Lesson 1: Grounding and Protection Part 1

One of the most important things to do before performing any type of psychic and spiritual work is to make sure that you are grounded and protected. In lesson 1 we will be looking at the various types of grounding and protections tools. I will also help you to recognize if you are under psychic attack, have a spirit attachment or are picking up on others emotions and energy. We will learn how to keep ourselves grounded and protected from negative entities and energies on a daily basis.

* If you have any questions on the paranormal or supernatural then please feel free to send them into me at the Psychic Friends website. I will do my very best to help answer your questions as best as I can. If I am unable to answer your questions then I will try to put you in touch with someone who can.

Q: Why must we keep ourselves grounded and protected?

A: There are three main reasons why we should keep ourselves grounded and protected on a daily basis. These are as follows...

Psychic Attack – Psychic Attack is caused by a build up of negative energy and emotions. Every thing around us is made up of pure energy and this includes our emotions. When we have a heated discussion or augment with another person, we become angry and emotional. The whole time we are arguing we become more and more angry.

This anger is all negative energy building up. This negative energy has to go somewhere as it needs to be released. What happens next is that all of this negative energy is directed straight to the person that you are angry with and visa versa. This negative energy is so strong that it can cause both yourself and others to experience pain, depression, emptiness, sadness, become with drawn and angry, lonely and emotional.

Psychic Attack can also be sent to both you and others just by thinking negatively of yourself or another person, by talking negatively about another person behind their backs, and by thinking negatively about your life. Psychic Attack can be extremely harmful and cause both yourself and others a great deal of pain and suffering. This is why it is so important to try and learn to keep yourself protected as well as change your thought pattern from negative to positive.

I once had a friend who I had fallen out with. To be honest I can not even remember why we had fallen out. This friend was very angry with me and with out realising it she was sending me psychic attack. I began having awful headaches and did not know why. I went to the doctors and the opticians but both told me that my health and eyes were fine. They did not know what was causing the awful headaches.

One day while having a nasty headache I lay quietly on my bed and asked my guides and angels to please help me find the cause of my headaches and to heal them. I suddenly heard my friends name loud and clear in my mind I also saw her face in my minds eye. I knew then that my friend had been sending me psychic attack. I asked the Archangel Michael to please remove and cut all cords of psychic attack and attachments that my friend had sent me. I also asked him to please send love and light to my friend. After asking Michael for help the headaches stopped and I felt back to my jolly, happy go lucky self again.

Picking up on others emotions and energy

In our every day lives we pick up on other peoples energies and emotions. If you are around someone with negative emotions, then these negative emotions can be put upon yourself - you are like a sponge sucking up the other person’s negative emotions and energy. This leaves you feeling drained, depressed, ill, tied and you will carry around with you the emotions that the other person was experiencing.

Each day we run the risk of picking up on not only other people’s emotions and energy, but also on the energy of all that is around us. Have you ever visited a house or certain place and was left feeling angry, depressed, ill or out of sorts for the rest of the day? Or have you ever walked into a shop or building and felt very uncomfortable? The reason that you are experiencing these emotions is because you are picking up on the energy of the buildings or places that you are visiting. You can pick up energy just from walking down the street, being around people or entering various buildings or places.

Have you ever started talking to someone in the street or a friend and found that, once that person left you felt drained or depressed and continued to feel this way for the rest of the day? You have wondered why you are feeling these emotions. Why you are feeling this way is because you have picked up on the other persons emotions and feelings. This is why it is important for us to keep grounded and protected each day.

I have a friend who is currently going through a very tough time in her life at the moment. She is suffering from terrible depression. Each time I see her I find that I will get the most awful headache come on. I will also start to feel panicky and feel down in the dumps. She is a wonderful friend and I would like to visit her and not feel so uncomfortable. So what I do now is I ask the Archangels to put a protective shield around me each time I see her. Since placing the shield around me, I have found that the headaches and the other symptoms have gone.

What was happening is each time I saw my friend I was picking up on her negative energy and it stuck with me. This is what caused me to feel as I did. By keeping myself protected meant that I could still see my friend with out having any side affects. This is just an example of why we should keep our selves grounded and protected.

Spiritual Attachment

A spiritual attachment is when a spirit entity attaches it’s self to you. This can happen while performing spiritual and psychic work, walking into a store or down the street, in your home or work place or at any time in your life. This spirit entity will attach it’s self to you and drain you of your energy. You will begin to feel drained, depressed, angry, weak, tied, and sick or could even pick up on the emotions of the spirit that is attached to you. If the spirit is angry and resentful then you may begin to feel this way too. Or if the spirit is terrified then you too may begin to feel afraid and terrified.

