Lesson 13: Automatic Writing

Automatic Writing is a beautiful way in which you can connect with your spirit guides and angels. It is very simple and easy to do and does not take much time or effort. It may take a few attempts but keep up with it and before you know it, you will be having written or typed conversations with your guides and angels.

What is Automatic Writing?

Automatic writing is when a spirit works through you to pass on messages in written form. The spirit who is communicating to you will use your hand, pen and paper to pass on messages to you – they work through you to pass messages on. You can use a pen a paper to do automatic writing or even your key board and computer.

I perform automatic writing all the time when I perform readings for people or even preparing the lessons for this course. I would sit down and begin to write a lesson or perform a reading and before I know it I will be typing so fast with out even realising what I am typing. When I go back and read what I have written I am always surprised at how much info came through and can not even remember writing some of what I have written. What happened here was that angels and spirit were working through me to prepare each lesson or reading that I was performing.

How Does Automatic Writing Work?

When performing automatic writing one needs to quiet their mind and be in a complete state of relaxation and calmness. You also need to be on your own in a quiet environment where you will not be disturbed.

It is important to clear away any of the days chatter from your mind. It is always important to ask for protection for your self and your home before performing automatic writing. You can do this by calling upon the Archangel Michael and asking him to only allow spirits of the highest vibration to pass on messages to you.

This helps to block out any spirits who may be up to no good or who are negative. Once you are completely calm and relaxed then your mind goes into a kind of trance. It is then that your spirit guides and angels come to your side and work through you in your writing.

As mentioned above, I find automatic writing is extremely helpful to me – especially when performing readings for people. I will sit down by my pc and lay my fingers on the key board. I then ask my angels and spirit guides, as well as the angels and spirit guides of the person whom I’m performing a reading for to please come through.

I ask them to please help me to give the person an accurate and helpful reading. I ask my angels and guides, as well as the angels and guides of the person I am reading for, to work through me to help answer that persons question accurately and with as much detail as possible.

I will then calm my mind and block out any thoughts or mind chatter from my day. Once I feel completely relaxed I then close my eyes and concentrate on the person questions. I will then find that my fingers being typing so fast that it is hard to take in what I am writing. I do try to not look at what I’m writing but just trust what is coming through will be accurate. This is a perfect example of automatic writing – which I feel most psychics do even with out realising it.

When performing readings I will not only use the automatic writing but also hear words, see visions and symbols, pictures, have feelings, thoughts and sensations, and at times have spirits come to me with messages for the person I’m reading for. All the above is what helps me to give a person an accurate and helpful reading. These are all ways that our guides and angels talk to us and pass on messages.

I do not just use automatic writing when performing readings. At times when I am home alone I will sit down at my PC or with a pen and paper in front of me and ask my guides to come though and help answer some of my own questions. I have learnt so much form my guides and angels.

I learnt through automatic writing that one of my spirit guides is John the Baptist. I have also been given good advice on which path I should take in my life, and have had many of my troubling questions answered, as well as received messages from some of my loved ones who have passed over.

Automatic writing is a wonderful way of truly connecting with your guides and angels. You can do automatic writing either with a pen and piece of paper or on your PC – typing. It is entirely up to – find the method that you feel works best for you.

Automatic Writing Exercise

•1.) Find somewhere quiet to sit down. If you wish to type then sit at your pc with your fingers on the key board, if you wish to write then sit with a pen in your hand and a piece of paper in front of you. Get your hand in the writing position on the paper.

•2.) Make sure that you will not be disturbed

•3.) Put on some soft music and maybe light a candle or two if you feel this helps you to relax.

•4.) Call upon the Archangel Michael and say a little prayer of protection. Ask the Archangel Michael to only allow spirits of the highest vibration to come though. Below is a short prayer I usually use...

“Archangel Michael, I call upon you now. Please may you stand by my side and keep my family, home and myself protected through out this exercise. Please only allow spirits of the highest vibration to pass on messages to me. Thank you.”

•5.) At the top of your page or paper write down your question, and then ask your guides to please help to answer your question. If you wish to communicate with a loved one who has passed over, then ask that loved one to please pass messages onto you now.

•6.) Sit quietly and calm your mind. Try to push a side any chatter or thoughts from your day. Try feeling completely relaxed and know that you are safe as the Archangel Michael is by your side protecting you.

•7.) Once you feel completely relaxed and have calmed your mind then write down what ever comes to you even if it sound like gibberish.

Do not read what comes or judge it – just let it come and trust that what came to you are accurate messages. You may see pictures or symbols in your mind, you may hear words being said, you may have strange feelings or sensations come over you, or you may find that your hand just writes on its own. Just write down what ever comes into your mind – even if it is doodles.

