Earth Angels

Earth Angels are angels who have reincarnated into humans and live a human life with no idea that they are actual angels! They have chosen to live a human life so that they can be of service both to God and to the planet. They send hope and love to everyone they meet. They help others to grow spiritually, heal and send out love to the world and evolve.

Earth angels are here to help make a difference in the world. Earth angels have a deep yearning deep with in them to save the world and every living thing. They crave to help and heal everything and everyone. Earth Angels become depressed and with draw and feel as though there is something missing in their lives if they are unable to help others.

Earth angels do not even know that they are angels or different from anyone else. They live normal lives, get married, have children, go to work, and have hardships as well as good times just like any other person. They are like regular people and live like any other person would. They have days where they may be ill or feel depressed, they have good days, they experience jealousy or joyfulness, sadness or anger, happiness or pain just as anyone else would.

Earth angels do feel deep with in that there is something missing in their lives. They feel different to everyone else and feel as though they are not on the same wave length as the people around them. Earth angels sometimes even feel that they are special or that there is more to them that meet the eyes. Some earth angels even feel deep down that they are angels.

Earth angels find comfort when they are one with nature or near water. They love living, love the earth and all it’s inhabitants. Earth angels are intuitive and spiritual; they are highly sensitive and emotional too. Earth angels become very sad or depressed when they see all the anger, war and pain that are in the world. They are constantly trying to help in the world where they can.

Are You An Earth Angel?

Below are a few signs that will help you to know if you or someone you know is an Earth Angel…

*You feel different to everyone else and feel that you are on this earth for a special purpose

*You find that many people (even strangers whom you have just met) will pour their heart out to you, come to you for guidance and advice and they seem to trust you. You feel like a real agony aunt / uncle and always seem to know the right things to do and say to help the people who come to you.

* You have thought at times that you are an angel

*You have a deep craving and yearning to heal the world. You want to help and heal everyone and send hope out to those in need

*You find that you have not had much luck with friendships or relationships over the years.

*You have not had the easiest life and have suffered from many illnesses over the years.

*You can sense how others feel and your heart reaches out to them

*You always try to give others a second chance and you always see the best in others, no matter how bad a person they may seem to be.

*You are a very forgiving person and people often wonder how you can forgive so easily.

*You always offer to help others - some times with out thinking first before you talk or offer your help. This can make you feel weighed down with pressure as you take on too many responsibilities.

*You are always trying to do different charity work or help out in anyway you can

*Some times you feel as though a part of you is lost or you look in the mirror and feel that you are someone else.

*You feel calm and peaceful around water or when surrounded by nature

*You have a deep love for nature, animals and all living things

*You have been married more than once

*You feel many times in your life that no where feels like home. No matter where you move you always feel that the place or home you are in is just not right for you. You keep searching for a place where you feel you belong and fit in.

*You find that you would prefer to be blond or keep your hair blond (do not dye it) as you feel that blond hair is right for you and reflects the person you are. This is not necessarily true for all earth angels, but it is one of the signs that a person is an earth angel.

*You are a highly sensitive and emotional person. This can cause many Earth angels to suffer from depression, anxiety attacks, stress or addictions such as weight problems from over indulging, become drug or alcohol addicts – as they try to find some form of helping them to block out or deal with their emotions.

*You hate to let anyone down or to upset a person. If you do up set someone, then you will feel like a terrible person and become very tearful.

*You are psychic and spiritual and have a great love and interest in the paranormal and supernatural.

*You are constantly seeking to learn new things which you then love to share with others.

*You have a deep love for God and the angels

*You can not stand confrontation and do your best to keep the peace. You are a very peaceful person and it takes a lot for you to get angry.

*You know there is more to life than what meets the eye

*You feel that you are on a different wave length to everyone else

*You are a giver – a very giving and loving person. You love to give to others and do not expect to receive anything for your kindness. You just love to give and see others happy.

*You have a passion for healing, teaching, guiding and helping others

*You feel at times that being around a great deal of people makes you feel panicky or unwell – this is because you are picking up on everyone else’s energy and emotions. Earth angels need to keep themselves grounded on a daily basis as they are highly sensitive. Earth angels are true Clairsentients.

*You have a sweet or child like face – look younger than what you are

*You are a very personal person who needs your space and time on your own. Privacy is very important to you.

Angel Numbers

Angels often pass on messages to us through numbers or a sequence of numbers. You may find that you keep seeing or hearing the number 1. It may be that each time you turn on the telly it is on channel number 1, you keep waking up at 1am or each time you look at a clock you see the number 1. You may see a sign post that has the word one on it.

Or you may see two or more numbers that keep popping up. For instance you may find that you keep seeing the numbers 23. Each time you look at the clock you see 23 or you keep seeing that number through out the day. The reason you keep seeing or hearing this number is because your angels are trying to tell you something.

Each number has a specific meaning and message behind them. I love it when my angels communicate to me through numbers – they do this very regularly. I can easily understand the messages that they are passing onto me. Below is what each number means.

0 – When your angels show you the number 0 they are trying to tell you that you are very loved by God and the angels. The angels are trying to pass on a message to you to let you know that you are not alone and that you are loved and supported.

1 – When your angels show you the number 1 they are trying to tell you that, you need to be careful of what you think about or desire. They are asking you to push aside any fears or negative thoughts. They are reminding you that negative thoughts bring about negative energy. If your thoughts are more positive then you will find that more positive energy will enter your life.

