Lesson 15: How to Perform Psychic Readings Part 2

Signs that you have the Mediumumship gift…
  • You regularly have dreams of loved ones who have passed over. These dreams feel very real and are vivid. You feel as though your loved ones actually visited you. The dream feels as though it were real and not just a dream.

The reason they feel so real is because, you are actually being visited by your loved ones. They are visiting you in your dreams and passing on messages to you. When we sleep we are much more open in connecting with the spiritual and angelic realm. We do not judge what we hear or see. Any fear that may be stopping us from connecting with spirit and angels is gone. It is best to try and keep a dream journal next to your bed and to record down what comes to you as soon as you wake up. (Clairvoyance and Clairaudience)

  • You find that you have always heard voices either inside your head or out side of your head (as you would hear the people around you.) The voices you are hearing are your guides and angels or loved ones who have passed over. Write down what you hear and pay attention to the words. If you find it hard to hear what is being said then simply ask your guides, spirits or angels to please speak a little louder. They do not know that you are finding it difficult to hear them unless you say. (Clairaudience)
  • You usually feel as though you are being watched or that you are not alone, even though there is no one else in the room. This is because you are not alone. Each and every one of us is constantly surrounded by spiritual and angelic helpers. They are there all the time helping and guiding you. Some times you may feel their presence more so than other times. Remember just because you can not feel them, does not mean that they are not there. Just like the air we breathe – we know that there is air all around us to help us breath even though we can not see it. (Clairsentience)
  • You may be talking to someone when all of a sudden you feel the urge to pass on a message to them. You do not know how you know the information that you passed on. (Claircogniance)

For example you may be standing talking to a person in the street when all of a sudden you hear (either out loud or in your mind), the name John. You then hear the words heart attack and happy and well. You wonder whether you should tell the person you are talking to what has come through. The more you push aside the words that you hear the more you feel you have to mention them.

You will feel a deep urge or sense of urgency to relay what you heard. You then turn to the person you are talking to as say, “You do not know of a man named John who passed from a heart attack do you?” They person may then reply, “Yes my fathers name was John and he passed over a year ago from a heart attack. How did you know?” You can then tell the person that John is with them and wants them to know that he is happy and well in the spiritual realm.

If the person you are talking to does not recognize the spirit you are talking about then ask the person in spirit to please, pass on information that will help their loved one to recognize them. Trust what ever comes to you no matter how weird or bazaar it may sound. It may not make any sense to you but it will make a lot of sense to the person you are talking to.

Many times, mediums and psychics do not pass on vital information as they feel it sounds stupid or is all made up and in their mind. One of the most important steps in performing mediumship work or any type of psychic reading is to trust what comes to you and pass on the information – no matter how strange it may sound.

You need to trust and have faith in the information that comes to you. You need to stop doubting your ability or yourself. You need to push away any fears, ego, or self doubts as these are the things that blocks your psychic gift from blossoming.

  • You are able to see spirits and / or angels. (Clairvoyance)
  • You sometimes hear someone call out your name when you wake up in the morning. The person who called out your name was not by any living person in the room or your home. When this happens it is actually your an angel or spirit guides saying good morning to you. (Clairaudience)
  • You feel pressure in your head as thought someone is pressing down on your head, or your head feels very heavy and tight. I find that this usually happens when there is an Archangel around me – especially the Archangel Michael. I always know when he or another Archangel is around as I will get this very same feeling. (Clairsentience)
  • You often get giddy or dizzy spells – especially when you first walk into a room or are around a lot of people. When you get this strong giddy or dizzy like feeling it often means that there is an angel or spirit around you. Or that the place you are visiting has a strong energy. (Clairsentience)

Obviously it is always wise to first go and see a doctor just to rule out any illnesses or conditions that you may have. I have an inner ear condition which causes me to have dizzy spells. I have medication that I need to take to calm down these dizzy spells. I do also have dizzy spells when a spirit is near. I have learnt how to tell the difference between the dizzy spells from my condition and the ones from being in the presence of spirits

When I have dizzy spells because of my inner ear condition the dizziness is intense and lasts for a long period of time. My vision also becomes blurred and disorientated and I have a mild headache and suffer from nausea. It feels very similar to having a migraine just with out the deep pain of a migraine.

