Lesson 8: Auras


What is an Aura? All around us is a pulsating electromagnetic energy field know as our Aura. Our Aura is made up of pure energy, it is a vibrating energy field that surrounds our bodies. This energy field is shaped like an egg or cocoon all around our body. There are many layers of the Aura – each a different colours and each layer blending together. As the energy moves further away from the body it becomes finer and moves faster.

Some people have the gift to see these vibrations of energy. What they see is different colours of swirling light around a person. Each colour of light can tell us different things about that person.

It helps us to see if they are healthy or not, highly spiritual or depressed. You can tell a lot just from looking at the colour of a persons Aura. There are 7 layers of the Aura – each layer a different colour that stands for different things.

The 7 layers of the Aura

I will start with the layers closest to the body and work outwards.

Etheric- Red

The Etheric layer is the first layer of the aura and is about 2 inches from our skin. It’s colour is red. This energy field is connected to the first of our Chakras and like the first Chakra relates to the condition and health of the physical body.

This layer is associated with touch and feelings. If you have a strong red aura then you will find that you will be healthy and all your senses will be heightened. When you are unhealthy, unwell or feeling low then your red aura will appear dim and dirty in colour. A healthy person’s aura will appear bright and clear.

Emotional Body- Orange

The second aura layer is called the Emotional Body (Emotional Layer) and this is about 2-4 inches away from our bodies. It is Orange in colour. This energy field is connected to the second of our Chakras. Like the second Chakra this energy field relates to our feelings, emotions and experiences.

This energy field is constantly changing as do our emotions. As we change emotionally so does the aura – happy emotions result in clear clean colour while negative emotions result in dirty dim colour. This layer also stores unsettled emotions such as fear, resentment, unsolved baggage, and loneliness. The energies present in the second aura layer will communicate with the first layer how we are feeling emotionally.

These two Auras are closely connected as with all the auras. They work together to tell our physical body how we are health wise and emotionally. If we are feeling depressed, angry or emotionally unsettled then these messages will be passed on to our physical body, this could result in physical tension, muscle cramps and upset stomach. This is caused because of the etheric (first) layer being bombarded by emotional pain residing in the second aura layer.

Mental Body- Yellow

The third aura layer is the Mental Body (Mental Layer); this is about 4-8 inches from the physical body. Its colour is yellow. This layer is connected to the third chakra, our consciousness, ideas, logical processes, belief systems and intellect. Mental health and issues are shown in this area.

Every thought, idea and our daydreams are all processed here and sorted through. When you have an active and lively mind then this aura will pulsate at a very fine level. If a person is suffering from mental disorders, depression, bad thoughts etc then their aura will show as a dim and dirty yellow. A person who is healthy mentally and in a good frame of mind’s aura will be bright and clear.

Higher Mental Body – Green

This fourth layer is the Higher Mental Body (Astral Layer or Bridge Layer). This is about 8 – 12 inches away from the physical body. Its colour is Green and this layer is connected to our Fourth Chakra.

Like the fourth Chakra this layer represents and covers our emotions, sense of love and well being, balancing of our life as well as the expansion of our goals and dreams – and us as a person. This layer is where our auras merge and interact with others, with plants and animals, with people and the cosmos. This aura is strongly connected with our heart chakras.

Spiritual Body – Turquoise

The fifth aura layer is the Spiritual Body also know as the Etheric Template Layer. This layer is Turquoise in colour. This layer is 1 – 2 feet away from the physical body. This layer of the aura connects with the fifth Chakra. This layer (like the fifth Chakra) is associated with Divine Will, creativity, sound and vibration. It is also connected to communication.

This layer of the aura serves as a carbon copy of the physical body on the spiritual plane. This layer is where our higher will and conscious come together. Our higher conscious is found in this layer of the aura. The physical plane and the spiritual plane connect, communicate and come together here.

Causal Body – Deep Blue / Indigo

The sixth aura layer is called the Causal Body (Celestial Layer) and its colour is a deep blue / Indigo. This layer is connected to the sixth Chakra. It is about 2-3 feet away from the physical body.

This is the layer where we experience the spirit world. This layer is a very big part of what influences and causes our lives. This layer is where the physical mind connects with the spiritual mind. This is our sixth sense and connects us to the spiritual realm and our intuition.

Like the 6th Chakra this layer of the aura is connected to our dreams, spiritual awareness, our thoughts and feelings of unconditional love, to honesty and trust as well as to our knowledge and intuitive knowledge.