2 – When your angels show you the number 2 they are trying to tell you that, you must not give up on a dream, life, project, person or situation. Your angels want you to have faith in yourself and in the Lord and your spiritual and angelic helpers. They are urging you to have faith and not give up.

3 - When your angels show you the number 3 they are trying to tell you that, you have angelic help and support all around you. They want you to know that Jesus, the Ascended Masters and your spiritual and angelic helpers are helping you in your time of need.

4 – When your angels show you the number 4 they are trying to tell you that, you are not alone in any situation. Your angels are trying to tell you that they are helping you and guiding you. They want you to listen and pay attention to the advice and guidance they pass on to you as they are trying to help you.

5 – When you see the number 5 it is your angels way of telling you that, things are about to change for the better. They want you to know that a positive change is around the corner for you. So be prepared for new, exciting and positive things to come into your life.

6 – When you see the number 6 it is your angels way of telling you that, you need to balance your thoughts and feelings more. They are asking you to please release your fears and doubts to God and the angels. Ask for their help and ask the angels to help you to keep your life balanced. Have faith that God and the angels will make sure that you are well provided for. Push all concerns, fears, doubts, ego based fears and worries aside and try to have more balance in your life.

7 – When you see the number 7 it is your angel’s way of telling you that, everything is as it is supposed to be. You are heading in the right direction and are on the right path – the path that is right for you. Your angels are telling you that you do not need to worry as you are heading in the right direction. They urge you to keep going full steam ahead and know that you are on the right track.

8 – When you see the number 8 it is your angels way of telling you that, there is great abundance coming to you. This may be in the form of money, love, friendship, happiness, peace or in which ever way is needed at that time.

For example, you may be feeling lonely and in desperate need for love and companionship. You may feel that there is not enough love in your life. The angels are telling you that there will be an abundance of love coming into your life soon. Or you may be worrying about how you are going to pay the bills. Your angels are telling you that money is coming your way.

Another example is that you may feel that there is so many augments or angry feelings around you. You crave some peace and happiness in your life. The angel’s message to you would be that there is an abundance of peace and happiness coming your way soon so do not give up heart.

9 – When you see the number 9 it is your angel’s way of telling you that, the time has come for you to work on your life purpose. They are urging you to work on your life purpose straight away and to follow your instincts and gut feelings. If you do not know what your life purpose is then your angels are urging you to find out what it is, and then to work on that life purpose with out delay.

If you find that you keep seeing one number appearing then, look at that number here to find out what message your angels are trying to pass on to you. If you find that you keep seeing two or more numbers then take the meanings of the numbers you keep seeing to see what message the angels have for you.

For example if you find that you keep seeing the number 085 then take the meanings from those 3 numbers to see your message which will be…

“(0) You are loved and supported by God and all the angels. We love and care for you deeply. (8) Great abundance is coming to you now so please put your worries and concerns aside. (5) A positive change is coming for you so be prepared for the wonderful gifts and blessings that await you. “

Or you may keep seeing the number 23, read the meanings for both the number 2 and 3. The message that your angels are trying to pass on to you would be...

(2)"Do not give up on your dreams, on life it's self, your projects, a person or situation.

Have faith in yourself, the Lord, your spiritual and angelic helpers. We are urging you to have faith and not give up." (3) "You have angelic help and support all around you. Jesus, the Ascended Masters and your spiritual and angelic helpers are by your side, helping you in your time of need. Feel our love, support and presence in your life."

Creative Exercise - How to Make Angelic Greeting Cards

Why note make some gorgeous handmade angelic greeting cards to send to your loved ones or that someone special. To make angelic gift greeting cards you will need some blank cards. You could either buy the ones that are all ready in a greeting card form and that are blank - you can find these from any craft shop. Or if you prefer then you could use an A5 size card and fold it into a card shape. You will also need an envelope to fit your card as well as a tiny envelope to put your gift in.

Next you will need materials to decorate your card. You could use peel offs, boarders, motifs, materials and fabrics, paints, glue, double sided tape, pictures, stickers, 3D sticky pads, 3D cut outs, foil, wrapping paper, backing paper, clay or dough, coloured beads, felt tip pens, paper and fake flowers, gem stones and crystals, cotton wool, glitter, heat gun, embossing powder, glitter, special pens, ribbon, buttons and any other odds and ends that you find laying around.

Now think of what you would like to create and then put your idea down onto your card. Make each card special and inspirational. Let your imagination run wild. Since we are making angelic cards try finding pictures of angels or fairies. You could print off pictures or find them in books or on wrapping paper, you could even trace a picture and then transfer it to your card and paint it.

You could use transfers which you can find in a craft shop. In side your card right in the middle on the right side you could stick the tiny envelope. In the envelope you could add a small gift or special poem or prayer, badges, stickers, money, keep sakes, necklace, flower seeds, bracelet, ring, handmade gift, sweets or even a prayer card. If you like you could add a little angel poem or prayer inside the card to give it that extra special touch. Once you have made your special hand make card then you can give it to someone special as a gift.

Angels and Crystals

There are many types of crystals and gemstones available to us. Each crystal and gemstone has special properties that can help us with healing, protection and grounding, cleansing and balancing, with our dreams and many other areas of our lives.

Crystals and Gemstones are also associated with the Archangels and months of the year - birthstones. Crystals are becoming even more popular now as people are learning how to use them and more about them.