When I get a dizzy spell from being in the presence of a spirit or from picking up on a strong energy, I find that I will become light headed and have a slight dizzy feeling. I also feel a strong pressure around and in my head. I do NOT feel sickness and do NOT have a head ache. The dizziness and light headed feeling will not last for long – only for or a few minutes or until I leave the room or person in which the spirit is connected. Most important of all is that I can feel the spirits presence and know that there is a spirit around me.

  • You constantly wake up in the early hours of the morning. Usually 3 - 4am though can be at another time. You find that you always seem to wake up at that particular time each night. Take note of the time you wake up as numbers are extremely important and are a common way in which our angels speak to us. (Clairvoyance)
  • You suddenly hear a loud ringing in your ears which can be quite painful at times. The ringing sound that you are hearing are your angels or guides passing on messages to you. The ringing sound can come on suddenly and stop just as suddenly as it started. Even though you do not understand the message that are being passed onto you, it will be embedded into your mind and when needed, you will understand it. When you hear the ringing sound in your ear just acknowledge that you are being sent an important message. (Clairaudience)
  • You feel temperature or pressure changes in the room and around you. You may suddenly feel a warm sensation all around you or feel the temperature drop suddenly. (Clairsentience)
  • At times you may feel as though you are in a dream even though you are awake. This is because there is a spirit around you who is communicating through you. Usually when you feel this way then you are in a trance state. You may feel light headed, feel like you are floating or are in a vivid daydream. (Clairsentience)
  • You may be walking down the road when you notice that you feel smaller than you should or larger. Almost like you have suddenly grown very tall or become very short. You may also have a strange floating feeling. This is because a spirit is trying to communicate through you and so you are picking up on this spirit and feel the height that this spirit is. You may also feel odd sensations as though you are not yourself or that you are someone else. (Clairsentience)
  • You feel a spiritual presence – either their vibration or actually physically feel them sitting on the end of your bed, touch your arm or face or brush past you. (Clairsentience)
  • You hear breathing in your ear and can even feel the breath on your neck. (Clairsentience and Clairaudience)
  • You hear a very loud sound in your ear – usually just before you hear (with your physical ears) words from spirit or angels. The loud sound in your ear sounds like very strong wind or air being blown into your ear. You also have a strong feeling come over you where you feel peaceful, very light all over and as though you are in a trance. I often have this happen to me and 9 out of 10 times I will hear (with my physical ears) a message and some times even see (with my physical eyes) the spirit or angel passing on the message to me. (Clairaudience)
  • You see energy waves. These look like heat waves or energy moving around an object or in a room. (Clairvoyance)
  • You can see auras around people. You are seeing their energy and can see the energy of a spirit or angel. (Clairvoyance)
  • You see flashes of light (like the flash from a camera), balls of light, coloured mists, lights, heat waves or sparkles of glittery lights that look like sparkling glitter / sparklers or tiny sparkles / stars. (Clairvoyance)

When you see these different types of lights you are seeing your angels. The lights are the energies of your angels in the room. You can tell whether you are seeing your guardian angels, spirit guides and other spirits or the Archangels by the colour of the light.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->· <!--[endif]-->Seeing Spirits and Spirit Guides: Usually you will see your guide or the spirits of those passed over out of the corner of your eye – by seeing something move out of the corner of your eye. Some people will see spirits with their physical eyes where others will see them in there mind. Some see spirits as an orb while others see them has heat waves or a white mist. (Clairvoyance)

Some people are lucky enough to see spirits in full form –like you would see a living person standing next to you. We have all seen spirits at some point in our lives either as an imaginary friend when we were young or you may have even passed one on the street or spoken to one – with out realising that it was a spirit you spoke to or passed.

Some times spirits will look like a person but their feet would not be touching the ground or they will be faded and see through. Some people mention that they will see a tiny bird at the foot of their bed or a butterfly that fades away. There are many different ways in which a spirit may appear to a person.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->· <!--[endif]-->You find that you keep seeing movement or something out of the corner of your eye. This is actually a spirit or angel that you are seeing. (Clairvoyance)

<!--[if !supportLists]-->· <!--[endif]-->You hear beautiful music as thought there is a choir of angels singing. You hear this beautiful music with your physical ears even though there is no music being played. (Clairaudience)

<!--[if !supportLists]-->· <!--[endif]-->You see shadow people or a shadow of a person or animal walking around you or in a room – when there is no possible way that a shadow could be in the room. (Clairvoyance)

Meditations and Exercises to help you develop and perform Mediumship Work.

Calling On your Loved Ones Exercise.

