Lesson 5: Being Your Higher Self

Each and every one of us has a higher self. Our Higher Selves offer us guidance and sound advice in our every day lives. Our Higher Selves only want the best for us and know the best course of action to take for any given situation. Our higher self is the part of ourselves that is good, compassionate, caring, empathic, sensitive, loyal and the part of us that does not judge others, does not feel afraid or negative.

As you grow spiritually you will embark on a wonderful journey where you learn to love yourself and others, the planet and all that is around you and you will re-discover yourself. You take an enormous leap forward in your spiritual growth by contacting your Higher Self and discovering who you truly are.

(I found that once I started to connect more with my Higher Self I would find that I felt completely different within. I felt at peace and felt calm and collected. I found that I could communicate well with others and my relationships improved dramatically – as I was more aware of others, their feelings and needs.

My intuition was heightened and I began to open up more to the spiritual and angelic realms. I began to see, hear and feel my guides and angels more readily which is a beautiful experience.)


Below is a wonderful meditation that I use regularly. It truly helps you to open up to your Higher Self and connect with your Higher Self on a deeper Level. This Meditation comes from the book, “Spiritual Growth – Being your Higher Self.” By Sanya Roman

(I find that I like to put on some soft classical or meditation music quietly in the background when doing this meditation. You can light a candle or two if you like – what ever makes you feel most comfortable and relaxed.)

Sit with your eyes open or closed. Adjust your posture so that you are comfortable, perhaps putting your hands at your sides. Begin taking a few deep breaths.

Imagine your entire body relaxing, starting with your toes.

Bring a feeling of relaxation into your feet, calves, and thighs, then up into your abdomen and lower back, chest upper back and shoulders. Next relax your arms, hands, neck, head, and shoulders. Let the muscles around your jaws and eyes relax. Do these until you feel peaceful, focused, and physically comfortable?

Adjust your posture so that your energy can flow more easily up and down your spine. Breathe a full breath into just your upper chest, moving your lower diaphragm and abdomen as little as possible. Breathe into your upper chest several times; note how you feel. Now breathe into your abdomen several times, following this with several breaths into your upper chest and abdomen.

Straighten and lift your upper chest with a deep breath, so your spine is more upright. Notice that as you do this you may also want to adjust the back of your head and neck to the most comfortable upright posture. This helps create fluidity in your emotional body, open your heart centre and make it easier to think in higher ways.

You are now ready to meet your Higher Self. Imagine that you are being joined by many high beings (angels and guides) who are sitting in a circle around you. Feel the peace, joy and love all around you. These beings are here to assist you in meeting your Higher Self.

Imagine your Higher Self in the distance, beginning to come toward you. You might picture it as a beautiful, shimmering, radiant light. Greet and welcome your Higher Self and invite it to come closer.

Mentally ask your Higher Self to assist you in making a stronger connection. Feel the radiance of its love surrounding you and embracing you. Feel the lines of light coming to you from your Higher Self. As these lines of light touch you, feel your vibration increase. Your Higher Self is now merging and becoming one with you.

Feel your molecules and atoms merging with it, as if you are reclaiming a part of your energy. Let your Higher Self merge with you even more until your energy patterns are taking on the radiance of your Higher Self. You and your Higher Self are now one.

As your Higher Self, open your breathing to create a greater flow of energy in your body.

Adjust your posture so that you are sitting as your Higher Self. As your Higher Self, adjust your shoulders and chest to reflect your confidence and wisdom. What facial expression do you have as your Higher Self?

Think of a situation you want guidance about. As your Higher Self, you are going to give yourself advice about this situation. Imagine you are a wise teacher and consultant. What advice would you give yourself on this situation? You may want to speak out loud or write down your answers.

As your Higher Self, do you have any other messages, perhaps about your spiritual growth, your higher purpose, or anything else? Thank your Higher Self for becoming one with you and sit as long as you like as your Higher Self.

Be more sensitive!

A good way to encourage us to be our higher selves and to help our higher selves to shine through is to become more sensitive to all that is around us. It is important to be sensitive as this helps you to easily pick up on energy and connect with our guides and angels. There are a quite a few ways of helping you to be more sensitive.