Angels have a deep connection with crystals and are associated with many of the crystals available to us. Below is just a short list of just some of the crystals that are available, what their unique properties are, and which angels are associated with each crystal…

Black Obsidian –Black Obsidian has a strong energy which helps to keep us protected, grounded and helps with prophecy. If you are in a stressful situation then this is a good stone to have on you as it will help to relieve the stress and push out any negative energy that is around you.

Rose Quartz – Rose Quartz has a soft and gentle energy which helps to keep you calm and draw love into your life. This crystal is good for healing relationships and for bringing piece, love and calmness into your life. Rose Quartz is also the crystal that is associated with the Archangel Ariel. This stone also helps us to forgive and feel forgiveness towards others.

Rose Quartz is also a birthstone for people born in the month of January. Each month of the year has two or more crystals or gemstones associated with it. Garnet is the other stone associated with people born in the month of January.

Agate – Agate has a strong grounding as well as lucky energy. Agate is good for helping to keep you grounded and for drawing good luck into your life. This crystal helps to keep you feeling peaceful and helps to bring prosperity and happiness into your life.

Black Banded Agate – Black Banded Agate is a stone that is good for keeping yourself grounded and for cleansing and balancing your root or base chakra. This stone helps to relieve stress, calm nerves, helps with self control and anxiety.

Fire – Fire stone is an excellent stone to have on you if you are trying to relax, do meditation or find inner peace. This stone helps your body and mind to completely relax. It is also strongly connected to nature and will help to inspire you to be one with nature and the world around you. This stone helps you to take a calmer and clearer look at your situation and life, and to know how to deal with various situation and issue in a calm and collected way.

Amber – Amber is associated with the Archangel Uriel. Amber is brilliant for helping us to many different issues at once, helps us to connect better with nature and the earth and heal from depression. Amber has healing qualities as well as protective energy.

Amethyst – Amethyst is a gorgeous stone that helps to heighten our psychic intuition. Amethyst also helps us to remember our dreams, have pleasant dreams and helps us to make important decisions with ease. Amethyst has strong healing qualities and is one of the birthstones for people born in the month of February. The other stone associated with the month of February is Onyx.

Amethyst is also associated with the Archangel Jeremiel. Amethyst helps to re-build our self confidence, over come grief and depression and helps us to be more empathic and sensitive to the world around us. This crystal is also good for promoting change and variety. Amethyst helps us to feel awake, vibrant, our higher selves and gives us inner wisdom.

Yellow Calcite – Yellow Calcite is the stone which is associated with the Archangel Azrael. This stone has deep healing energies that help us to heal from grief. This stone helps to bring comfort to those who are grieving, in pain or despair, depressed or alone.

Garnet – Garnet is one of the birthstones of people born in the month of January. Garnet helps to give us strength and helps to keep us feeling spontaneous/. Garnet is a healing stone and helps with our health. It also helps to draw money and prosperity into our lives. Garnet helps to inspire romance, vitality, passion and stability as well as inspiration, creative ideas and self confidence and ambition. This is a wonderful stone to have on you as it will help to lift your spirits. Garnet will help to bring out your best qualities and helps with friendships and relationships.

Moonstone – Moonstone is associated with the Archangel Haniel. This stone helps to ease our emotions and helps us to feel more peaceful, loved and balanced. Moonstone connects us with nature and the world around us. It helps with feminine problems, periods, conceiving and fertility. This stone helps us to better understand our emotions and our bodies. Moonstone is one of the birthstones for people born in the month of June. Other birthstones for the month of June are; Alexandrite and Pearl.

Fluorite – Fluorite is a wonderful stone for helping to heighten our psychic intuition and open our four Clairs. This stone also helps with concentration, decision making, mental process, memory and with seeing situation in a new light. Fluorite helps us to find our inner selves and helps to keep our relationships balanced. Fluorite also helps to attract abundance, love, peace, prosperity, protection and balance to you and your life. This stone is associated with the Archangel Chamuel.

Bloodstone – Bloodstone is one of the birthstones for people born in the month of March. The other birthstone for the month of March is Aquamarine. Bloodstone is also associated with the heart chakra. This stone is a highly protective stone is good for keeping you protected and to give you courage in life and in dangerous situations. This stone helps to build self confidence and helps you to feel settled, stable and strong. This stone helps with creativity, helps us to recognize our faults so that we can heal and mend them and helps to renew us.

Turquoise – Turquoise is associated with the Archangel Sandalphon. Turquoise is also the birthstone of people born in the month of December. Other crystals and gemstones that are birthstones of people born in December are; Tanzanite and Zircon. Turquoise helps to draw happiness into our lives, it helps us to speak our minds and let out any worries or concerns that we may have.

It helps us to be truthful and to be honest about the way we truly feel. It helps us to identify our emotions and what our true motives and ambitions are. Turquoise helps to open our hearts and helps us to be more forgiving as well as more giving and empathic. It helps to heal our body, mind and spirit and is associated with the throat chakra.

Topaz – Topaz helps to give us strength and courage in our everyday lives. This stone is one of the birthstones for people born in the month of November. The other birthstone for November is Citrine. Topaz promotes individuality, self confidence, creativity and stability. Topaz helps to remove all doubts and fears.