Another form of attachment which is very common is the attachment of emotions, the past, situations in your life and addictions. You may have experienced a hard and painful childhood. Negative energy from your childhood may have attached it’s self to you, which makes it difficult for you to move forward with your life today or leaves felling ill for years with out any cause of the illness. You may spend years feeling depressed and not knowing why – it is because of this negative attachment that is attached to you.

Once I was in bed a sleep when I suddenly woke up feeling an over whelming feeling of fear. The time was just after 1am. I turned to look at my husband David who was in a very deep sleep at the time.

To my horror I noticed that there was someone on our bed in between Dave and myself. It was a lady with long dirty blond hair straight to her shoulders. She was on her hands and knees crawling towards me. She was thin and her face looked extremely angry and distant. I forced myself to sit up but could not move my body. I then managed to be able to move and I shook Dave with all of my might to try and wake him up.

Dave who usually woke up with the drop of a pin as he is such a light sleeper would not wake up. I felt hot all over me and panic stricken. I had this deep sense of anger which is strange for me as I am one of the most placid people you can meet. I can honestly say that in all my life I have never felt so angry before. I felt such great anger that I wanted to scream until my throat hurt and I felt a deep need to hit, kick, hurt someone and shout with all of my might. These feelings were all new to me and so over whelming.

I fought with all my might to ward off this angry spirit. I prayed and prayed for protection for my family and myself. The figure then vanished and I notice that our bedroom curtain kept swaying very quickly and violently. I managed to pluck up the strength to go over to the window and open up the curtains widely to let in some light.

I then began to pray to God and the Angels once more to please protect my family and me. I also called upon the Archangel Michael to ward off any negative spirits and entities. The room suddenly became calm and quiet. I felt an over whelming feeling of inner peace and calm. That night before I went to bed I had done a mediumship night around my house. Usually I always keep ground myself before and after performing any psychic or mediumship work, but I was running short on time this particular night so did not ground my self before working. By the time the mediumship night had ended I felt so drained and tied that I just went to bed with out grounding my self.

It dawned on me that the reason this spirit was attached to me was because I did not ground myself or protect my home before and after doing spiritual work. She must have attached herself onto me while I was performing the mediumship work. She was obviously a very angry spirit who needed to cross over.

I have learnt from my lesson now and always, always and always keep my home, family and my self grounded and protected before doing any kind of spiritual work. I shared this experience with you to show you the importance of keeping your self grounded and protected on a daily basis. Also to help you understand more about what a spirit attachment is.

Q: How do I know if I am under psychic attack, have an unwanted attachment, am picking up on others emotions and energy or I am not grounded and protected?

Suddenly you feel....

* Your heart beating so fast, when you enter crowded place that it makes you want to leave straight away.

*You feel the sudden flood of stress overwhelms you.

* A sudden loss of focus and attention when you come in contact with people aggressively arguing...

* Sudden loss of memory. Feeling that you have misplaced items and belongings.

* Entering an unfamiliar place or talking to someone and feeling a prickling feeling up your spine and back of your neck.

* A sudden drained of energy that makes you feel tired and fatigue, after meeting up with someone whom you know or not know.

More signs that you are under attack are...

* Suddenly falling into a very bad mood or irritable mood, snapping at people.

* Feeling surges of self-doubt

* Sudden loss of energy

* Viewing the world in depressed or cynical terms, especially if it is not your normal behavior.

* Suddenly have thoughts of harming others or thoughts that are nasty and uncomfortable.

* A sudden headache coming on from out of the blue.

* Electrical pulses through the head

* Feeling there is something wrong

* Sudden Stomach ache, ear ache

* Sudden Possible vomiting and, or, diarrhoea.

* Sudden Passing out, dizziness

* Sudden Pain in the body for many weeks or months after the initial attack.

Notice how all of the above symptoms suddenly come on with no apparent reason. This is a sure sign that you are under psychic attack or are not properly grounded.

Q: How do I keep my self, my loved ones and my home grounded and protected?

A: There are many various types of ways of keeping your self, loved ones and home grounded and protected. Below are a few of my favorites.