Find somewhere quiet to sit / lay down or where you will not be disturbed. Put on some soothing music if you find this helps you to relax. You can record this exercise either with a tape recorder, video recorder or just have a pen and piece of paper near by. Once you feel completely relaxed say out loud or in your mind, “Archangel Michael, please may you stand by my side while I do this exercise. Please make sure that only my loved ones who have passed over come though today. Please block out any other spirits who try to come though while I do this exercise. Please also keep my home, my family and myself protected. Thank you.”

Now close your eyes and take in several deep breaths into your chest. Try to completely relax and remove any fears or thoughts that come to you. Try going into a trance state or at least a state where your entire body feels light and relaxed.

Now out loud or in your mind say; “I call upon my loved ones who have passed over and who are in the spiritual realm, I ask that you will please come to my side and pass on your messages to me. Thank you.”

Now listen carefully and write down anything that you hear, also take note and write down any pictures that pop in your mind, any words, thoughts, feelings, sensations, smells, tastes or anything you see. Take as long as you need to do this exercise. If nothing comes at first then please do not get disheartened, keep practicing it and in time you will begin to hear messages from your loved ones.

Performing Mediumship for Family and Friends Exercise

Once you have completed the above exercise and feel that you have made contact with your loved ones then you can try to do this next exercise. Sit down some where quiet and where you will not be disturbed. Now plan a date when you can invite a group of friends and family to meet for a sitting with you. Once you have a date and time then say out loud or in your mind…

“Archangel Michael, I call upon you now. I would like to have a mediumship night on …………….. at ……….Time. I will be inviting my family and friends to come along to the Mediumship Night. I ask that you will please help my friends and families, loved ones who have passed over to come though on the night. Please ask each spirit connected to my friends and family to take it in turns to come through. Please also ask them to leave again once they have passed on their messages. I ask that you will please block out other spirits who are not connected to my family and friends. May only spirits connected to my family and friends come though on the night. Thank you Archangel Michael.”

By saying this prayer before the actual mediumship night, you are letting your loved ones in spirit know that, you will be open to their messages on your chosen date. In other words you are making an appointment for them to come though and share their messages. This will give them time to make sure that they are available to come though on the day.

Invite your friends and family members to have a sitting with you on your chosen date. Ask each member of your family to please bring along an item that belongs to the person in spirit that they hope to come through. By bringing this item it helps you to build a stronger connection with the person who has passed over. Ask all those who attend to please NOT sit with their arms folded as this blocks out the energy for spirits to come through.

Now ask your guests to sit in a circle or sit quietly in one room. Stand in the middle so everyone can see you. You may sit or stand – which ever feels most comfortable for you. Try to get in a trance position or extremely relaxed state if you can. Have your arms at your sides and do not close or fist your hands – keep your hands open to receive spiritual messages.

Take in several deep breaths and say this short prayer, “Archangel Michael, please may you stand by my side while I do this exercise. Please help to keep my home, family and myself grounded, centre, shielded and protected.

Please remove anything negative, evil or bad that tries to come though. Please make sure that only the people who are present here tonight’s loved one’s come though. Thank you.”

Now say in your mind, “I call upon the loved ones in spirit who are connected to those present here today. Please may you come through one at a time and pass on your messages for your loved ones. Thank you.”

Now quiet your mind and pass on to those in the room any messages, thoughts, feelings, words, pictures, smells and tastes, feelings and sensations that come to you. Please pass on everything that comes to you no matter how silly they may sound. Do not judge what you feel, hear or see, just trust in your self that you are passing these messages on.

Do not get disheartened if nothing happens or comes through the first time. Organize another date and keep practicing. In time it will get easier and you will find that more and more messages come though. Once you have practiced and mastered both exercises above then you can start performing mediumship work for strangers too. Try to always be as relaxed as possible when performing mediumship work. The more stressed and nervous you are, the more you will block connection with spirit.

Spiritualist Church and Psychic Circle

Try joining a psychic circle or start visiting your local Spiritualist Church. By joining a circle or visiting a spiritualist church, you will be connecting with other psychics, making new friends, sharing experiences, learning and developing your gift with others, and may have the opportunity to do some mediumship work at the church. You may even meet someone who will be able to help you with your development. Or you may like to start up your own Psychic Circle. If this interests you then below are a few hints and tips on how you can do this…

Starting a Psychic Circle

Find between 2 – 12 people who would like to develop their psychic gifts and who are interested in the paranormal. Make sure you feel completely comfortable with the people you choose to join your circle. If there is any bad feeling between any of the members then, your circle will not be positive or successful.