Watermelon Tourmaline – Watermelon Tourmaline is associated with the Archangel Metatron. This stone helps to attract love into your life. It helps you to be more loving, peaceful, forgiving and generous. This stone feeds your spirit and helps to keep you and your relationships in harmony. Watermelon Tourmaline helps you to release guilt and to stay balanced.

Diamond – Diamond is one of the birthstones of people born in the month of April. The other birthstone for April is Rock Crystal. Diamonds is a healing crystal and helps to keep us feeling healthy and on top form. It also enhances the qualities of other crystals or gemstones that you may have or be warring.

Lupis Lazuli – Lupis Lazuli is associated with the Archangel Zadkiel. This stone helps to keep our bodies and mind purified and cleansed. This stone has a very high intensity and can help to open all of our chakras. It helps to draw love and wisdom to us and helps us to have a better understanding of others and the world around us.

Emerald – Emerald is one of the birthstones for people born in the month of May. The other birthstone for May is Chrysoprase. Emerald is also associated with the Archangel Raphael. Another stone associated with the Archangel Raphael is Malachite.

Emerald has very strong healing properties that help us to heal in all areas of our life. This crystal helps to heal our body, mind, spirit, relationships and lives. Emerald helps to give us spiritual, physical and emotional balance and healing. This crystal helps to bring joy, healing, harmony and tranquillity into our lives.

Clear Quartz – Clear Quartz is associated with the Archangel Raziel. This crystal has very powerful healing properties and helps with healing our body, mind and spirit, building up of self confidence, gives us energy and vitality, helps with self esteem and over coming past hurts and pain. Clear Quartz also heightens our psychic intuition, keeps us protected and balanced, helps us to remember our dreams and important information and helps with memory. Clair Quartz helps to re-energize us and stimulates psychic perception.

Opal – Opal is one of the birthstones of people born in the month of October. The other birthstone for October is Tourmaline. Opal helps us to achieve our goals and ambitions, it helps to make us more ambitious, feel more peaceful and have more strength. Opel helps us to speak freely about our true inner feelings and helps with communication.

Sugilite – Sugilite is associated with the Archangel Michael. This stone has extremely strong protective energies. It helps to keep us protected, have self confidence and gives us courage and strength. Sugilite also protects the soul form shock or trauma. It helps to ease headaches and heals all of our aches and pains. Sugilite helps us to relieve spiritual tension and helps us to be more forgiving.

Sapphire – Sapphire is one of the birthstones of people born in the month of September. The other birthstone for September is Lapis. Sapphire helps to promote truth, loyalty, sincerity and commitment. Sapphire also helps with faithfulness, keeping all of your chakras grounded, cleansed and balanced.

Copper – Copper is associated with the Archangel Gabriel. Copper helps us with creativity, understanding of situations and others as well as ourselves and helps us to re-energise and heal our bodies. Copper also helps with blood and metabolism disorders.

Peridot – Peridot is one of the birthstones for people born in the month of August. The other birthstone for August is Sardonyx. Peridot helps with protection, success and helps us to feel confident. It helps with beautifying our lives, minds, thoughts and our selves. It also helps us to think more clearly.

Rubellite – Rubellite is associated with the Archangel Jophiel. Another stone associated with the Archangel Jophiel is dark pink Tourmaline. Rubellite has powerful qualities that help us to be more motivated, more understanding of others and helps us to have positive thoughts and feelings. Rubellite helps to relieve sorrow and grief and helps to calm nerves. This stone helps people who are anxious, afraid or nervous.

Ruby – Ruby is one of the birthstones for people born in the month of July. The other birthstone for people born in July is Carnelain. Ruby helps to draw love into our lives. It also helps us to feel more passionate and re-stores our passions.

Ruby is associated with the heart chakra. It helps us to make better and more positive choices in our lives. It helps with our inner feelings and self confidence. Ruby helps to draw wealth and prosperity in our lives and it also heightens our psychic intuition. Ruby helps us to look clearly and honestly at our spiritual paths, so that we know the best way to move forward. Ruby helps us when we make decisions or important choices.

Some of Natasha’s Angel Experiences

The Angel Feather That Followed Me Home

On my 30th birthday my husband, children and I were out and about viewing houses - as we are looking to by a new home. In one of the houses that we viewed I found the most beautiful and perfect white feather lying neatly in the fire place.

The house was completely empty as the people who lived there had already moved out. There in the fire place was this gorgeous little white feather. It made my heart feel all warm and fluttery.

That afternoon I was sweeping our dinning room floor and tiding up the house when I found the exact same feather (it looked just like it) on the floor by our piano. I mentioned it to my husband and he said that our daughter Kristi must have picked it up from that house we viewed and brought in home.

I still loved the feather and felt that it was a birthday gift from my angels. I asked my angels if they had sent me the feather and asked for a sign. The next day on the 23rd January 2011 I opened two tins of Fray Bentos pies and put them in the oven for our dinner.

When the oven bleeped to let me know that the pies were done, I took the tins out of the oven. To my surprise on the top of the tin where the pie was, was a beautiful white feather. It was in perfect condition. All white and fluffy and not damaged at all considering it had just been cooked in an oven at 230 dc for 45 minutes.

This was truly conformation from my angels that they had sent me the feathers. Thank you my wonderful Angels for my birthday feather.