1. Music – Music acts like a psychic screen, surrounding us with protective energy it also helps to clear away any negative energy or entities. Angels love music and are drawn to music. Try to always have music playing around you and in your home as much as you can – especially soft calming music. This will help to clear away negative energy and entities and it will also draw angels near you, your loved ones and your home.

2. Pink Light – Ask the angels to please surround you in a pink light tube of protection. Close your eyes and imagine that you are surrounded by a pink tube that covers your entire body. This tube is made out of beautiful pink light. Then ask the angels to make this tube of pink light be your personal protective shield against any negative energies and entities. Remember to thank the angels afterwards. You can ask the angels to please surround your loved ones in a tube of pink light too and to keep them protected and safe.

3. Plants – Try keeping plants in doors as this helps to keep your home grounded and protected. Also go for walks in the woods or where there are a lot of plants and greenery. Do some gardening or flower arranging. Sleep with a potted plant next to your bed (especially ones with large leaves) to help keep the atmosphere in your bedroom clear from any negative energy, and help keep your dreams to be happy and positive. Try placing plants near your workstation or by the place where you spend most of your time - plants soak in all the negative energy like a sponge and gets rid of it – this does not harm the plant in any way. This will help to keep your home, loved ones and yourself safe and negative energy free.

4. Bubble of Protection - Ask the angels to please place a beautiful bubble of protection and white light around you. Ask the angels to make this bubble of white light be your personal shield of protection against psychic attack, negative energies and entities. Close your eyes and imagine that you are in side of a bubble. The bubble is made of pure white heavenly light. Know that you are safe and protected. You can even ask angels to please surround your protection bubble to help ward of negative energy and entities. You can do the same process for your loved ones to help keep them safe.

5. Salt – Salt is highly protective. Try putting sea salt / salt crystals in your bath as this will help to clear away any negative entities, energies or psychic debris. You can sprinkle salt on to your carpets or by your window sills and doors to help keep out all that is negative and unwanted. Throwing salt over your shoulder is really lucky too and not just in the sense that you will get good luck, but more in the way that you are getting rid of negative energy around you when you through salt over your shoulder. If you live near the sea then maybe try spending a lot of time swimming in the sea. The sea if full of salt and this will help to remover any unwanted energy or entities around you.

6. Meditations - There are many types of Meditations that help to keep you protected and grounded. Meditation helps to raise our vibrations, keep us positive and helps to clear away negative energy. Meditation also helps us to better connect with our guides and angels, it helps improve our health and reduces stress and depression.

7. Nature - Being one with nature and spending time in nature or with animals is highly protective and grounding. When we connect with our planet and animals it helps to raise our vibration, keep us protected and grounded. Try to spend as much time as possible in nature and surround yourself with loving animals. Try watching many films on nature and the world around us.

8. Positive Thinking – Try to always keep your thoughts, feelings and words positive at all times. By keeping positive you are subconsciously blocking out negative energy. If you find your self thinking negatively of yourself, your life or others then you are drawing in negative energy. It is vital to keep positive at all times and to not think negatively of others or yourself.

9. Prayer – Prayer is highly protective and is the very best way of warding off all that is negative and draining. Try to pray daily as this will help to raise your vibration, keep your energy positive and help draw angels into your life. Prayer helps us to release stress and anger and helps our hearts to heal. A wonderful thing that you could try and do which is truly inspiring and personal is to create a prayer book, in your special prayer book you can write all of your prayers to God and the angels. You could either create a prayer book or a prayer box. Both are highly positive and inspirational as well as personal. Below is a short exercise to show you how you can create a prayer book.

How to Create a Prayer Book / Box

To make a prayer box or book or you will need is a box such as a shoe box or a keep sake box. If you are making a prayer book then you will need an exercise book or journal type book. Once you have these then find some items which you can use to decorate your box / book.

These items could be coloured pens, pretty paper, angelic or pretty wrapping paper, tiny white feathers, scissors, glue or double sided tape, glitter, paints, angelic pictures and any other odds and ends that you would like to use to decorate your book or box. Make your prayer box / book personal to you and decorate it in a way that will inspire you.

Once you have found all the items that you will need then decorate your book / box. You could stick angelic pictures on it, add glitter, feathers or even cover the book or box with angelic or inspiring wrapping paper.

Once your book / box are complete then write down all of your favourite angelic poetry, quotes and prayers. You can add to your prayer box / book your favourite prayers, poems and quotes that others have written. Most important of all add all of your own prayers to your prayer book / box.