Find a day and time that best suits everyone for meetings –make sure that this is a day and time that people can make each week - for example if your first meeting is on a Wednesday at 2pm then, make sure that you meet on Wednesdays and 2pm each week.

It is best to try and meet at least once each week or once every two weeks. If someone is unable to attend one week for various reasons then, wait until that person is free again before you meet for the next meeting.

Just as it is important to have a specific day and time to meet each week, it is also important to have a specific meeting place. Find a place which everyone in the circle is happy with to meet, and then meet at this same place each week. The reason for having a specific time, day, all member there and place to meet (that stays the same each week), is because you are creating a positive energy by having these meetings.

Our spirit guides and angels will know that these days and times are good times to connect with you as well as pass on messages. Please don’t get me wrong as they will always come through regardless of the day or time. It is just good to keep a routine for all involved – like having a regular appointment or class to attend each week.

Your guides and angels will also see this as their special time where they can truly connect with you. These meetings are special, sacred and so not to be missed unless in the case of a true emergency. Make sure that the people you have invited to join your circle are 100% committed to this. Share with them how vital it is that they try to attend each meeting. Let them know that by missing a meeting it is breaking the positive energy that you are building up each week, and in turn this will slow down your development process.

Remember that this is your psychic circle and that it is your responsibility to make sure that people do not forget about each meeting date. If there are issues in the group that you are not happy with, then you have every right to deal with these issues, mention them to the others or ask people to leave the group.

Start each group meeting by saying a short prayer to the Archangels. Ask for their protection and guidance during the meeting. Once you have said the prayer then comes the next important step of grounding yourselves. You could do the ground, centre and shield exercise from lesson 1: Protection and Grounding, or find one that everyone feels comfortable with.

Try to not drink any alcohol or eat anything for at least an hour before each meeting, as this is meant to block the connection with spirit. This is completely up to you and everyone has different beliefs on this.

Personally I always feel I need a good drink and nibbles just before performing mediumship work (tee hee to calm the nerves of performing in front of people.) Some times I even have a drink half way though and it has never blocked my connection with spirit. When I was running my own psychic circle we used to meet in the afternoons and stop half way for lunch. So please know that this is optional and is completely up to you.

Make each meeting personal to you and your members. These are only guide lines and ideas on how you could run your psychic circle. If you feel that a different approach or method works best for you then by all means do things in your own way. Each circle needs to be personal to those attending and everyone needs to feel comfortable with the layout.

Ask people to share any questions that they may have. These could be questions on the paranormal, psychic development or life questions. All try to help and guide one another the best you can. If no one knows the answer then make a written and mental effort to research the answer and share it in the next meeting. You may want to sing a few spiritual songs if this helps everyone to feel more at peace and filled with love. This is entirely up to you and the members of your circle.

All sit in a circle and one by one share any psychic experiences that you may have had that week. Also talk about each persons psychic gifts and how their development is going. It is important that each person has the chance to share their experiences and express them selves.

Now put on some soothing music and try to do a relaxation meditation to help raise your vibrations and get you in the feel for spiritual work. You may do the meditation yourself or use a guided meditation cd. You may even like to use one of the various meditations from previous lessons here at Psychic Friends. Find one that best suits each member of the circle and that truly helps you to all relax.

Once you have done the meditation then all sit in a circle again. Take it in turns to perform mediumship work. Take it in turns so that each person present has a go. Before each person is about to perform the mediumship work they should say out loud, “I call upon the loved ones in spirit who are connected to those present here today. I also call upon the highest spirit guides and angels of those present here today. Please may you come through one at a time and pass on any messages that are meant for those present. Thank you. I also ask the archangel Michael to only allow spirits of the highest vibration and who serve the Lord our God to come through, Thank you.”

Once each person has had a go at performing mediumship work then you can all discuss how you found the exercise. Be honest and try to help each other as best as you can. You do not have to perform mediumship work if you do not want to. In your psychic circles you could do healing work, psychic development, telepathic work or a bit of all the above. You could do creative work such as creating angelic and spiritual projects. Each week you could do something different at your psychic circle. Make your circle personal to you and it’s members.

Finish off the meeting by saying the below short prayer (or create your own prayer.) “We would like to thank the Archangel Michael for your protection and support. Thank you for watching over each and every one of us at this meeting. (If you performed the mediumship work) - We would also like to thank the spirits of our loved ones who came through today, and for sharing your messages. We would like to thank our highest spirit guides and angels too for your love, support and messages. We look forward in meeting again next …………… at our next meeting.”