An Amazing Angelic Dream

In June 2011 I had the most amazing dream. I dreamt that I was walking in a beautiful park that was filled with lots of trees and wild life. There were people playing in the grass lands and park areas. I looked a head of me and saw a huge tree. The tree was massive and had a thick sturdy trunk. The tree had strong thick branches and was covered in green leaves and large bright orange flowers. I walked up to the tree and lay down on the soft grass.

The grass was so soft like a bed and was long. I looked up at the tree and to my surprise could see hundreds of tiny sparrows sitting in the tree. They were chirping away happily at me. I had a deep sense of knowing come over me and found my self saying out loud, "You are not just little sparrows are you? You are my angels watching over me." I then realised (in my dream) that I had to be somewhere. I did not want to leave this wonderful place, tree and sparrows but I knew I had to go to where ever it was that I needed to go.

Beams of Angelic Light

One day I lay in bed thinking of when I was younger and saw my guardian Angel Elizabeth. I looked out of our bedroom window at the night’s sky and stars - I love falling a sleep looking that the stars. I was about to drift off when I felt someone put their hand on my shoulder. Their touch was so gentle and kind.

I opened my eyes and saw Elizabeth and Mark (my two Guardian Angels) beautiful light sparkling like sparklers right next to me. The room became warm and I had a deep sense of love and peace comes over me. I then felt Elizabeth stroke my face very gently.

Suddenly I saw a flash of light in the shape of a beam. This beam moved a cross my bedroom. There were sparkling lights in this beam of bright light. It was a wonderful and amazing experience. I have had so many wonderful angelic experiences and each one is special and precious to me.

Warning Signs from the Angels

The angels have sent me many warning signs over the years warning me about dangers around me. These signs helped me so much that I would like to share them with you.

Fire Warning

One morning in July 2009 I had decided to give the kitchen a complete blitz. I wiped down all the cupboards, walls and everything that needed doing. It took me many hours of hard work to get the kitchen completely spotless and I was proud of the work I had done.

That night my husband returned home from work and as soon as he walked in the door he asked me why the entire house stunk of chips. He asked if we were having chips again for dinner. I laughed and said no we had chips last night. I did not think at the time to check the chip fryer to see if it was turned on. I said to Dave that the smell of chips was properly still in the house from the night before.

Later that night around 12am I went into the kitchen to get a glass of water before heading off to bed. The sink was right next to the chip fryer and I stood there pouring water into a glass when all of a sudden I saw a bright flash of light by the chip fryer. The flash was incredibly bright and looked just like a the flash of a camera.

I looked over at the chip fryer and noticed that it was turned on. It then dawned on me that when I was cleaning the wall by the chip fryer that morning I must have knocked the switch on by mistake. That is why Dave said the house stunk like chips as the fryer was on all day.

I quickly turned off the chip fryer and realised that if I had gone to bed instead of coming down stairs for a drink of water and if I had not seen the bright flash of light (which seemed to come from nowhere) then, there might have been a fire and our house would have burned down. I thanked the Lord and his angels for warning me about the chip fryer. I believe that the bright white camera flash like light I saw was the angels warning me that the fryer was on.

Burglary Warning

A few weeks after the chip fryer incident my husband and I had just gone to bed. I had drawn the curtains that night as it was a beautiful full moon out side and I loved falling asleep looking at the moon. I was staring out of the window looking up into the sky when all of a sudden I saw that same bright flash of light that I saw the other night, this time I saw this flash of light outside the bedroom window.

I asked Dave if he had seen it but he said no and turned round to go to sleep. I rubbed at my eyes and looked out of the window once more. Again the flash of light lit up the night’s sky. It couldn’t have been lightning as it was a clear and calm night. I had seen this light before and knew that the angels were trying to warn me about something.

So I got out of bed and ran down stairs. I checked each and every room but everything seemed okay. I was just about to go back upstairs when I heard the words, "back door" in my mind. I went and checked the back door and to my horror found that it was wide open. We had a bbq that evening and we had forgot to lock the back door of our house - meaning that when we were asleep anyone could have just walked into our house and helped themselves to our stuff.

I locked the back door, thanked the Lord and his angels for their warning then went to sleep feeling safe and secure, knowing that my home, family and I were protected and being watched over.

Mad Driver Warning

About a month or two after the back door incident I was walking to pick up my children from school, when I approached a main road which I usually had to cross. I looked both ways and saw that there was not a car in sight.

I was about to cross the road when I suddenly felt someone pull me backwards - with such force that I almost lost my footing. I was a little stunned and lost for words as when I looked around no one was there. I tried again to walk across the road but the force pulled me back again. It was like someone had a hold of my arm and was pulling me backwards. I could physically feel someone grabbing me but could not see anyone.

Just then I heard a loud screeching sound, I looked up and saw a young drunk driver driving at a ridiculous speed down the road. He was driving so fast and seemed to come out of nowhere - meaning the road was completely clear one second and the next this mad man was screaming down the road so fast.

I then realised that it must have been Archangel Michael or one of my guides or angels who was pulling me out of the road. If I had crossed the road at that point I would have been hit by the mad driver and would have been killed. I felt shaken up and thanked my angels and guides for their help and their warning. Thank you my angels.

My angels and guides send me little signs like this all the time trying to warn me of dangers or trying to give me guidance or advice. If there are things that I need to remember that are extremely important then some times they help me to remember by making a flash of light by the calendar so I go and check it, or if I am feeling angry or upset then I hear comforting words being said to me or feel a warm feeling of calmness come over me.