•8.) Once you have finished writing and nothing else comes to you then thank your guides and angels for passing on messages to you. Thank the Archangel Michael for his protection too.

•9.) Put your paper somewhere safe or in your psychic journal or if typing then save it into a folder. Do not throw it away or delete it if you feel it is insignificant or a load of gibberish. It will be important to you at some point in your life.

You may find that it takes a couple of attempts before messages start to flow through. At first you may only receive a word or two or maybe even a doodle. Do not get disheartened or throw it a way. Keep it and keep the faith too. The more automatic writing you do the more messages that will come though.

If you read what you have written and you find that there are obscene words, depressive content or words that expresses a lot of anger and fear, then burn or delete the written work – as this may mean that a negative spirit has come through and passed on negative information.

Some of Natasha’s Spiritual Experiences

Ghost Girl in Monique’s Room

On the 7th of June 2011 I had a woman in spirit following me around all day. I had sensed her around me many times and always heard her talking to me. That particular day she kept calling my name. I felt that she was my mother's mom - my grandmother who passed away before I was born. I always feel her presence around me.

Anyways the next day I had just gotten home from doing the school run. My daughters Monique and Krisit had run up stairs to get changed out of their uniforms while I was in the kitchen making them a cup of tea and biscuits. I then heard Kristi shout, "Momo I just saw another you walking into your bedroom."

Monique the said, "What do you mean another me?" Kristi replied, "I saw another little girl who is the same age like you walking into your room Momo, she was see through and had brown hair just like you."

I went up stairs to find out what was going on. Kristi explained that while Monique and she were talking in Kristi's room, she saw another little girl with brown hair and about the same age as Monique walk into Monique’s room. Kristi's little face had confusion written all over it. Her eyes were big as sauces. "Mommy I am telling the truth, I really did see it mommy." I could tell that she was telling the truth and had seen a little ghost girl walk into Monique’s room.

Who is There?

About 7 months ago I was on my way to collect my girls from school. I was thinking about this course and what work I still needed to do on each lesson. I suddenly felt as though there were someone walking right behind me – very close behind me. This made me feel on edge because of how close they were too me. I could hear their foot steps and even feel their energy very strongly. I felt as though if they got any closer to me that they would knock me off the road as I was walking on a very narrow side walk.

I moved out of the way to let the person pass but to my surprise no one was there. I continued on my journey to the school. Not even 2 minutes later I felt that someone was walking right behind me again, just then I felt someone swish their hand through my hair. I could actually physically feel their hand as it brushed through my hair. I spun round and let out a little shriek! No one was there and the road was so quite. There were no people or cars around. It was only then that I realised that it must have been a spirit walking behind me and brushing their hand in my hair. The experience was a bit creepy and did put me on edge.

A Visit From Alan!

On the 28th of April 2011 just before I went to bed I had a clear and vivid vision of our neighbour Alan. He was standing in front of me and he was trying to get my attention. He looked very sad and worried. When I asked him what was wrong and if he was okay he turned away and started walking away. He said, "Don't worry I will talk to you later, I do not want to disturb you.”

Before I could tell him that he was not disturbing me he was gone. I was left with a strange eerie kind of feeling. I felt the vision was trying to tell me something important. Alan's wife fell down the stairs a month earlier and was recovering. I began worrying that maybe something had happened to her.

Then on the 5th of May 2011 our door bell rang. I went and answered the door and it was Alan. I could tell by the look on his face that something terrible had happened. Alan told me that his wife June had passed away that night. I gave him a big hug. My heart wept for him and for June. I feel the vision I had on the 28th of April was trying to warn me of June’s death.

Private Conversations

One evening I was sitting at the dinning room table eating my dinner. I am the world’s slowest eater ever so the girls and Dave had finished eating their dinners ages before me. The girls were now up stairs and Dave was in the kitchen making a cup of coffee. I sat quietly in the lounge / diner finishing of my dinner.

I suddenly heard a woman and man's voice. They were talking quite loudly but the sound was slightly muffled so I could not make out what they were saying. I assumed it was Dave's mum and thought that she might have popped round to see us. I went into the kitchen to say hello to Dave's mum only to discover that Dave stood quietly in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil and his mum was not there. I was so surprised as I could clearly and vividly hear a man and woman talking and it sounded like it was coming from the kitchen.

Disappearing Man!

My husband David, my eldest daughter Monique and I were at one of our local churches getting reading to perform our lent play as we are members of a small musical performing group called Christian Voices.

We were the only ones there as it was still early and the church was empty. While setting up our music gear something caught my eye on the stage to the right of me. I looked up at the stage and saw and elderly man just sitting there on a bench. He watched us as we were working.