Now do the relaxation meditation again but just before you do say this short prayer, “Archangel Michael, we call upon you now. Please help to ground each of us present here today. Please place a bubble of protection around each and everyone of us. Thank you.” It is important that we ground ourselves and ask for this protection as it helps shut down from the spirit realm. When you perform mediumship work you have opened the door for spirits to come though and communicate through you.

If you do not shut down and ground yourself properly then, this door remains open and you will be hounded by many spirits trying to come through to pass on there messages. You need to let these spirits know that there is a time a place for them to do this – the meetings each week. You need to let them know that they are welcome to come through and share their messages when the time is right for you. Once you have done the relaxation meditation and prayer then the meeting will end until the next week.


Psychometry is the gift of being able to perform a reading for a person by holding items such as ornaments, jewellery, keys and phones. You are able to read the energy that is connected to the item and the person who owns these items. This was the first type of reading that I ever performed. When I was younger I picked up one of my mothers ornaments. It was an owl with a glass eye. I also loved the ornament and wanted to take a better look at it.

While holding the owl in my hand I suddenly saw pictures in my minds eye. I also had strange sensations come over me and could hear words in my head. I was surprised as I did not realise what was happening. I shared with my mother what had come to me and she revealed that, I had just told her the history of the owl, who gave it to her and who had it before her. I was amazed at how I knew these things.

What was happening was that I had picked up on the energy of my mother and her mother who owned the ornament owl. I was able to read this energy and see images connected to my mother, her mother and the owl.

Psychometry Exercise

Ask a friend or family member if you could please try and perform a Psychometry reading for them. Ask a friend or family member if you could please hold a piece of jewellery or item belonging to them – something which they have on them quite a lot.

Now find somewhere quiet and where you will both not be disturbed. Sit facing one another. Hold the item in your left hand as this is the receiving hand. Close your eyes and say this short prayer;

“I call upon …………………(say your friend / family members name) angels and highest level spirit guides, my own highest level spirit guides and angels, the Archangels and my angels of Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircogniance and Clairaudiene. I ask that you will please pass on accurate and detailed messages that are meant for …………. (say your loved ones name.) Please help me to give ……………… an accurate and detailed reading. Please help me to clearly and accurately hear and interoperate the messages that my spiritual and angelic helpers pass onto me. Thank you.”

Now try to completely relax your mind and body. Still holding onto the object in your left hand try to feel its energy, try stroking it and touching it. Relate to your loved one any pictures that pop in to your mind, any words, feelings, smells, tastes, sensations or images that come to you. Relate everything no matter how silly they may sound. It may not make any sense to you but it will to the person you are reading for. Trust what comes to you and do not judge it.

Keep practicing this exercise and do not get disheartened if nothing happens or comes at first. Practice makes perfect and the more you practice the more info you will be able to receive. Each time you practice this you will be developing your Psychometry gift. You can also try this exercise with any item such as a building, pets or even items you buy in a bootfair or second hand shop. Try picking up the energy and reading of the items around you. You will be surprised at what comes to you.

Photo Readings

We all have the gift to perform Photo readings. This type of reading involves you getting a connection with a person from looking at their photo. When you look at their photo you will receive images in your mind’s eye, feelings, and sensations, hear words or see numbers, and have messages passed onto you about this person.

Photo readings are a good way to get to know another person as these types of readings helps you to better understand the person you are reading for. You will be able to see what their interests are, their personality, their dislikes and likes and will learn more about the person you are reading for.

How To Perform A Photo Reading

Firstly ask someone who you do not know very well if you could please read their photo. You could do this by asking someone online or asking a friend if you could read a photo of one of their friends or relatives.

Once you have the photo of the person you are going to read for then find somewhere quite to sit where you will not be disturbed. Quiet your mind from the day’s chatter and then say out loud or in your mind,

“I call upon my angels of Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircognianze and Clairaudience. I also call upon the Archangels, my highest level spirit guides and angels and………………….(name of the person you are reading) highest level spirit guides and angels. Please help me to accurately read ……………… photo. Please help me to give………………. an accurate and detailed reading.”

Now quiet your mind and take in a few more deep breaths. Then take a long hard look at the photo and write down anything that comes to you. Write down any sensations, smells, tastes, feelings, emotions, images, numbers or words that pop into your head or that you hear also write down any aches or pains you feel. Write down everything that comes to you. Do not think over what you have written down and do not judge it. Just write it done and trust that you are writing down accurate information.