Ketheric Body / True Self – Violet

The seventh aura layer is known as the Ketheric Body / True Self (Ketheric Template Layer or Causal Layer.) This layer of the aura is connected to the 7th layer of the Chakra.

Like the 7th Chakra this layer links us to Divine Mind, our super-consciousness, all knowledge, possibilities and our higher truth. The colour of this aura is Violet and it is at least 3-5 feet away from the physical body. This layer of the aura has the very special job of protecting and holding all the other layers of the aura together. The 7th aura reflects all of our soul’s experiences and events through time.

The best way to remember the colours of the Aura and in which order they are is to think of a rainbow. The red aura is closest to your physical body like it is the first colour of the rainbow. The orange aura is the next in line just as orange is the second colour of the rainbow and so on – all the way to the 7th aura (violet) which is last like the last layer of the rainbow which is Violet.

If you think of your Aura and Chakras like a rainbow then it will be easy for you to remember which order they are. This layer is highly spiritual and is a strong connection to God and all things spiritual. This layer is the blue print of our spiritual path and destiny.

Learning to sense and see your Aura

First sit comfortably facing white wall or white background. Make sure there is no direct sunlight or artificial light shinning on you. Stretch out your right arm in front of you – so it is in front of the wall (do not touch the wall). Make sure the back of your right hand is facing you.

Open out your fingers and look at the space in between your fingers and the wall. Only look at the space in between your fingers – not at your fingers. Now allow your eyes to completely relax. You will begin to see a fuzzy white or gray outline around your fingers. If you begin to see this it means you are doing the exercise right. What you are actually seeing is your aura.

Continue to look in between your fingers at the fuzzy outline. As you continue to look at the fuzzy outline you should notice it start to change colour – usually to blue. Keep looking at your aura until you can see it all around your hand and fingers.

If you do not notice anything at first, then please do not give up, keep trying and trying as with practice the exercise will become easier and easier. You can do this exercise any time and place.

View the aura around your head

Stand in front of a mirror. Make sure that there is a plain wall or background behind and around you. Again make sure there is no direct sunlight or artificial light shinning on you.

Look at the space above your head and let your eyes completely relax. You should begin to see a fuzzy white or grey outline appear around your head. If you do begin to see this then you are doing the exercise right as this is your aura.

Continue to look at the fuzzy white / grey light and you will begin to notice it change colour – it usually changes to blue. You are now looking at your etheric body – your aura. Watch as this blue outline stretches over your head and shoulders.

Learn to sense and feel your Aura

I love doing this exercise and you can do it any place and any where. I find it quite therapeutic and relaxing. It is amazing feeling once you learn to sense, feel and see your aura.

Sit or stand comfortably and make sure you will not be disturbed (once you get the hang of it, you will find that you can do this exercise any time and in any environment). Hold up both of your hands in front of you. Now put both of your hands together as you would when praying. Do not interlock your fingers, just let the fingers and palms of both hands rest against each other.

Move your hands apart and then bring them together again slowly, keeping doing this over and over. Notice how it feels and what you can see. As you move your hands together and apart you should begin to feel a pulling like feeling coming from the palms of your hands.

Each time you move your palms of your hands forwards and backwards just take them slightly further apart each time. As you continue moving them forward and apart you will begin to notice a sensation building up in the palms of your hands.

You will begin to feel your palms become hot and it will feel like elastic in between each hand. If you feel this then you are sensing and feeling your aura. If you relax your eyes and look at your hands as you do this exercise then you will begin to even see this aura. It will first look like heat waves and eventually change colour to white and then blue. You will be able to see this energy pulling back and forth as you move your hands.

Seeing the Aura’s of those around you

Ask a friend or family member if they would not mind you practicing on them and trying to see their auras. Ask your family member or friend to please sit comfortably in a chair. Make sure that the walls behind and around them are white or plain in colour. Also make sure that there is no artificial light or direct sunlight in the room.

Sit opposite your friend or family member and look just above the top of their head. Let your eyes relax completely and keep looking. You should begin to see a grey / white fuzzy outline – which should begin to change colour to blue. If you continue to look at your friend or family member’s aura, you should then begin to see the aura changing colour again.

Notice what colour their aura changes too and what its patten is. Is it all around them or is it in a broken pattern? What is the shape and colour of their Aura?

