Lesson 9: Opening up your Sixth Sense

Part 3: Hearing a Spiritual Presence

Hearing a Spiritual Presence

Like with feeling angels and spirits, most of us have heard them with out even realizing that we have. Here are some of the common ways that we hear a spiritual presence.

(All of the below can be heard with your physical or with your inner ears.)

* You hear beautiful soft music when none is playing

* You hear a loud ringing sound in your ear

* You hear whispering or soft chatter when no one is around or whispering.

* You hear someone call your name or talk to you but when you turn round, no one is there or talking.

* You hear someone call your name when you are just waking up

* You hear a song playing over and over in your head or on the radio

* You hear a conversation or talk to someone who tells you the exact thing that you need to hear, or gives you the answer to a question that has been bugging you.

* You hear a loved one’s voice who has passed over

* The phone rings or door bell rings and when you go to answer you find that no one is there

* You have a strong feeling that a friend or loved one is in trouble, only to find out that your gut feeling was right.

* You find that you are good at finding things as you seem to hear the place where your lost item is in your mind.

* You hear someone warn you to get out of the way or any other helpful message, when no one is there.

* You hear your own voice or another person’s voice (either out loud or in your mind) reminding you of things you need to do. The important thing to remember here is that when we ARE hearing divine guidance the sentences will begin with words such as, “You”, “………….(Your name)” , “Your” etc. These words are ones that you would use if talking to another person or that a person would use when talking to you. Words that begin with, “I”, “Me”, “My”, “Myself” etc ARE NOT divine guidance but your own ego or self talking.

* You are worrying about something and not sure what to do. You turn on the telly / radio or talk to a loved one and you hear the exact thing that you needed to hear. (This is your guides or angels talking to you through a living person.)

* Your guides talk to you through urges and gut feelings, sounds, though living people, and words repeating in your head as well as images.

Here is an example: You are watching the telly and in the back of your mind you keep thinking about the lunch boxes that need to be done. You shrug your shoulders and decide you can do them quickly in the morning before school and work. For the rest of the evening you keep thinking about the lunch boxes or hearing in your mind – lunchboxes! You partner even reminds you about doing them. But still you put off doing them.

The next day the alarm does not go off and you panic when you wake up late! You are in a mad rush – plus you still have to make those lunch boxes! You get the kiddies to school late and you are late for work yourself. You then find your self thinking, “Why did I not listen to my gut feelings, or my partner and make those lunch boxes last night?”

The gut feeling you were having, your partner re-minding you and you keep thinking about it, was actually your guides trying to warn you to make the lunch boxes, as they knew the alarm clock would not go off. It was divine guidance that you ignored and so paid the price for not listening by being late. We need to try and learn to pay more attention to our gut feelings and what is going on around us. Many times our guides and angels warn us about things. The problem is we do not listen. We are too quick to judge the guidance that we receive or not take any notice of it as we think it is only our imaginations or your own conscious bugging you. Try to stop, listen and act each day.

Exercises and Meditations To Help You Hear Spiritual Presences

Silence Meditation

Find some where nice and quiet to sit down or lay. Make sure you are completely comfortable and will not be disturbed. Close your eyes and take in 3 deep breaths very slowly. Concentrate on your breathing until you feel completely relaxed.

Now quiet your mind, push away any thoughts or feelings that pop up. Concentrate on hearing what is going on around you. Listen to the silence, listen and take note of any sounds you can hear. What do the sounds sound like? What sounds do you hear? How many sounds can you hear? Just listen and take note if any images pop in your mind or if you hear any words or strange sounds. Take note of how just listening makes you feel and if your feelings change at all during the exercise. Try pulling all of your concentration and awareness to your left ear for a good 3 – 5 minutes. What can your left ear hear? Now pull all of your awareness and concentration to your right ear for at least 3 – 5 minutes. What does your right ear hear? Now bring your attention back to both of your ears. What can you hear?

Try spending at least 15 – 20 minutes each day just quieting your mind and listening. This exercise helps you to learn to open your psychic hearing, helps you to learn to listen carefully.

Write down in your journal how you found the exercise. Write down your experiences, feelings, thoughts, any visions or sounds that you heard.

Pay attention!

This exercise can be done any time and anywhere. This exercise is designed to help you to listen more and to uncover, any hidden messages that you might normally miss.

When ever you talk to someone – either in person or on the phone, or hearing someone talking on the telly, try to listen to every word they are saying. Properly listen and do not jump in or talk over them.

Pay attention to what they are saying, how they are saying it and notice their facial expressions. Try to listen to the tone of their voice. You could even try and feel what

that person is feeling, pay attention to their body language. Look interested in what they are saying (even if you are not). Take each word they say in.

Also take time each day to listen to what is going on around you. When walking or driving in your car, when going to bed or in the bath, cooking dinner or working at the office. Try to listen to the sounds that are all around you.

Listen to the chirp of the birds, the sound of people chatting on the streets and their footsteps, listen to the sound of cars as they speed by, the sound of the wind rustling in the trees.

Each day try and listen as much as you can. Train your self to always listen extra carefully no matter where you are or what you are doing. Try and see how many different sounds you can hear each day.

Write down in your journal how you found this exercise and any differences you may notice. It is so important to record everything down.

Quartz Crystal Exercise

If you have a Quartz Crystal (one with a point at the end – like a pendulum) then, first wash the crystal in cold water and ask the angles to please cleanse the crystal, to wash away any negativity or entity that is with the crystal. Do not dry the crystal just put it on a window sill where it can get plenty of sunlight – for at least 4 hours.

Once you have done this and thanked the angels, place the crystal on your bedside table or under your bed. Make sure that the points are facing your head. This helps to open up your third eye for seeing and your psychic hearing; it also helps you to feel your guides and angels presence.

Keep this crystal there each and every night. As you open up your intuition you will become more and more sensitive to the spiritual realm. You then might want to start moving the crystal a little further a way from you each nigh – this is entirely up to you.

Clear the ear Chakras Exercise

Sit somewhere quiet and where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes and take in several deep breaths until you feel completely relaxed. Now imagine just above your eye brows on the side of your head (next to ears) are two violet / red discs or circles. Imagine you can see these red circles spinning in a clockwise motion.

Now imagine that beautiful white light is entering both of these circles/ disks as they spin. Imagine that this white light is healing and cleansing your ear chakras – feel the healing take place, making them grow larger and shine brighter and brighter, until they are large beautiful shinning luminous red/violet disks/circles.

Ask your guides and angels to please talk clearly and loudly to you so you can better hear their messages. Repeat this exercise each day and also record in your journal how you felt before doing this exercise and how you feel after.

Increase Sound Sensitivity

Sit somewhere quiet and where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes and take in several deep breaths until you feel completely relaxed.

Take a quartz clear crystal and hold it in your dominant hand. Take your right hand and put it above your right ear (still holding the crystal in your dominant hand). Do the same with your left hand and left ear. Imagine a powerful lightning bolt of white light shooting from your dominant hand’s middle finger and the crystal, going straight through your head to your other hand’s middle finger – repeat this several times.


Please try to listen as much as you can to all the sounds that are around you.

Trying doing this when ever you can and as much as you can. Train yourself to listen!

Try out all of the various exercises and meditation.

Try to see if you can tell when it is that it is your guides and angels talking to you.

Try recognizing how they talk to you.

Try recognize how different you feel when it you yourself talking or your angels and guides talking.

Record everything in your journal – how you felt with each lesson, any experiences you had, your thoughts, feelings, sensations and if you notice any differences.