Calling on the Archangels for help

You can call on the help of the Archangels any time you need their assistance. There are many ways in which you can call on the angels. You can either call on them just you would call on someone you know. For example, say you would like to call upon the Archangel Michael for help with protection – just say out loud or in your mind;

“Archangel Michael I call upon you now. Please may you come to my side.”

Then talk to Michael as you would talk to a friend and ask him for his help. Always remember to say thank you afterwards and after you have received his help.

Another affective way to call upon the Archangels is to do this short little exercise.

I first learnt to do this exercise when I read Sonia Choquette’s book ‘Ask you Guides’. I found that this exercise is very affective and truly doses connect you to the Archangels.


Say out loud or in your mind : Mich – ael

Breathe and wait a minute

Repeat this 3-4 times and then talk to Michael as you would to a friend and ask for his help.

You can use this same process to call upon any of the Archangels for help and guidance. Even try invoking all of the Archangels at one if you like eg;


Say out loud or in your mind: Mich-ael

Breathe and wait a minute


Say out loud or in your mind: Gab-ri-el



Say out loud or in your mind: Raph-a-el



Say out loud or in your mind: U-ri-el


Until you have gone through all of the Archangel names or all the Archangels that you wish to invoke. After you have done this exercise write down in your journal how you felt, any sensations you had or experiences, your thoughts on the exercise and if you noticed any thing happen. It is so very important to write everything down even if you think it is insignificant.

Drawing and Painting Exercise

A very good way of drawing Angelic Divine help and guidance into your life, as well as connecting with the Archangels is to practice drawing pictures of angels. By looking at a lot of pictures of Angels as well as drawing them (you do not have to be good at art to do this), it helps you to open up more to the angelic realm and helps you better connect with angels.

Try spending at least 15-30 minutes a day looking at pictures of angels and then drawing angels. If you look online you can find many pictures of angels and the Archangels. Your pictures do not have to be perfect just drawing them is perfect enough you can even paint them. Try and imagine in your mind what you think each Archangel looks like and then draw them.

Musical Exercise

This is a very simple, relaxing and therapeutic exercise. The Archangel’s love music and one way to help you feel their presence is to listen to a lot of music.

Try spending 15-30 minutes a day listening to and / or playing calming music. Music helps to provide us with protection, it helps to ward off negative energy and entities and it helps us to connect with the Archangels.

Archangel Rainbow Exercise

Making an Archangel Rainbow is a beautiful idea and it is a wonderful way for you to connect with Heavenly Archangels and to ask for their love, support and guidance in your life. To make your Archangel Rainbow you will need a large piece of card, paints or felt tip pens, coloured pens or a black marker, glitter and anything else that you would like to use to decorate your Archangel Rainbow.

On your card draw a large rainbow. Make each colour of the rainbow be colours connected to each of the Archangels. Then in each colour of the rainbow write down how you would like that particular Archangel to help you, for example in the beige colour strip of the rainbow you could write, "Archangel Azrael I ask that you will please help me to heal from all the grief that I have experienced over the years. Thank you." or you could write,” Archangel Azrael please help me to overcome my depression and help to heal the cause of my depression. Thank you." You could write, “Archangel Azrael I ask that you will please help to heal all grief, depression or sorrow that surrounds my family, my loved ones and myself. Thank you."

In the dark yellow strip of the rainbow you could write, "Archangel Gabriel I ask that you will please help me to be a good parent. Please help me to do the right things and to bring up my children well. Thank you." or you could write, "Archangel Gabriel I ask that you will please help me with my song writing. Please help me to write a song that will inspire and reach out to others." You could write, "Archangel Gabriel I ask that you will please help to keep me creative, positive and help me with all of my creative projects. Thank you."

In the bright green / emerald green strip of the rainbow you could write, "Archangel Raphael, I ask that you will please send your healing love and light to ........................... and help them to have a speedy recovery. Thank you." Or you could write," Archangel Raphael I ask that you will please always surround my loved ones and myself with your healing energy. Please keep my loved ones and I healthy and well. Thank you."

In the bright purple strip you could write, "Archangel Michael I ask that you will always keep my loved ones, home, pets and myself protected and safe. Please be our personal body guards. Thank you." Or you could write," Archangel Michael I ask that you will please help me to be strong and not give up on my life, projects or ambitions. Please fill me with the courage and strength I need to move forward on my life path. Thank you."

These are just ideas of what you can write. Once you have drawn and painted your rainbow and written your personal message to each Archangel in their coloured strip of the rainbow, then you can decorate your rainbow. You could use a gold or silver pen to out line the rainbow, stick glitter onto it.

Paint the back ground of the card as the sky or any other colour that feels right for you. You could stick a small picture of each Archangel on the card or by each colour strip which is connected to each Archangel. Make your picture be special and personal to you. You could then frame your picture or make your own personalized frame and stick your rainbow picture up on the wall or on a shelf.

Some of Natasha’s Archangel Experiences

Meeting Archangel Michael

In September 2009 I was sitting in our dinning room performing a reading for a mother of a young girl who was dying from an unknown crippling disease. My heart felt it would break and I wanted with all of my heart to help this young girl and find out the cause of her illness.