Once you have finished reading the photos then look at what you have written. Just below what you have written write down anything else that comes to you. Then share with the person you have read or with your friend the information that you received. You will be surprised at how much you got right about that person.

Remember that it takes a lot of practice and penitence so do not give up on the first attempt. Keep practicing reading photos. Just like any thing else the more readings you do the more accurate your readings will become. Practice makes perfect. Try doing at least 3-5 readings each day for different people. You could do Photo Readings, Mediumship Readings, Psychometry or any type you like.

The more practicing you do the easier it will become for you to perform accurate readings for others. Also always remember the reason you are performing readings for others. It is not so you can become famous or prove how good or talented you are, it is not just for the money. It is so that you can help and guide others.

Psychics and Mediums have been blessed with their psychic gifts so that they can help to make a difference to others and our planet. We are NOT super heroes, we are NOT magic, we are NOT better than anyone else. We are normal people just like everyone else it’s just that our six senses are heightened and developed at a higher level. This helps us to better understand others feelings, find it easier to connect with angels and guides and helps us to help others and out planet on a deeper level. Each and every living thing is psychic can develop their gifts if they truly wanted too. Each living person and thing on this planet is equal and special!

Psychic, Crystal and Indigo Children

Psychic Children

Psychic children need a great deal of love and support. Many psychic children feel misunderstood, different to everyone else and are highly sensitive and emotional children. These children get hurt or upset easily and when around people who are auguring or suffering for depression these children will become with drawn or depressed themselves – as they pick up on others emotions.

Psychic children often have imaginary friends – who are really their angels and guides. They have vivid dreams and see things. Many psychic children suffer from terrible night terrors. Many parents will tell their psychic children that what they have seen is just in their imaginations or to stop being silly.

What the parent does not realise is that by telling their child to stop being silly or that it is all in their imagination, they are (with out realising it) making their child close up and block off their special gift of communicating with their guides and angels. The child will believe that it is just their imagination.

The child will feel that there is something wrong with them and be afraid to open up and share their experiences freely. The parents do not mean to do any of the above to their children – they only want what is best for their child. They do not understand that their child is blessed with the wonderful gift of communicating with angelic and spiritual beings.

Signs that your child is psychic are…

*Your child is highly sensitive and emotional

*Your child is sensitive to loud noise

*Your child has a dream or draws a picture of something and then it comes true

*Your child has de ja vu a lot or tells you that they have been to a place before, or met a person before when you know that they have not.

*Your child feels sick, dizzy, light headedness or experiences temperature changes in a room, when they enter a building or talk to a person.

*Your child feels energy around them and can sense the presence of spiritual or angelic beings.

*They have vivid dreams and often have the same dream as other people closet to them.

*Your child is very imaginative and is known for have a very good imagination

*Your child is very creative and loves colours

*Your child talks to loved ones who have passed over or tells you that their loved ones in spirit visited them.

*Your child has an imaginary friend or too and tells you that they can see fairies and angels.

*Your child bonds well with animals and loves nature

*Your child is empathic and sensitive to the needs of others

*At times your child may seem with drawn or sad for no reason

*You child often has different mood swings

*Your child sees animals or deceased pets when no one else can

*Your child always knows when you will call them and runs to you before you call.

*Your child knows that something is wrong, if a person is not feeling well or if they

are upset, even if the person hides how they are feeling.

*Your child may know why an animal, plant or person is ill or not happy

*Your child sometimes knows information and details, even words that they possibly could not know at their age.

*Your child finishes your or others sentences on a regular basis as though they know what you were about to say.

* Your child see’s coloured lights around people, in the room or sees sparkling lights.

* Your child always seems to find lost items

*Your child knows who is at the door or who is on the phone before you answer

Indigo and Crystal Children

(Below is a brief summery of Indigo and Crystal Children. Please feel free to do research to find out more about these children and adults.)

Indigo and Crystal children two different generations of people who are highly psychic and who have a constant yearning with in them to fulfil a purpose. These people constantly feel as though there is something missing in their lives. They believe that they are on this earth for a very important reason – which is true. They feel deep with in that there is more to life than just living – we are all here for a reason and have a life purpose.