You can write your prayers, poetry and quotes down on special paper and maybe use colourful pens. You could try making your own prayer cards to add to the prayer book or box. You could also add angelic pictures and stickers to your box / or on the pages in your book – decorate each page.

Try adding all your prayers to your box / book each day for as long as you can. If you have any concerns, worries, desires, wishes, healing messages, or even grateful and thankful messages to send to God and the Angels, then you can write these down and add them to your prayer box / book. This is your special prayer box / book so make it as personal and as special to you as you can. You could even create a prayer book or box as a special gift for your loved ones.

Another wonderful idea to help express your self, connect with the Lord, your angels and guides as well as remove negativity from your life is to create prayer cards. As I mentioned above – prayer is the best way possible of helping you to stay grounded and protected. It is also a direct link and connection between yourself, God and the angels. Not only this but each time we pray it heightens our vibrations to a much higher level.

How to Create Prayer Cards

To make your own prayer cards all you will need is some white or coloured card, scissors, colourful pens, paints, angelic or inspiring stickers and pictures, glitter, glue or double sided tape and other odds and ends to help create your prayer cards. You could use peel offs and boarders to create a lovely finish. If you have a laminator machine then you could laminate your prayer cards once they are done.

Once you have found all of the items that you would like to use to create your prayer cards then you can begin creating them. Cut the card in to rectangle or square shapes. If you like you could cut the card in to other shapes too - it is completely up to you.

Now you can write down all of your own prayers as well as your favourite prayers onto each card. Once you have done this then you can decorate both sides of each card so that each card is personal and special to you. You can keep your prayer cards somewhere special, or you can even give these as gifts to your loved ones.

10. Airing Out Your Home – It is vital that you air out your home and work place on a daily basis. This will help to keep your home and workplace negative free. Each day energy trapped in our home or work place builds up and builds up. This energy has to go somewhere. Because your home is not aired out this stale energy will just linger in your home or work place, leaving it feeling negative and uninviting. If you keep the windows open each day then you can let out all the stale energy in your home and work place, which will make way for positive energy to enter. This will leave your home feeling refreshed, positive and welcoming.

11. Sage Smudging – Sage Smudging is highly protective and will help to clear away negative energy and entities. All you need is a Sage Smudge Stick. Firstly light the top of the sage smudge stick and then say this sort prayer...

“I invoke the light of the God within, I am a clear and perfect channel, Light is my guide.”

Then ask the Lord and all of his angels to please help you to cleanse your home of any negative entities and energies. Walk into each room of your home holding the burning sage. Let the smoke from the sage pass into each room this will cleanse your home.

12. Light – Light is highly protective and healing. By keeping your home light and bright it will help to clear away negative energy that is in your home. It will also help to keep your home feeling positive and welcoming. Try to always keep your home filled with lots of light. Make sure that the walls are a clean light colour that helps to let in a lot of light.

13. De-Clutter! – One sure way of drawing negative energy or stale energy in your home is by having a lot of clutter lying around. It is important to keep your home clutter free and positive. If you de-clutter your house on a regular basis then you will soon begin to notice lots of positive changes in your home.

Protection Prayers

Here are a few of my favourite protection prayers and ones which I say each and every night. I hope that you will find them as helpful and comforting as I find them. It is so important to always thank God and the angels for their help. They like to feel appreciated and loved. The following prayers are ones which I use. They are personal to me. I am sharing them with you to help give you an idea of what kind of prayers you can use. You can use the same prayers as I do or create your own. Make your prayers personal to you.

(I was once haunted by a horrid and evil creature. I am not sure if this was an evil spirit or demon or if it was the Mothman. For years this creature haunted me and scared me out of my mind. A friend of mine took me to see a woman who taught me the below prayer. She said I should say it each night before I go to bed and when I see the creature. I did and the creature stayed away from me. Each time I saw it I said the prayer and it left straight away. Thankfully I have not seen the creature since and that was 9 years ago. This is a very powerful prayer for protection. I know it works as it worked for me. )

“I plead the blood covenant of Jesus over myself, my home and my family, and I ask in the name of Jesus Christ that you will please allow your angels to watch over us, this room, this house, and all those close to my heart. I thank Thee for by your grace, we are here today. Amen”

This nest prayer is a prayer that I made up myself. I found that it truly does keep you protected and safe. After saying this prayer I will feel calm, content, peaceful and safe. The room fills with a warm and comforting feel.