Good Morning from my Angels

A year or so ago I was laying in bed having my morning coffee. I then noticed lots of tiny twinkling lights like a sparkler. I instantly knew that it was my guardian angels Elizabeth and Mark. These gorgeous little lights drifted towards me until they were right in front of me. The twinkling lights were in the shape of a person.

My husband David was completely unaware of the beautiful lights. I suddenly felt a wave of warmth and love wrap around me like a soft blanket. I felt totally calm and at peace within. I said a silent prayer asking if one day Dave and others could see the angelic love and support that we have all around us.

The Angels Love

About a year ago I was feeling quite down in the dumps and really felt as though I was all alone although I know my angels are with me. I had found out some distressing news so was feeling awful and afraid with in. Still it made me feel uneasy and very down. I longed to feel that everything would be okay and that there was nothing to worry about. I asked my angels for a sign that everything would be okay.

That day I kept seeing faces in the clouds and felt that this was my angels ways letting me know that they were watching over my family and I. I kept finding little white feathers on the ground too. I would find one, walk a few more steps and find another – this continued all the way from my home to my children’s school and back. I must have found at least 80 feathers with in a 30 minute period.

I also saw a perfect angel shaped cloud. It was perfect with a head, long dress, wings, feet and hands. The sun also shone right through it making it look filled with heavenly white light. The angel cloud had white light glowing all around it. The angel cloud made me cry as it was so very beautiful and comforting. That night I also dreamt that a beautiful white feather drifted down on to the floor next to my bed. The dream was so real that I actually got up and looked to see if a white feather was next to my bed.

My angels helped to ease my lonely heart and make all of my worries and concerns melt away. I knew deep with in me that everything would be okay and that my family and I were safe protected and watched over. My angels did not give me just one sign that every thing would be okay; they gave me many different signs through out the entire day. I thank them with all my heart for their love and their support.

If ever you are concerned, worried, fearful, depressed, down in the dumps or just need some reassurance that everything will be okay, then call on the angels and they will help to bring you peace of mind.

Feathers Galore!

In January 2011 my daughter Kristi and I were walking home from school. As we walked we found a little white feather on the ground. Kristi picked it up and smiled up at me so happily, “Look mommy the angels are watching over us.” Her little face was filled with excitement and joy.

I have always told my children the same thing that my mother told me, that if you find a tiny white feather laying on the ground, then pick it up and thank God and the angels, as this is the angels way of letting us know that they are watching over us.

As we continued on our journey home we kept finding beautiful white feathers all the way to our house. Our feather finding did not stop just because we got home. We also kept finding white feathers in the house and the garden. We must have found at least 40-50 white feathers between us. Most of the feathers were in unusual places. We kept giggling and saying that the angels are really looking after us today.

Our feather finding frenzies continued for another 4-5 days after that. We just kept finding feathers in doors and out doors. I would be cleaning the house and find a feather floating down to the floor. It was the most wonderful and comforting thing. I felt absolutely safe and loved and so did my little Kristi. Thank you angels!

The Little Sparrow

About 6 -8 months ago I was doing the school run and rushing to go and pick up my daughters from school. I was in a rush as I was running a bit late. As I walked to the school a tiny sparrow suddenly flew right past me. It flew so close to me that I thought it would crash into me.

The Sparrow then sat on a fence next to where I stood. It was so close to me that I must have only been an arms length away from the little bird. It just sat there and looked up at me tweeting away merrily. I said, "Hello, little fella, and how are you today?" The little sparrow was not afraid and he just chirped back at me happily. I stood chatting to the little bird for a good 2-3 minutes before saying, "Right little Mr, I must be on my way now. Thank you for the chat."

Then I hurried off to pick up my girls from school. The little sparrow was still there on the fence watching me as I hurried away. I turned round several times and he did not fly away. Such a beautiful experience! I instinctively knew that the sparrow was sent to me by my Joy Guides. It was there way of reminding me to slow down and not to be in such a rush all the time. I felt confident that I would reach the girls school in time before they came out – which I did.

Meant To Be Book!

One day I was on my way to our local Library to return my books. My husband Dave suggested that we not get any more books out as we thought we would be moving house any day now. He said wait until after we move.

For months and months I keep looking out for Doreen Virtue books at my library, sadly they are never there when I look. She is my all time favourite author and I find her books inspiring and helpful. I had actually given up on finding one at our library. As we drove to the library I suddenly had this deep knowing feeling that there would be one there today.

I mentioned to Dave that I was 100% positive that I would find one of her books today. He laughed and said, "What makes today any different from all the other times you tried to find her books?" I could not explain it I just new that I would find one today. So I rushed into the Library and handed in my old books. I then dashed upstairs to the spiritual and psychic section and instantly (with out even browsing through the books) found one of Doreen Virtues book. It was Angel Therapy. The book was right there in front of me and no looking was needed to find it.

It was truly amazing and the best bit about it was that it covered all the areas that I was actually teaching in the next lesson - which I was half way through preparing. It was as though my angles and guides lead me to the book as they knew it would help and inspire me with the writing of my next lesson. The book helped to inspire me with my writing and helped me to feel confident in what I was teaching.