You could try reading more books and stories on angels, life, nature and on helping others. Try reading books and stories that are emotional and inspiring, uplifting and encouraging.

Watch more programs that involve nature, angels, inspirational stories, true life, romance and films that make you cry - films that leave you feeling sensitive and uplifted at the same time.

Try to not watch / or read the news for at least a week or two. Also try to cut out films or programs that portray a lot of anger, violence or negativity such as soaps and dramas. You only need to cut these out for a week or two. The news is so filled with negativity that it blocks your higher self from coming through. Our higher selves are compassionate, empathic, fun, loving, generous, loyal and faithful, sensitive and kind and most of all positive. Watch TV, films and read books that are everything that your higher self is.

Try looking at lots of pictures of things that you find inspiring and beautiful. Also look at a lot of pictures of angels as these will all help you to become more sensitive.


Our higher selves love nature as when we are in nature it helps us to be protected and grounded, we are more connected to the earth and our guides and angels, we have quiet time which helps us to better hear divine messages and nature helps our higher self to shine through.

Try spending as much time in nature as possible. Go for long walks, plant a tree, do some gardening, go horse back riding or swimming in the out doors. Connect with nature in any way that you can. You could find somewhere nice and peaceful to lie down or sit, then look all around you. Take in every detail of your surroundings, see what all you can see, smell, hear and feel. Be one with nature and your higher self.

Take note of those around you

In order for our higher selves to shine through we need to learn the art of listening and connecting with our loved ones and people around us on a deeper level. We need to learn to read other people and understand them a lot more. So many times in life we are all so wrapped up in our own life issues that we forget to take the time to truly be there for others.

We listen when people talk to us but do we really listen? Do we genuinely feel another’s pain or fully understand how the person we are talking to feels? Apart of being our higher selves means that we should be more empathic, more sympathetic and understanding of others and their needs and feelings. We need to learn the art of not always putting our selves first, but in thinking of others and trying to help them where we can.

For two or three weeks why not try taking in as much detail as you can when someone talks to you. Watch their eyes, mouth, expression, body language and try to see if you can better understand the person you are talking too. There are many people out there who are suffering a great deal in life.

On the out side they put on a brave face and the world thinks they are happy, but inside they are dying or feeling so alone and sad. Your higher self will be able to see this sadness in the other person. Your higher self will be able to connect with this person on a deeper level, will know how this person feels and how to try and help this person.

Your higher self will know this because he/she would have taken the time to truly look deeper at this person. Your higher self would have put their own needs last and truly connected with the person that they are talking too. Because your higher self is so sensitive to the energy of all living things, he/she would instantly pick up on the energy of the sad person.

Once you begin to be your higher self on a daily basis then you too will be able to build stronger and more meaningful relationships with others and yourself. You will see others in a new and positive light. The old lady that once gave you the creeps each time you saw her will now seem different to you, you will see past what is on the out side and see deeper with in. You will discover that in actual fact she is a lovely person just really shy and lonely.

Or you may discover that the man that you thought was vein and rude, in actual fact has a charming and adventurous spirit. You will begin to realise that each and every living soul is a beautiful creation and child of God. We are all God’s children and he loves each and everyone of us. In his eyes we are all beautiful, equal and loved. Your higher self will look at the world and people around them in the same way as God would – meaning that your higher self will see the beauty in every living thing. Your higher self will always see the best in others and not the worse.

Thought Patten Change – It is vital that you learn to keep your thoughts and feelings positive at all time. Try to push or block out absolutely any negative thoughts or feelings that come to you. Try to always see the good side to every person and situation. Try to say positive affirmations on a daily basis. Do not just say them but believe in them and mean every word that you say. Stay Positive! Below is a lovely little exercise that will help you to keep positive on a daily basis.

How to Make Positive Affirmation Cards

To make the positive affirmation cards you will need coloured pens, some coloured card, a scissors, pictures, glitter and any other materials that you would like to use to decorate your cards with. Take a piece of card and cut out lots of rectangles that are about the size of a business card or bank card. On each of your cards write down a positive affirmation for your self such as;

* I am a beautiful child of God and I am much loved.