“My heavenly father, my Lord above, I ask in the name of Jesus Christ that you will please allow your highest and most trusted Angels, to please stand my side, my family and friends sides, by my pets side, in each and every room of this house, and by each and every door and window of this house.

I ask that your heavenly Angels will please be our personal body guards and help to keep us safe, protected and well. May your heavenly Angels please ward off anything that is negative, evil or bad and my they block those negative, evil or bad things from ever returning. I thank thee in the name of Jesus Christ, and I give grateful thanks, Amen.”

This is another of my prayers that I have made up. I find this one is a wonderful prayer for protection too.

“I ask in the name of Jesus Christ that you will please place a ball of protection over me, my loved ones and home. May you please remove any thing that is negative, evil or bad from our balls of protection? May only pure joy, unconditional love, never ending happiness, good fortune and all things at are good, positive and that are filled with Heavenly Divine love, be allowed to enter our balls of protection. Thank you my heavenly father. Amen.”

This next prayer is one that I say each morning just before my family leave for work and school.

“Archangels Michael and Raphael, I call upon you now. Please help my family and I to get to work, school and home again safely. Please watch over my family and I though out the day, please watch over our home, pets, garden and car and keep us safe. Thank you.”

When travelling or going away on holiday the below prayer will help you to feel safe and protected while travelling and while you are away.

“Archangels Michael and Raphael I ask that you will please help my family and I to have a safe trip. Please what over our home while we are away. Please watch over our car and all the cars and people on the roads. Please help us to have a safe journey, holiday and return home again safely. Thank you.”

The following prayer is very helpful if yourself or a loved one is being bullied at work or school.

“Archangel Michael, I ask that you will please help to keep ……………….(name of person being bullied). protected from the bullies that are bullying ………………(Him/Her/Me). Please put a stop to this bullying and help ……………… (person being bullied name) to find peace and happiness with in. Thank you.”

If you feel that one of your pets is in danger – for example you may fear that a fox is trying to harm your rabbit, then you could try saying the below prayer for protection for your pet.

“Archangel Michael, I ask that you will please surround ………………. (your pets name) with a bubble of angelic protection. Please help to keep my beautiful pet safe and protected at all times. Thank you.”

Protection and Grounding Exercises and Meditations

In this next section I will share some helpful exercises and meditations that will help you to keep protected. There are many different forms of meditation. There are guided meditations where you are guided through out the meditation, there is simple breathing meditations which are not guided and there are many other forms of meditating.

For those who find it difficult meditating please do not worry as you meditate each day with out even realising it. Other forms of meditation are doing simple things such as hanging up washing on the washing line, doing gardening, listening to music, cooking dinner, walking or jogging, cycling, doing creative work such as painting and drawing and even house cleaning. These are all forms of meditation. While doing the above you are breathing properly, having quiet time and being one with yourself and your thoughts. These are all forms of meditation.

The below exercises and guided meditations will help to keep you protected. You could read out each meditation as you do them or you could record the meditations and listen to them. Please note that guided meditation takes a lot of visual work (imagination).

You may find that it take a few tries before you can clearly visualise with out much effort. Please do not give up heart if you find it difficult to visualize. The more you practice the meditations, the easier they will become and eventually you will know them off by heart.

Before doing a meditation try to make sure that you are alone and sitting in a comfortable position. Put on some soft relaxing music and maybe light a candle or two. It is completely up to you then proceed to do the meditation. Meditations always leave you feeling extremely relaxed, content, protected and helps with your self confidence, releasing stress and helps to improve your health.

Protection Jar

If someone has sent you psychic attack and you know who they are then you could try the following exercise…

On a small piece of paper write down the name of the person who is sending you psychic attack. Take an empty glass jar that you can see through. Fill the jar with water and then place blue food colouring into the jar. Fold the piece of paper with your attackers name on it and put it into the jar. Now seal the jar and say the below prayer…

“Archangel Michael, I ask that you will please put a stop to the psychic attack that …………….. (attackers name) is sending me. Please cut all cords of psychic attack that …………………… has sent me. Please send love and light to ……………….. and forgive them for what they are doing. Please help to keep me protected and safe always. Thank you.”

Once you have said this prayer, place the jar into the freezer and keep it there until the psychic attack ends. You could keep it in the freezer for a month, year or until you feel ready to remove it. When you are ready to remover the jar from the freezer then throw it away. Do not open the jar just throw it into the bin.