Joy Guides

One morning about 5-6 months ago, I had a true heart to heart talk with all of my Joy Guides. I thanked my Joy Guides for all of their wonderful gifts. I asked them to please continue to shower my family and me with their precious gifts, which they gladly did! For the rest of that week I could strongly feel my Joy Guides presence all around me. Thank you my Joy guides. Below are some of these wonderful gifts that my Joy Guides blessed me with that week.

* I went to the opticians for an eye test and needed new glasses. I was expecting to have to pay for my glasses and eye test - even the receptionist mentioned that I would need to pay for them. After I had my eye test done and had picked my new glasses I went to pay for them. The lady at the desk told me that I did not have to pay for the test or glasses as it would be covered on the NHS.

I was gobbed smacked. Money had been very tight at that time due to my family and I trying to move house. The free eye test and glasses was truly a blessing as I it would have been a real struggle if I had to pay for them. Thankfully because I did not have to pay for the glasses it meant that I had the extra money we needed to pay off one of our bills.

It was a yucky day and it was raining hard. I had taken the bus into town to get my eyes tested. Usually the bus run was always a night mare and would I have to wait around town for ages - some times a good hour or so before the next bus. After my eye test I walked towards the bus stop wondering what to do while I waited for the bus as I could not spend anything - as money was tight. I was cold and wet and wondering towards the bus stop which was a good distance away.

I suddenly saw the bus at the bus stop. I could not believe it as the bus was always late and it was not even time for it to arrive yet. I was quite far away from the bus so began to run fearing that I would miss it. In all reality and truth I should have missed the bus considering how far away I was from it.

As I reached the bus surprised as to how I had not missed it, I saw that a lady had trouble with her ticket and had held up the bus. What are the chances of that! If that lady did not have trouble with her ticket then the bus would not have been held up and I would have had to wait another good hour or so before getting home. Thank you my Joy Guides.

The next day I had to go and pick up my glasses so I took a bus into town. I had just picked up my glasses when I got a call from my friend Sarah. We chatted for a bit and then she asked where I was as she could hear cars and people in the background. I told her that I was in town picking up my glasses and that I was about to make my way home. She told me to wait outside the opticians as she was not far away and she would give me a life home. This saved bus fair money to get home again and saved me wondering around town for an hour.

When she dropped me off home I found the people who were buying our house there and so was my husband Dave! (he was home from work by 11am). Surprised I asked Dave why he was home and he said that the computers at work all went down so everyone was sent home and had a day off. He said that when he got home he saw the people buying our house waiting out side. They had just popped round to have a quick snoop of the out side of the house as they're excited to move in. Dave let them in to have a proper look around again.

We had been worrying as our shower does not work properly and we had not let them know. It was the perfect opportunity to tell them. Thankfully they appreciated us telling them about the shower and did not ask for less money on the house because of the broken shower. They were just so grateful that we let them have another look around and told them about the shower.

My youngest daughter Kristi plays up each morning when getting ready for school, which causes us to be late for school each day and me in a fowl mood! This week she has been a little angel and we have got to school early each day with lots of laughs and no stress. Thank you my Joy Guides for all of your wonderful blessings. x

Angelic Hug

In October 2010 I was buzzing about the house doing the daily chores while listening to my Westlife CD. I was not feeling very well that day and really felt like I needed a BIG hug. I went into the lounge and began to sweep the floors.

Total Eclipse of the Heart – Westlife did a cover of it was now playing and I have always found that to be a very personal and emotional song for me, so I stopped sweeping and just stood in the middle of the lounge, shut my eyes and sang along to the song. I put all of my emotions and heart into it when I was singing that song.

I suddenly felt the atmosphere in the room change to a warm and friendly atmosphere. I then felt as though there were someone tall standing next to me and heard them whisper my name in my ear – I could even feel their breath on my ear.

I opened my eyes and before I could do anything I felt a pair of strong loving arms wrap around me and give me a massive hug. I then could see someone standing in front of me but they looked like heat waves in the shape of a man. I do not know why I did what I did next but, I screamed really loud and ran out of the room. I laugh now thinking back on it. I guess because I was so rapped up in the song I was singing, the whole experience just caught me by such a surprise that my natural instinct was to scream and run.

I did feel like a right idiot afterwards but I also felt so very comforted and loved. All the sickness feelings that I had been feeling had suddenly vanished. I was left feeling happy, content and filled with love. I felt that the presence was of my father (as I kept thinking about him that day) and I felt that he was letting me know that I was not alone, that my spiritual helpers and angels were by my side. It was an amazing hug that left me in a brilliant mood for the rest of the day.

The OK to Go Sign

On the 9th of January 2010 I first launched my very first psychic website - Psychic Direct. I had been working on it for months and put my heart and soul into creating it. For months before I decided to create it I kept having the idea pop into my mind. Each time I pushed the idea away as being silly or it will never work - but still the idea of creating the website would not leave me.

Choosing to not go against this nagging feeling with in me I sat down one day and began creating Psychic Direct. It took months and months of hard work and planning, research and hours of my time. The good thing was I was enjoying every minute of it - especially the creative bits where I could work with colours and designs.

I had finished creating the website a while before I actually published it online. I kept putting the idea off as being silly or that no one would be interested. Again the nagging feeling inside of me to get Psychic Direct up online and running would not go away.

I sat there one evening looking at all that I had created and thinking really hard whether I should do it or not. I decided to ask my spirit guides and angels for a sign, "Please tell me what I should do my angels and guides. Should I publish Psychic Direct online or should I just delete it and call it off as a fun thing I did? Please give me a sign so I know what to do?"