Indigo and Crystal children are the beginning of a new race of people who are more strongly connected to spirituality and our ever changing world. Indigo and Crystal children may have found that when growing up, they felt misunderstood by family and others in their lives. Indigo and Crystal children had painful and hard childhoods. They went through hard childhoods to teach them valuable life lessons which they will use to help others.

These children / adults are special and do indeed have a special life purpose to teach others about spirituality and all the angelic love and support we all have. They are here to heal, teach, lead, inspire and motivate others. Indigo children first began walking on the earth about 100 or so years ago and Crystal children have been here since about the year 2000 or just earlier to that, though many believe that the Crystal children have been around for many generations.

These children have very similar traits and all see very wise for their age. Crystal and Indigo children are intelligent, sensitive and have a high psychic intuition. Indigo children have a gorgeous blue / indigo aura and can easily see peoples auras, spirits and have psychic visions. Their third eye is highly developed which makes them perfect Clairvoyants.

Indigo children’s senses are also highly developed. They are able to clearly read people and tell if a person is good, bad, lying, cheating, ill, angry, depressed and so fourth – their clairsentience is high! Indigo children are a new generation of spiritual beings – humans. They are more connected to the spiritual realm and all that is than others. These people help others to grow spiritually and move into the next step of evolution.

Indigo children do not like to be told what to do. They are leaders and need to be their own boss and think for themselves. Indigo’s are highly sensitive beings who are evolved and who want to make a difference to the world we live in.

Crystal children have a very high vibration that radiates peace and love. These children are the next generation of spiritual humans. These are the Indigo children evolved and moving towards a new spiritual awakening. They are highly sensitive and have often have been called a person who is Autistic unlike the Indigo children who are said to suffer from hyperactivity and ADD. These children have many of the same traits and purposes as the Indigo children just; they are far more evolved and are of a higher vibration.

Because Crystal children are so sensitive they often feel as though they do not belong in this world, they hide from the world and are shy, disconnect and can be known as scardy cats. Both Indigo and Crystal children feel that they are different to everyone else, they feel like out casts and as though they do not fit in and are not on the same wave length as others. Crystals are very connected to nature and like to have alone time where they can be one with themselves and nature. Crystal and Indigo children are very similar and are often seen as the same.


Lightworkers are people who dedicate their time and lives in bringing peace to earth. They have a great love for nature and all living things. They are strongly connected to the earth and have very high vibrations. Light workers work with light and send light out to the world.

Lightworkers are healers, forgivers, people who feel the pain of the earth because of how we treat it. Lightworkers have a strong connection with animals and all living things. They can feel others pain and joy. They are highly creative and spiritual.

These people help to bring knowledge of our ever changing world. They bring spiritual enlightenment and prepare others for a more spiritually evolved world. Lightworkers are natural healers and often find that they are drawn to professions that involve helping others and healing.

Lightworkers connect well to colour and love to work with colours. Lightworkers volunteered before they were born to help others on their spiritual path, to help heal the world and bring peace to the earth. Lightworkers have a special bond with animals and often find that they get on better with animals than they do with other people.

How to Access your Akashic Records

The Akashic Records a spiritual library which exists in the Universal mind. This library is the largest library and holds a massive amount of information on every living thing that ever was, that is and that will be. This library holds all knowledge great and small. Each and every living person has an Akashic Record Library in their subconscious mind / universal mind.

This knowledge is of all that is and ever will be, knowledge of humanity, our life purpose, existence, history of the cosmos and every living thing. Everything that has ever been said, done or that has happened is recorded in this library. All of your past lives are recorded here too. This library holds wonders and secrets of the world and universe and is very sacred.

Below is a short exercise that will help you to be able to access your Akashic Records…

Find somewhere quiet to sit or lay down. Maybe light a candle or two or put on some soft music – it is entirely up to you. Make sure that you will not be disturbed and then shut your eyes.

Take in 10-20 deep breaths slowly to help yourself to relax. Concentrate on your breathing until you feel completely relaxed. Now say out loud or in your mind, “I call upon my guardian angel/s. I ask that you will please show me my Akashic Records now. Thank you.”

Now imagine that in front of you is standing your guardian angel/s and they are holding out their hand/s to you. Imagine that you take hold of their hand. The instant you do you see a beautiful shimmering golden light surround you – this light is called Angel Starlight and is a highly powerful and vibrational healing light.

Watch as this beautiful light enters each of your chakras one at a time. Feel this light entering each chakra and watch as each chakra opens and grows larger and larger, feel them begin to spin very fast. Now watch as this light enters each of your auras causing them to become bright and clean. This gorgeous shimmering golden light now fills your entire body, mind, spirit, soul and angelic body.