The Colours of the Aura

There are many different colour and shapes of the aura. Each shape and colour has a different meaning. Below are some of the different colours of the aura and their meanings. The colour of a person’s aura can tell us a lot about that person. It helps us to see how they are feeling; it helps to give us an idea about a person, their thoughts, health and emotional state of mind.

Red : Energy – Energetic person, action, innovation, materialistic thoughts, thoughts about the physical body, materialistically oriented person, life-force, survival, raw passion, anger, frustration, menstruation, determination, sense of importance, feeling overwhelmed by change.

Orange: Optimism, emotional warmth, uplifting and absorbing, confidence, Inspiring, A sign of power and authority, sensuality, physical pleasure, emotional self-expression, Ability and/or desire to control people, creativity, lacking reason, lacking self-discipline, health, vitality.

When the orange aura becomes a stronger, contributes to a yellow halo, which then becomes gold, indicates that this person is a powerful spiritual teacher, someone capable of demonstrating their unique abilities and teaching others spiritually.

Yellow : Creativity, mental agility, mental alertness, analytical thought, communication, generosity, happiness, optimism, child-like, joy, freedom, non-attachment, freeing or releasing vital forces, full of inner joy, not attached to anything, high spiritual development, highly spiritual, contentment, ego driven, thinking at expense of feeling.

Green: Kindness and Peaceful, love of nature, grounded, restful, modifying energy, natural healing ability, a need for harmony, love and genuine, love gardening, nurturing, new growth, fear, need for security, jealousy and envy, balance.

Turquoise: Compassionate, thoughtful, affectionate, tenderness, strong personality and strong spiritually, dynamic quality of being, highly energized, capable of projection, influencing other people, organizing and influencing others.

Blue: Consideration, ethical, idealism, spiritual knowledge, strong values, independent, verbal communication, freethinking, organized, emphasis on business, male energies, sadness, possibilities, balanced, eased nerve system, relaxed, survivors, achiever.

Purple: Spiritual purpose, love, psychic ability, intuition, wisdom, authoritative, female energies, spiritual thoughts, sense of superiority, controlling, imagination, highly psychic and spiritual.

White: Spiritual evolution, connection to the Divine, very high spiritual vibration, godly, divine, inspiration, humanitarianism, seeing spiritual big picture, compassionate, serious disease, artificial stimulation (drugs), lack of harmony in the body and mind, Nature, harmonious.

Several hours before someone passes away the Aura becomes white, and greatly increases in intensity. This does not mean that if you see a person with white aura they are going to die – it just means that our aura does change to white before we pass over. A person can have a white aura with out passing away so please do not be afraid of this.

Pink: Affection, strong spirituality, compassionate, in love, love, achieved a perfect balance between spiritual awareness and the material existence; self-love, tenderness, female energies, gay energies, being ‘nice’ at expense of being ‘real’, emphasis on physical appearances.

Gold: High spiritual vibration, clear seeing, integrating spirit and body, creating as spirit, integrity, respect, freedom.

Brown: Unsettling, distracting, materialistic, negating spirituality, grounding, down to earth, practical, male energies, invalidating, emphasizing body and denying spirit, feeling worth-less.

Black: Issues relating to death, hatred, lack of forgiveness, unresolved karma, dark intentions, shadow games, needing compassion for self.


The Shower Meditation from the Chakra Lesson is a good meditation to do. This meditation works wonders for your Chakras as well as your Auras.

The Shower Meditation

Fist put on some soft music – I find classical or Native American Indian music works best for me. Find somewhere that is quiet and where you will not be disturbed. Either lie down or sit in a comfortable position. Shut your eyes and take in 3 deep breaths.

When you take in your three deep breaths try inhale – hold – breath out slowly.

Once you have done this then look to your left, back in front and then look to your right and back to the front.

Shrug your shoulders – bring your shoulder to your neck and release. Straighten your arms and put your hands into a tight fist and then release. Point your toes down wards and then up again. Have a good all body stretch and then completely relax. Repeat the 3 deep breaths once again then continue to breathe in and out slowly.

Once you feel completely relaxed imagine that you are standing in a hot shower. You can see and feel the warm water as it sprays down on you, making you feel totally relaxed. Hear, see and feel the water – make the vision as real as you can make it.

Imagine the water turning into a beautiful white light.

Watch as a shower of white light water washes over you. Notice any negativity or bad energy was away and swirl down the drain, leaving you feeling whole and cleansed from any negative energy.