At first no sign came and I sat there wondering if this was all just silliness and if I were kidding myself. After about 5 minutes I suddenly felt that someone was standing by my side. I then felt a soft hand touch my head and the hand stayed there for about a minute or so. I felt so comforted and could hear the words, "Do it, it will all work out fine." ring in my mind. I knew that I was given the OK to go ahead and launch Psychic Direct.

It was so comforting to know that my angels and guides were supporting me and were by my side. I went straight away and launched Psychic Direct which did go on to do very well - so well in fact that I decided to create another website - this website Psychic Friends which I hope will reach out to others and help them on their special spiritual journey.

I thank my angels and guides for their love and support and for always being there. I believe that they helped me to create both Psychic Direct and Psychic Friends as I can always feel their presence when I work at the websites.

Miracle Puppies

When I was 18 years of age my black Labrador dog Nickeeta had some beautiful puppies. They were so tiny and so very cute. I patted her on the back and told her what a good girl she had been and how she would make a wonderful mother to the puppies.

About 3 months or so after Nickeeta's pups were born I sat playing with them and giving them lots of love and care when I suddenly felt a tightening feeling in my stomach. I had a strong gut feeling that something was wrong with the puppies.

I asked my mother if we could take them to the vet for a check up. She told me to stop being so damn silly as the pups looked perfectly well and happy. Still I could not shake the feeling that something was not right.

Two days later we woke to find all 6 puppies were extremely ill and looked as though they would not make it through the day. We took the pups straight to the vet and we were told that they had tick bite fever. The vet told my mother that the pups would have to be put down as there was nothing he could do to save them.

My heart felt as though it was made of brittle glass and that it was thrown to the ground causing it to shatter into a thousand pieces. I began to sob my heart out for our puppies. I though of the pain Nickeeta would feel loosing her babies. I thought of their little lives being cut so very short. It all felt wrong and I suddenly had this deep hunger in me to save them. “It is not their time to go”, were the words that kept ringing in my ears over and over again.

I suddenly found myself begging my mother to please take the puppies home and give them a little more time. I pleaded with her to not put them to sleep but to give it another day or two. The vet told me that he would be surprised if they made it till the next morning. But still I pleaded and cried so much that my mother eventually said okay and we took the puppy’s home again. I can remember thanking God all the way home for letting the puppies come home with us.

When we got home I sat for hours and hours with the 6 puppies. I cradled them in my arms, cried with them and prayed with all of my heart that the Lord and all his heavenly angels would heal the pups and give them a miracle. I closed my eyes and tried to let all my emotions and feelings seep out of me. I watched over the puppies and cared for them.

That night I gave each puppy a loving hug and kiss then went to bed. I remember waking up hourly to check on them and make sure they were okay. The next morning we were totally amazed to wake up to happy barks. To our amazement the pups were running around happily playing chace and Nickeeta had a proud and grateful look on her face. We took them straight back to the vet to be checked over again. The vet was amazed and looked at us in disbelief. “The puppies are 100% fine, I really do not understand it. I was convinced that they would not make the night.”

I could understand it. I understood it perfectly well that the Lord had blessed those little pups with a miracle. He gave them a second chance of life. All six pups grew up to be healthy and happy dogs. They got a second chance of life and they lived it well. Nickeeta had her babies back and also went on to have many more happy little puppies.

Saved From Falling

When I was 12 years old I was staying in a boarding school as things at home were not too good. Being in a boarding school was a far better environment for me to be in. Some friends of mine and I were jumping on the beds playing and being silly. Our dormitory (where we slept) was on the top floor of a 3 story building. I grew up in Africa so it was extremely hot which meant we had to keep the windows open for air.

Anyways, I was jumping on the bed with my friends. We then all raced over to the bedroom windows to look at something that had caught our attention out side. After several minutes my friends continued to jump on the beds but I was still looking out of the window. I do not know why I was being so silly but I decided to stand up on the window ceil ledge and lean right out to get a better look at what ever it was that I was looking at – I can not even remember what it was now.

Suddenly I lost my footing and slipped. Everything that happened next was in slow motion. I suddenly fell forward as though I was going to fall out of the window and down 3 stories to the hard ground below, but just as I was about to fall I felt someone pull me backwards with such force that I fell flat on my back on the bed. When I sat up I saw all of my friends looking at me with shocked and disbelieving eyes. They were all convinced that I would fall out of the window.

I asked my friends if they could tell me who pulled me onto the bed and saved my life. They all looked at me as though I were weird or something and said that none of them had touched me. They said that they were jumping on the beds, turned round and saw me about to fall. Next thing I was laying on my back on my bed. They swore that none of them had pulled me back into the room. I believe that God and the angels protected me that day as it was not yet my time to leave this world. Thank you for saving my life my Heavenly Father and all your angels.


* Keep practising the sensing your Guardian Angel exercise.

* Keep practising the finding out what your Guardian Angels name is exercise.

* Keep practising the seeing your Guardian Angels exercise.

* Keep practising the finding out how many Guardian Angels you have exercise.

* Remember to write down all of your experiences in your psychic journal.

* Look at lots of pictures of angels

* Try drawing your guardian angel as well as other angels.

* Read true life stories and other stories on angels

* Try writing to your angels and sharing with them your hopes and dreams.

* Try creating your own very special Angel Letter Box