Now say out loud or in your mind, “My beautiful guardian angel/s I reach out to you with my heart, my words, my mind and spirit and with my soul. I connect with you on a deep and spiritual level and link my entire self with you.” Hear your guardian angel say then say to you,”……………..(your name) we are now linked and connected as one.”

Now your guardian angel/s surrounds both yourself and them in a bubble of angelic protection which is filled with the shimmering golden light. You begin to rise higher and higher so that when you look below you can see everything becoming smaller. You riser higher – past the clouds and past space - as you move towards a brilliant white light a head.

You have now entered this brilliant white light and you feel completely serene and safe. You are over flowing with love and peace deep with in you. You then notice that you are surrounded by many angels of all shapes and sizes. They smile happily at you and welcome you into the higher realms

Now see a large golden door in front of you. The door is covered in beautiful flowers and greenery. It looks so inviting and your angels usher you to walk through the door.

Still holding your guardian angel/s hands you walk into the beautiful door and notice that you are surrounded by thousands and thousands of books, each book is shimmering in the same golden light. Your angels lead you to a beautiful spot where you sit down in front of a massive book. On the cover of the book reads; “…………..(your name) Akashic Records.

Your angels smile at you and urge you to open the book which you do. Now read all that there is to read. Take in each detail and ask your angels to help you to remember all that you have read.

When you have finished reading your Akashic Records and are ready to leave then say out loud or in your mind, “I thank you my angel/s for showing me my Akashic Records. I am ready to go back now.”

You then stand and your angel/s walk you back out of the library. You return back to earth the way you had come. Once you are back in your room where you had started the meditation thank your angels once more, take in several deep breaths and gently wiggle your toes, flowered by your fingers, nose, arms, legs and so on until you have come out of the meditation.


  • Try finding out what is / are your main Clair /s.
  • Try developing these clairs by doing the meditations provide in both this lesson and previous lessons.
  • Develop your Clairvoyant skills by doing a lot of creative work and working with colour, do visualisation and guided meditations, visualisation work, a lot more day dreaming and using of your imagination, try visiting different places that you find are very beautiful.

When talking to a person the take in every detail of that that person looks like, what they are wearing and there facial expressions. In your every day life take in all that is around you. Work on heightening and developing your Clairvoyance.

  • Develop you Clairaudient skills by listening to lots of soothing music, take in each and every detail of what you hear. Try shutting your eyes and take in all the sounds that you can hear. Go for long walks and while walking take in all the sounds you can hear and of what is around you.
  • Develop your Clairsentient skills by watching and readings lots of emotional films and books, get more in touch with your feelings and emotions, spend a lot of time in nature and with animals, try being more sensitive to others and their emotions, when a person is talking to you try to see if you can sense how they are feeling. If you meet a person who is going through a difficult time then try to be empathic and try to feel how that person must be feeling. Take note of the energy that is all around you. Try to feel the energy of places, people, animals and plants.
  • Develop your Claircogniant skills by trusting your gut feelings and instincts, before making any choice or decisions first take special not about how you feel and what your instincts are telling you. When talking to someone try and see if you can know how that person is feeling. What do your instincts tell you about the next person you walk past on the street? Learn to listen to your feelings, inner self and your guides and angels. When watching the news what thoughts and feelings come to you. Learn to trust your thoughts and keep all your thoughts positive.
  • Write down all your experiences in your journal. It is so important to write everything down no matter how insignificant they may seem.
  • Pay close attention to your dreams, how vivid they are and how they make you feel.
  • Do the developing exercises for Telepathy which are in lesson 14.
  • Do the developing of Mediumship which are above.
  • Try joining a psychic circle or spiritualist church. Or maybe have a go at starting your own psychic circle.
  • Do some research on other types of psychic readings such as Numerology readings, Astrology readings, Pastlife or palm readings. Do research on other types of readings and give each one a go.
  • Try doing psychometry by holding objects and taking note of how they feel and of any thoughts, images or feelings that come to you. Do the developing Psychometry exercises above.
  • As I always mention, please write down and record all of your experiences and notes in your psychic journal.
  • Try practicing photo readings and try do a few photo readings on others.
  • Try to access your Akashic Records
  • Try to perform at least 3-5 readings each day as the more you do the easier you will find performing readings to become, also the more you will heighten your intuition.