Now imagine the water changing to a brilliant red colour. Watch as this brilliant red coloured water spays on you cleanses your red Aura and Chakra. See the red water begin to glow and shine brighter and brighter. Notice how all the negative energy in your red Chakra and Aura is washed away down the drain.

Now imagine the water changing to a bright clear orange colour. Watch as this bright orange coloured water sprays on you and cleanses your orange Aura and Chakra. See the orange water begin to glow and shine brighter and brighter. Notice how all the negative energy in your orange Chakra and Aura is washed away down the drain.

The water now turns to a beautiful sunshine yellow. Watch as this beautiful yellow coloured water sprays on you and cleanses your yellow Aura and Chakra. See the yellow water begin to glow and shine brighter and brighter. Notice how all the negative energy in your yellow Chakra and Aura is washed away down the drain.

Now the water changes to a deep green. Watch as this deep green coloured water sprays on you and cleanses your green Aura and Chakra. See the green water begin to glow and shine brighter and brighter. Notice how all the negative energy in your green Chakra and Aura is washed away down the drain.

The water now turns to a gorgeous turquoise colour. Watch as this beautiful turquoise coloured water sprays on you and cleanses your turquoise Chakra and Aura. See the turquoise water begin to glow and shine brighter and brighter. Notice how all the negative energy in your turquoise Chakra and Aura is washed away down the drain.

Imagine the water now changing to a deep blue colour. Watch as this deep blue coloured water sprays onto you and cleanses your blue Chakra and Aura. See the deep blue water begin to glow and shine brighter and brighter. Notice how all the negative energy in your blue Chakra and Aura is washed away down the drain.

Now imagine the water changing to a deep purple / violet colour. Watch as this deep purple coloured water sprays onto you and cleanses your violet Chakra and Aura. See the deep purple water begin to glow and shine brighter and brighter. Notice how all the negative energy in your violet Chakra and Aura is washed away down the drain.

Imagine the water turning to the beautiful white light again. See your entire body inside and out covered in this beautiful white light. Notice that there is no negative energy around you. You are completely cleansed and whole. Turn off the shower taps and step out of the shower. Grab a towel and dry your self off and then get dressed again.

You are not back in your chair or lying down. Repeat the 3 deep breaths again and come out of the meditation.

Ground, Centre and Shield Meditation (from the first lesson)

Keeping yourself grounded is a very effective way of keeping your aura balanced, grounded and cleansed.

Ground: Start by sitting comfortably in a chair. Make sure your spine is straight and your feet planted firmly on the floor. Say in your mind, the word, “ground.” Begin to visualize your feet growing roots like a tree, through the ground, all the way down to the centre of the earth.

See these roots anchor themselves there, in the earth’s core. Feel the depth of this connection stabilizing you. Allow any negative energy to drain down through these roots and be burned up.

Centre: Take a moment to observe where you are in the here and now, notice how you feel. Don’t judge it. Just notice it. Say in your mind the word, “centre.” See these roots pulling white light from the centre of the earth, up into your heart. Pull all your awareness into your heart, as this light forms into a growing, glowing ball. Imagine YOU are inside the centre of this ball, and you are one with it.

Shield: See this ball of light expanding, flowing throughout your body like water, until it has filled you completely. Say in your mind the word, “shield.” Then, direct that light out from your body, through your skin.

Spin this light around your body in a clockwise motion, forming a bubble of earth-powered protection. You can play with your shield, trying out different shapes and sizes. You can form it into an egg of light, make it transparent, or put mirrors on it!

I recommend making it porous like a web or a screen if you will be interacting with other people. When you feel like your shield is in place, say in your mind, “Only love can pass through this shield.”

Some of Natasha’s Dreams

Another Life

On the 15th January 2011 I had a dream that I was walking in a large raging river. Something very big had happened and there were many people were forced or had no choice but to walk in this very dangerous river. I was one of those people who had to follow the river.

As I was walking in the cold raging waters I heard a voice call out to me and tell me to be careful as the river was very dangerous. The voice told me that I must only walk straight and follow the river. Though I could not clearly make out what they were saying as the sound of the river was so loud.

I remember thinking that the river does not seem that dangerous. I also noticed that there were little rivers branching off from the large rivers and going in other directions. I suddenly noticed that the river grew stronger and fiercer and I was struggling to keep my self moving forward.