* I am successful in everything I do

* God is with me each day helping me on my life pass

* I am a positive and happy person

* I am protected each and every day

* I deserve to be happy and have no worries or concerns

* I always do my best to look after my body and be healthy and in good shape

* I am a loyal and kind friend

* I know that I will pass the test with flying colours

* I treat others as I would like to be treated

* My Clairsentience is extremely heightened always

* My Claircognianze is extremely heightened always

* My Clairsentience is extremely heightened always

* My Clairaudience is extremely heightened always

* I always try my very best to be a good and honest person

* When I believe in myself so do others

* I always do my very best to help others where I can

* I know that I will do well at the job interview today

Make each affirmation be personal to you. You could then begin to decorate your cards. You could cut out pictures that reflect your positive affirmation, stick glitter onto each card. Make your positive affirmation cards be personal to you and decorated in a way that reaches you. Each day spend just 5 – 10 minutes looking at each card and saying out loud each of your positive affirmations.

Other ways of helping us to be our higher selves are as follows:

Appreciation – Each day spend just 15 – 20 minutes appreciating all that you are blessed with. Let God and the angels know just how grateful you all for all the blessings in your life. Try to think what it is that you are most grateful for and then give thanks. Try to appreciate being you and living the life that you do. Below is a wonderful little exercise that you could try and do. You could try and create your own grateful washing line where you record each day, all the things in your life that you are grateful for and that you appreciate. It helps you to connect with your angelic helpers and helps you to show just how appreciative you are of all the help that they offer you.

How to Make a Grateful Washing Line

To make a grateful washing line you will need a long piece of string or ribbon, tiny clothes pegs, coloured paper, drawing pins, coloured pens and any other odds and ends that you would like to use to decorate your grateful washing line.

Once you have all the items that you need then find somewhere special in your home to hang up your washing line. Pin each end of the string or ribbon to your wall making sure it goes across your room like a washing line or across the wall. You can make your washing line as long or as short as you like. Put all the washing pegs onto the washing line. Now cut the colourer paper into small squares - like note pads or memo squares.

On each coloured square write down things that you are grateful for. Examples are; I am grateful that I got the children to school on time, I am grateful that we sold our house, I am grateful that it is such a beautiful day today, I am grateful that I found that bargain at the bootfare today, I am grateful that my family and I are in good health, I am grateful for our home and for all I have, I am grateful that my daughter got into her chosen school, I am grateful that each day my husband, my children and I get to school, work and home again safely, I am grateful that the children were well behaved today, I am grateful that I did not forget to go to the doctors, I am grateful that my friend is now well again, I am grateful for the help I received with the project I am working on, I am grateful that it is the weekend.

You can decorate each grateful card in any way that you like. You could stick on pictures, paint them and make each card personal to you. Once you have created your washing line cards then stick them onto your washing line using the pegs. You could even decorate each washing peg if you like.

You can make many different types of washing lines such as a prayer washing line, a stay positive washing line where you write down all the things that you need to be positive about, a memory or to do washing line where you job down things you need to remember to do, a birthday washing line where you add all your family and friends birthdays, you could even make a calendar or chores washing line. Make your washing line personal and special to you.

Music - Surrounding your self with lots of beautiful music. Music helps to life our spirits and connects us with angels and our true selves. Music also helps to remove negativity and raises our vibrations higher.

Animals - Spending more time with animals and our pets. When we are around animals it helps to reduce stress, it helps to calm us on a deeper level and helps our sensitivity to be heightened.

Prayer – Try to say prayer on a regular basis. Each day thank the Lord and all of his angels for all that they have blessed you with. Make a list of all the things in each day that you are grateful for. It is important to give thanks for all that you have and to connect to God and the angels with prayer. Prayer helps our vibrations to rise and it helps us to easily and readily connect with our angels and guides.

Be Helpful – Try to do something helpful each day. You could smile at the the next person you walk pass on the street, as a smile can go a very long way and help another person more than you realise. Or if you find litter lying on the floor then pick it up and put it in the bin.

You could help an elderly person cross the road, comfort a child when they fall, advice a friend who is in need or do one of your partners chores to release the stress, do something special and nice for a loved one, help a little animal who may be in distress, plant a tree or water your plants. Each day try to do at least one or more helpful things. You will soon notice a massive difference in your life and your relationships with others if you do.