I was surprised to see him as the church was locked up and we had opened it when we arrived. No one had entered the building and no one was there. I then noticed that he was beginning to fade and eventually disappeared all together before my very eyes. It was then that I realised he was a spirit. He looked just like a living person and this is why at first I did not realise that he was a spirit.

Things that go Bump in the Night!

One night I was laying in bed feeling all frustrated as I could not get to sleep. While laying there getting more and more annoyed I suddenly heard a woman's voice whisper something in my ear - I could feel her cold breath on my ear. Unfortunately I could not hear what she had whispered!

I opened my eyes and instantly saw someone standing right next to me. I could not see her face but I did notice that she has some kind of belt or string around her waist that was swaying. The belt had long strings hanging from it and attached to the strings were tiny charms or beads. I screamed out loud as it was all such a shock to look up and see someone standing right by you. This off course woke up Dave and he asked what was wrong. I just told him that I had a nightmare.

For about 10 minutes after the incident I kept feeling that there was someone watching me and standing by my bed. I felt bumps against the bed and felt someone sitting on the end of the bed. I kept hearing a man and woman’s voice talking and heard foot steps in the room. I also kept feeling as though someone was breathing near my face and hair. It was not a very pleasant night!!!!!

Usually I do not get so scared or uneasy when there is a spiritual presence around me, but for some reason that night I did feel very on edge. I prayed for protection and for God and the angels to keep my family safe. I then felt someone stroke my face with their hand. I did not feel afraid this time but comforted as I knew it was an angel watching over my family and I.

The next morning on the way back from dropping my little ones at school, I kept seeing perfectly shaped hearts in the most odd places and things. I saw a leaf that was shaped in the perfect heart; I saw bird droppings in the shape of a heart, a heart shaped stone, two white feathers and a heart shape hole in the ground. These were all signs from my angels that they were watching over us. Thank you my angels.

Spirits Joining in on the Fun!

On the 30th of June 2010 my husband David and I went to see my daughter Monique sing in the BIG SING for her school. They were singing at the De La Warr Pavilion and it was called the BIG SING as schools from all over Bexhill were joining together to take part in a massive singing performance.

I was so proud of my daughter and gave her a HUGE huggle and kiss before she went into a large hall to meet her classmates. A few minutes before the show was about to begin all the parents began to enter a large hall and take seats. As soon as I walked into the hall I felt the presence of many spirits.

Their presence was so strong that it made my head feel dizzy and my vision go a bit fuzzy. Their presence was so strong that I felt as though i would faint. I am used to this as it happens almost daily with me so I did as I usually do and tried to smile and look as though nothing was happening.

I took my seat and got comfortable. Everyone looked so excited and so was I. I felt so very proud of my beautiful daughter and all the children there, that they were able to have this wonderful opportunity. I looked up as a spokes man got up on stage and welcomed all of the guests.

Suddenly something caught my eye! I could clearly and vividly see a lady dressed in Victorian clothes wondering around near the stage. I think it was Victorian clothing - not 100% sure but they looked very old and elegant. Not far behind her was a man dressed in pirate clothes and another man who wore a black and white suit with a very tall black top hat.

I remember asking myself, "Now are these spirits or are they actually part of the BIG SING act." I looked around the room but no one else seemed to notice them, so I asked my husband, "Dave can you see a Victorian Woman, A pirate and a man in a tall top hat wondering down there near the stage." My husband looked at me as though I was going mad! "No there is only the spokes man down their introducing the first act." He told me to try and concentrate on what was going on and enjoy the show.

I blinked a couple of times and looked at the stage once more but the spirits were still there. The names Elizabeth and also the name Humbert suddenly popped into my mind. I could not get that name out of my head. I tried to not let their presence stop me from enjoying the show. It was a brilliant show and I had to fight off happy tears all the way through.

After the show I went home and after tucking Monique into bed I went straight to my pc and did some research on the De La Warr Pavilion and the name Elizabeth and I also researched the name Humbert. I discovered that there was a lady named Elizabeth Sacville who married the 5th Ear De La Warr in 1813. He was the man who owned the De La Warr Pavilion. There was also a family called the Humberts who worked there at the De La Warr Pavilion around that same time.

It was quite an exciting discovery. When I looked at an old photo of Elizabeth she looked so very much like the woman I had seen that night. Could it have been her? Could one of the others be one of the Humberts?


* Try out the Automatic Writing exercise.

* First try asking only simple questions before moving on to in depth questions

* Remember to write down all your thoughts, feelings, experiences and what come to you in your psychic journal.