to us, understood and recognized by the person that they are communicating with.

To create your Signs and Messages Chart please find a piece of paper and pen. You could write your chart in your psychic journal, on a piece of paper or on your computer. On the piece of paper write the following headings:

Warning Signs or Danger

Advice and Guidance

Divine Inspiration

Health Watch


Lost Items

Under each heading list the various ways that your angels and guides communicate with you. Spend a lot of time on this exercise and put in a great deal of though into each of your answers. Think of all the times where you felt that your guides and angels communicated with you, helped or guided you, warned you of a danger or reminded you of something that needed doing. To give the most accurate and honest answers try asking your higher self to please perform this exercise – in this way you will be working through this exercise as your higher self.

Firstly write a short description of actual times when you felt that your guides helped you or communicated with you. What were you doing when they communicated with you? How did they communicate with you? Did you listen to their warnings or not? What was the out come? Then under your short description write down points that explain the method that your angels and guides use to communicate with you in that each situation. In this way you will recognize what messages your angels and guides are trying to pass onto you in the future.

Below are a just a few of the ways that my guides and angels communicate with me. I am sharing these with you to help give you and idea of how to create your own Signs and Messages Chart.

Please remember that your guides and angels may communicate to you in different ways than to how they communicate with me. You may find that in some cases they communicate to you in the same way as they do with me - then in other cases they may communicate differently to you. Our angels and guides communicate to each of us in a way that we can easily recognize and that is personal to us as an individual.

Natasha’s Signs and Messages Chart

Warning Signs and Dangers

When my guides and angels have warned me of dangers or of important things that I need to do they will show me a bright flash of light (like a camera flash), followed by a mental image of what the danger is or what important thing needs doing. Like when I forgot to turn off the chip fryer, forgot to close the back door at night and when I did not pay attention to the road when crossing. Each time I saw a bright flash of light followed by a mental image of the danger at hand or warning that my guides and angels were passing onto me. Thankfully I recognized these signs and so put a stop to the dangers that were around me. If I had ignored the signs then our house may have burnt down, been broken into or I may have been hit by a car. My guides and angels sent me warning signs that helped to keep me safe. Thank you my angel and guides.

* Flash of light followed by mental image

Advice and Guidance

When my angels and guides pass on guidance or advice to me they will send it to me in the form of images, dreams, repeated songs, signs and billboards, through people and also as nagging feelings or thoughts. Like when my guides were advising me that the person I met today was not a very nice person, I kept feeling panicky and on edge when I was around that person. I knew this was my guide’s way of warning me to keep away from that person.

Also like the time when my guides were trying to warn me to let go of a friend who was not good for me and was draining my energy. They tried to warn me through dreams, feelings, people, signs and even repeated songs with lyrics of letting go of a loved one. I also kept seeing films on the telly or reading in books and magazines of people going through what I was going through. Unfortunately I did not listen and ended up getting extremely hurt in the end by this friend and one of her friends.

Repeated songs in my mind

Through people

Feelings and thoughts

Voices with physical ears and inner ears

Through Media and Books

Signs and Billboards


Divine Inspiration

Our guides and angels love to help us out with divine inspiration and guidance. How my guides and angels do this is by sending their divine guidance to me in the form of thoughts, dreams, people and ideas. For many years I kept having the idea to start my own website, performing readings for people and teaching others about angels and how to develop their psychic gifts.

I kept making up excuses of reasons why I could not do this. For example I would tell myself that my family would never support me and it would cause so much friction between us, I kept telling myself that I was not qualified enough or that I would never have the confidence to actually teach others. I would doubt my abilities and worry that I would let people down or be a failure, what if my lessons were not written well enough and people laughed and so on. So I never did start a website or course.

Years went by and my idea did not leave no matter how much I tried to blank it out or find excuses why I should not do it. I kept having friends and people tell me I should try starting my own business performing readings, or telling me that with all the experience I have that I should teach others. I also kept having dreams telling me that I should do this and that everything would turn out well if I did.

In my dreams I was told that my family would come round to the idea in the end, that I would be fulfilling my life purpose and that I would help a great deal of people. Again I would not listen and pushed the thought of it a side. The more I ignored this idea the stronger the craving grew inside of me to do this until I could not ignore it anymore.. So one day I sat down and created my website. I then began to perform readings online and from there began teaching others to develop their gift.

I am so very grateful that I listened to my guides as I have never been more happy. I love my work and have made so many wonderful new friends through the work I do. For the first time in my life I feel that I belong, I feel confident with in, I feel connected to the world and feel that I am helping to make a difference. As I was told in my dreams – my family and friends have accepted what I do and now support me more than they realize.