At the start of each day say out loud or to yourself, “My higher self I ask that you will please run my life. Help me to be my higher self at all times. Thank you.” then notice the difference not only in your self but in your life too.

Creative Project – Higher Self Calendar

To make a Higher Self Calendar you will need 12 large sheets of strong card, 52 small envelopes, 52 small coloured paper squares or square memo pads, felt tip pens, glue or double sided tape, some paper, paints, glitter, special pens, fabric, peel offs and boarders, ribbon and other odds and ends to decorate your calendar. On Each sheet of card write down at the top of each card; My Higher Self Calendar and write down a different month and the year.

For example on the first card write down My Higher Self Calendar January 2011. On the second write, My Higher Self Calendar February 2011 and so on.

Then stick the appropriate amount of envelopes onto each calendar for each month. Each envelope will represent a week in that particular month. Decorate your calendar in a way that is special and personal to you. Colour or paint each envelope a different bright colour and then write down on each envelope week 1 ………….. (dates for that week) and so on for each envelope.

On each small square memo pads write down: “This week I am going to ...................” and then write down a positive and good deed that you could do for that each day of that week - deeds or positive things that your higher self would do. Once you have written out each one then stick them into the envelopes and stick the envelopes to your calendar. You could even decorate each memo square.

The reason this is you higher self calendar is because each day you are going to try and be your higher self and do the things that your higher self would do. For example you could write down;

* This week I am going to smile at each person I walk past and meet though out each day as I know a smile can go a long way.

* This week I will help a friend or someone in need. I will try to make a difference to someone’s life.

* This week I will pick up all litter that I find laying around and I will make sure that I do not litter

* This week I will spend at least 30 minutes in nature each day being one with myself and my thoughts, so that I can clearly hear angelic and spiritual guidance.

* This week I will be more understanding of others feelings and situations. I will take the time to listen to what others have to say and be emphatic

* This week I will thank all those who have helped me, been there for me and my friends and family for just being as wonderful as they are

* This week I will not swear, talk, act or think negatively. All my thoughts, words and feelings will be positive

* This week I will not judge others or run any person down. I will treat others as I would like to be treated myself

* This week I will do something for charity and give to those in need

*This week I will take special note of all the nature and animals around me. I will take the time to notice what a beautiful planet I live on.

You can repeat good deeds on other weeks or you could make a different positive higher self deed for each week, it is completely up to you. Each week take out the square memo for that particular week and stick it on to the out side of the envelope so you can look at it each day. Try to look at it each day to re-mind yourself of what positive Higher self deed you need to do that week, then do your best to do your positive deed each day of that week.

You could also say each day when you open your envelope this short prayer: “I ask my Higher Self to please run my life and help me to be my Higher Self at all times. Thank you.” You could also say this affirmation each day at least 3-4 times each day, “I am my higher self at all times! I am my higher self at all times!”

When you learn to be your higher self at all times you will feel like a brand new person inside. You will appreciate your life, your surroundings and others more and will find that you feel good and happy inside as well as positive. Your out look on the world will change to a positive and bright one. You do not have to use my method of making your calendar you could make your calendar any way that you like. There are so many different ways of making a calendar. I have found pictures of other ways of making a calendar to give you ideas. Have fun!


Please try and practice doing the Higher Self Meditation as much as you can. As with all meditations it will take a while for some to get the hang of it. Each time you do the meditation you will find that it will become easier and easier to do – and before you know it, you will know the meditation off by heart and not have to keep referring back to your notes.

Please also try to do all the wonderful things that help your higher self to shine through. If you do these things each day then you will soon begin to feel a huge and positive difference in your life. You will begin to be your higher self at all times.

Please try and create your own grateful washing line.

Try and make your own Higher Self Calendar

At the end of the week write down how you found the meditation and note down any differences in how you feel, from before you started to do the meditation and now that you are doing it.

(I do find that it is important to keep a Spiritual Growth and Psychic Development journal through out the course. It is completely up to you but I would recommend you using one if you can.

It always comes in handy to go back and read over some of your notes. I have always kept a journal where I record all my experiences, feelings, dreams, notes from lessons I have done and so on. Many times I do go back and have a read and am pleasantly surprised, or discover something that I missed or did not think of before.)