Just then with out warning I was pulled into one of the little rivers that branches off from the large one. I remember screaming and trying to pull my self back to the main river. Next thing I knew I was in a lightly lit room getting dressed into a beautiful long princess like dress. I looked up and noticed a large portrait in a pretty frame.

The portrait was of a dark coloured skinned man and woman. The man had smart clothes on with lots of badges. He had dark hair and a moustache. The woman was very beautiful and had her hair pinned back and in a bun. She was wearing the same light coloured dress I had just put on and she wore a delicate and dainty crown on her head. I felt this man and woman were a king and queen or princess and prince.

I then looked up and in front me was a large mirror. I gasped as I looked in the mirror as instead of seeing my own reflection. I saw the reflection of that woman and I then realised that that woman was me. Someone walked into the room at that moment and asked if I were ready yet. I felt confused and fearful as wondered if I would ever get back to my life again. I then woke up.

Sand Whirl Pool

In 2011 I had a nasty migraine as well as a sickness bug that was going around. So I laid down and shut my eyes. After about 15 minutes of lying down I had a strange vision…

I saw a large dusty area – like a desert but there were houses near by. The sand looked similar to fine beach sand. I then saw a whirl pool appear in the sand. It started small and then grew bigger and bigger.

As the sand whirl pool grew it was sucking and pulling everything into the middle of it, where it dragged what it had pulled deep into the centre of the whirl poor – into the ground.

I could see houses being sucked into this whirl poor. It was such a vivid vision and seemed so very real. I sat up after the vision had ended and made myself a cup of coffee. My head still hurt so I laid down again. I was only laying down for about 10 minutes when I had another vision come to me…

I could see a long canoe kind of boat with oars. The boat was filled with African and Indian people. The people in the boat looked very frightened. I felt that they were crossing the river to get to a safe place. I felt that they were in danger and were trying to escape.

I then noticed that there was an old African woman warring a tatty white stained dress and a duku (cloth) on her head. She kept pointing to some woodlands and a field of some kind. I then saw a small plane fly down into the trees and crash. I noticed that the ground was so dry as it was a drought. When the plane crashed it’s flames caused a massive bush fire. Animals and people were running for their lives as the fire was out of control and burning everything in its path. I kept seeing the letters 10 and 27. Also heard the words, Namibia and Origarni / Nguni.

Both visions were so real that it was like watching a movie. I was too scared to sleep after that in case I had anymore intense visions. Thankfully my migraine had calmed down then.

Who Is In My House!

On the 1st of August 2009 I dreamt that there was a woman in my house. She was short with short blond hair and was about 45 years of age. She was moving things around in my house and taking things out of the house. I questioned her and asked her what she was doing in my house and why she was taking things. She looked up at me and said that she was taking out all the bad stuff. She said that she was removing bad stuff from the house to make my house clean again. I felt confused and annoyed as my house was clean and there was no bad stuff there. I think she was a spirit who was removing negative and bad energies and entities from my home.

That night I also dreamt that my friend Sarah and I helped a little boy with brown hair. He was aged about 4-5. The little boy told us that mother had died in a car crash and his father was critically ill. We took the little boy to school and us road on horse back to get to the school. The boy lived in the mountains and there were horses and carts all around. We road the horse up a long dusty road up the mountain, there was a forest surrounding us. At his school we tried cleaning his face as it was dirty and we felt so sorry for him. We took him in to the class room and sat him down at an old fashioned wooden desk with pull up lids.

Just then we were on a bus for a school trip and a group of children just came out of nowhere - in front of the bus. We screamed as we feared that the bus would crash into the children. Fortunately the bus stopped just in time and no one was hurt.


Another dream I had many years ago was that there was a huge flood. I was in the middle of a lake of water kicking my legs and screaming. The water was rough and raging and I was struggling to keep my head above the water. I could see people around me screaming and trying to stay alive.

Just then I noticed that the Lord was standing on some ground on one side of the lake and the devil stood on ground on the other side of the lake. There were people standing with the Lord and also people standing with the devil. Both had a door behind them and were holding out their hands towards me.

People began to be pulled beneath the water and the devil laughed loudly. The Lord kept holding out his hand to me and other people who were also in the water. I and a few other people tried in vein to swim towards the Lord, but the waters were so strong and gripped at us and tried to pull us under. The devil blew hot flames at us and we had to keep dunking our heads under the water to not get burned.