Thoughts and Feelings

Repeated Ideas and inspirations (if an idea, thought, word, advice or feeling comes to you 3 or more times, then this is a sure sign that your guides are sending you divine guidance. Try your very best to not ignore the guidance that your angels and guides pass onto you.)

Health Watch

If I am not looking after my health properly such as drinking or smoking too much, not doing enough exercise or getting enough fresh air then, my angels and guides will warn me in the following ways: I will keep feeling the urge to do exercise, I will feel sick each time I have a drink or cigarette, I will have a deep sense to get healthy or go for a walk, I will hear with both physical ears and inner ears words such as, “stop drinking”, “exercise more”, “go to the doctors”. I will keep feeling this nagging feeling that I need to do or stop doing what ever I am doing that is not good for me. A friend or loved one may mention that I need to what my health or I may keep seeing health related programs on telly, the radio or hear people mention them.

Senses and feelings – urges to stop doing what it is that is not good for me

Hearing words with physical ears

Hearing words with inner ears

Through people

Seeing signs on the telly or radio


When my angels and guides are trying to remind me to do something important such as: Not forgetting to go to Kristi’s school assembly, not forgetting to water the plants or to feed the fish and rabbits, or to remember to go to the doctors, remember an important appointment or to meet a friend, they will send me little reminders in the form of repeated words or images in my head. For example my guides and angels are trying to remind me to do the school lunch boxes before I go to bed. I will keep hearing the word “LUNCH BOXES” with my inner ears. Or I will keep seeing images of the lunch boxes, bread or other bits and bobs that I put in the lunch boxes. I may keep seeing lunch boxes on the telly in adverts or programs, or hear the word “lunch boxes” or “lunch time” being said on the radio or by someone around me. My husband may remind me several times that I must do the lunch boxes. At times I may even hear the word “lunch boxes” or the words, “do not for get the lunch boxes” with my physical ears. At times I may have a song repeat over and over in my mind that has the word lunch boxes in the lyrics or mentions lunch time or food.

Hearing repeated words with my inner ears

Hearing repeated words or sentences with my physical ears

Seeing mental images

Through another person (as Dave my husband did)

Through telly or radio and even books

Song repeating in my mind – listen to the lyrics

Lost Items

If I have lost something and am desperately trying to find it then I will hear words with my physical ears or inner ears telling me where the item is. I may see images with my minds eye of where to find my lost belongings. My husband David once lost his Zippo lighter. He was very upset as it was a gift that I had given him and it had his name engraved on to it. We looked for the lighter solidly for at least a week or two. We even went through the bins. I kept asking the Archangel Chamuel to please help me find Dave’s lighter then felt disappointed as it was not turning up.

I could not understand why the Archangel Chamuel was not helping me. The truth was that he was helping me all along I was just not listening to his messages. You see all the time the lighter was lost I kept thinking about my gown pocket. I kept hearing in my mind to check my gown pocket. I kept thinking that it was just my mind playing tricks on me as why would Dave’s lighter be in my gown pocket?

One day Dave and I sat in bed having a coffee and cigarette. We had given up looking for the lighter and accepted that it was gone for good. I sat thinking about the lighter feeling very sad for my husband as I could see how disappointed he was. Suddenly I heard loud and clear (with my physical ears) a males voice. It sounded as though it was right next to me. It said, “Check your gown pockets!”

This time I listened and checked my pockets. To my amazement I found the lighter instantly. I apologised to the Archangel Chamuel for being so silly and not listening to him. The experience was an important reminder for me that I should always listen carefully to the guidance and advice that my guides and angels offer me and to not judge what I hear - no matter how silly or unlikely the advice sounds.

Hear words with my physical ears

Hear words with my inner ears

See images with my mental eyes

Many times our guides and angels will communicate to us through our loved ones, people around us and through media such as telly, computers, and radio and through signs.


* Please tryout the various exercises and meditations provided in this lesson

* Try practicing taking everything around you in.

* Try practice seeing every fine detail and putting things to memory.

* Try training yourself to see the bigger picture.

* Create a dream journal where each and every night you record down all of your dreams – even the insignificant ones.

* Create your own Signs and Messages chart

Record how the dream made you feel, whether it was in colour or black and white. Who was in the dream and if the dream was vivid or not. Write down the dreams in as much detail as possible.

Write down how you found this exercise in your psychic journal, any thoughts, feelings, sensations, experiences that you may have had. Record everything in your journal.

In the next lesson we will be learning all about the Archangels, how to sense their presence, hear their messages and of all the love and support they offer us.