It was a hard struggle but we managed to reach the Lord. The Lord and his angels then lifted us out of the water. We were safe with our heavenly father. I had a strong feeling that this was a war on earth between the Lord and the devil. I then woke up.

Drowned Girl

I once had this dream that I was sleeping in my bed and then was awoken (in the dream) by a dripping sound at the end of my bed. I looked up and saw a little girl who was about 5 years old. She stood there with her head hanging low as though she were looking at the ground. At first I though it was my daughter Monique and I said to her, "Are you okay Momo, what's wrong my darling can't you sleep?

I was about to get out of bed to help her back into her own bed, when I noticed that the little girl was completely wet. She was dripping with water from her head to her toes, and there was a puddle of water on the floor where she stood. I gasped and just then she looked up at me and I realized that this was not my daughter, but some other little girl.

Her hair was pined to the side of her face from the water. Her eyes were lifeless and dim; her skin was pale and had blue green blotches on it. She looked like she had drowned - she looked up at me with such sad eyes. I then woke up screaming. It was a round 1am when I had the dream. (I have noticed that I always seem to have these disturbing types of dreams around 1am in the morning.)

Get Out of the Road Boy!

I once had a dream that I was sitting on a train going somewhere. I sat there feeling sleepy and was looking out of the window. I suddenly could see a large main road next to the train tracks. I watched as cars and huge trucks speed by.

I all of a sudden noticed a little boy standing in the middle of the road. His mother was on the other side of the road screaming for her child to get out of the road. I began banning my fists on the window of the train screaming to the boy to get out of the road. I then noticed a huge truck/lorry heading straight for the boy.

The truck went straight into the little boy and I felt sick in the pit of my stomach. I looked back after the truck had gone by expecting to see the little boy's lifeless body lying in the road. Instead I saw the boy just standing there looking at me with sad eyes. I then realized that he was a spirit boy and that is why the truck driver just kept going - because he had not seen the little boy. I then woke up with a start!

Heart Attack!

About 6 or 7 years ago I kept getting woken up in the night at 1.03am by a man's voice calling out my name. I would wake up and then notice that I had a terrible pain in my chest - as though I were having a heart attack. It would take me ages to fall back to sleep again. This went on for about a year until I moved home then it stopped.

Other Dreams That I’ve Had

Quite often I have dreams of spirits visiting me and telling me things about themselves and their lives. Unfortunately I can never remember much of what they said in the morning. One of the spirits that I can remember visiting me was a woman, another was a young Indian boy who showed me different signs and symbols, each sign and symbol meant something important. He gave me something yet again I can not remember what it was. I believe that these spirits are my spirit guides and that they are teaching me important lessons, as each time I wake up I feel like I have learnt something new.

On the 8th of August 2009 I dreamt that it was the end of the world. I was standing by my back door looking out over the town where I live. There were flames and fire everywhere burning everything up. The little village near my house was burning and was crumbled ruins. I wanted to run and help people but I knew there was nothing that I or anyone else could do to help. I knew that all I could do was wait for the flames to reach my home. I felt not afraid but sad that it was the end of all things.

That night I also dreamt that my friend Sarah had something very important to tell me, but each time she tried to tell me someone would be there. - This dream came true as a few days later my friend Sarah told me some very important news. She said that she had wanted to tell me for ages now but could not because there were always people around.

One night about a year or so ago I dreamt of a man who was standing on the side of a road. On the ground next to him was a person lying in a pool of blood.

The man approached me and said that he had killed the person. He said that the police questioned him but let him go because he told the police that he had just arrived there, and found the body already dead. He said that he phoned the police but really he was the one who murder the person. The man was handsome looking with brown hair in his 20's.


Learn about each of the auras, their colours, meanings and where they are on the body.

Try out the various meditations provided in this lesson. Find the meditation that works best for you. Try out the different exercises and try and see if you can see others auras.

Try doing the things that each aura needs in order to make it grow and flourish. For example; spend a lot of time in nature, eat plenty of green foods and drinks, express your self more and spend more time with animals, as this will help to keep your green aura balanced and cleansed.

You could eat and drink lots of yellow foods and drinks, spend a lot of time in the out doors and in the sun, day dream regularly and keep very active as this will help your yellow aura to be cleansed and balanced. Do the things that help to keep each layer of your aura cleansed and balanced.

Write down at the beginning of the lesson how you are feeling and then once you have done your homework, write down how you feel now, any experiences you had and your thoughts.