Half way through performing the reading I had to stop and have a little cry. I wanted to help her; I needed to help her but how? I had read in one of Sonia Choquette’s books about a small ritual to invoke the Archangels. I have taught you this same ritual in the Archangel Lesson of the course. It is the breath Mich –ael breath exercise.

I had just learnt it and only used it a few times for practice - not used it for any thing serious yet. I decided to give it ago so I calmed my mind, shut my eyes and made myself completely relaxed. I then did the exercise invoking the Archangels.

After several attempts at invoking the Archangels I suddenly felt the atmosphere in the room change dramatically. I had a very strong and over whelming feeling come over me. I felt that there was someone extremely powerful standing in the room.

The room filled with a deep air of authority and the energy was something I had never experienced before. My head felt so heavy as though there were an immense pressure pushing on it. My body felt limp as it was so incredibly calm. I looked up in front of me where I could clearly and vividly see the Archangel Michael standing right in front of me. I could not see the others but I knew they were there too.

The Archangel Michael did not show himself to me as a full blown angel but as a shadow of him. I could see his shadow (as clear and vividly as I would see peoples shadows) standing a few inches away from me. He looked so tall and felt so very powerful. His shadow was more like a 3D shadow as it was so clear. The best way to describe it is like if you are in a dark room and you see a person standing right in front of you. Because it is dark the person in front of you looks like a shadow (dark coloured) but not a shadow – meaning you can clearly see that it is a person standing there in front of you.

I was completely blown away, memorized by what was happening. I had never felt such a strong presence in all my life. It is a presence that will re-main with always. I quickly stood up as I was unsure of what to make of all this. The entire experience was so very over whelming and intense yet beautiful at the same time. I then forced myself to sit down again, looked up and the Archangel Michael had gone. I felt angry with myself for not talking to him while he was standing there. I felt angry for standing up.

I then decided to talk to him and the other Archangels as I felt that even though I could not see them, I knew they were still with me as their presence was still so very strong in the room. I pleaded with them to please help me to help this girl. I asked them to please surround her with love and protection. I also asked if they could please send this young girl healing light.

I then sat down and began to work on her reading again. My fingers seemed to have a mind of their own and were tying away so quickly that I could not take in what I was actually writing. After I finished writing the reading I read it back and was amazed at the details that I had written.

There were many medical words which I had never even heard of before so it was baffling why I wrote them. I did not even know if they were even real words or just made up words. I sent off the reading (wondering if the reading would be right with all those words I’d never heard before – but I felt I had to send it) and then had a good cry. I was so filled with overwhelming emotion.

A few days later I had an e-mail back for the lady whom I had read for. She confirmed that the reading was very helpful and that I had mention many of the symptoms and illnesses that her daughter was suffering form. She appreciated the guidance and advice I gave and said it all made sense to her.

She explained what each of the medical words meant. I was amazed as I had never even heard of those words. I truly believe that the Archangels were guiding my hand that night and helping me to help that little girl.

I have not heard from her again so not sure how the little girl is coming on of if she is even still with us. I do think of her a lot and say little prayers for her now and again. I know that she is in the arms of the Archangels and that they will take very good care of her.

Archangel Raphael’s Healing

One day about 2 – 3 years ago a friend of mine named Wendy came round to my house for lunch. She is a healer and works with angels performing healing work for those in need. We were talking and she asked me if I would like her to do some healing work on me. I did not feel that I needed any healing at the time but thought it would be nice to give it ago.

About 10 minutes into the healing process I had a strong sense that there was an Archangel in the room with us, so I looked up. In front of me was the most incredible sight. There was a beautiful angel standing just in front of me. He was tall with fair skin and had beautiful golden hair. He was smiling at me in such a loving way. I felt so safe and felt healthier than I had in years. After several minutes he vanished.

After Wendy finished performing the healing work she said to me. Did you know that the Archangel Raphael was with us during this healing. He was helping me to heal psychic blocks that you had and he told me that you are a natural born healer yourself. I shared with Wendy what I saw and thanked her for passing on Raphael’s message and for the healing. It was a wonderful experience.

You are safe!

In August 2011 my family and I went on holiday to Norfolk with our best friends and their families. There were 6 adults and 7 kiddies on our holiday. As we were driving along to Norfolk I said a private prayer to God and the angels to please keep my family, friends and myself safe on our journey. I asked Archangels Michael and Raphael to please help us to have a safe Journey there and back.

I was feeling on edge for some reason and felt that something bad would happen. I do not know why I was feeling this way. This is why I said the prayer - as I could not shake the uneasy feeling I had deep with in. I think I was just being silly and worrying too much!

About 10 minutes after I said my little prayer I saw a large sign on the side of the road. It was almost as if it just appeared there by magic. In bold letters was the word, 'ANGELS'. As soon as I saw the sign a huge sense of warmth and comfort flooded through me. All my concerns just lifted out of me and I felt at peace. I thanked God and the Angels as I knew that they were watching over all of us and that we would be safe.

When we were travelling back from our holiday I said another prayer to God, the Archangels and all of our heavenly angels. I asked them again to please help my family and I and our friends to have a safe trip home. Again the uneasy feeling came over me and this is why I felt so on edge. The night before we were due to leave we were all sitting out side having a few drinks, when we saw a bird fly into the window of the manor next to ours.

The window was shut and so the bird hit the window with great force and unfortunately passed away. I took the bird and placed its small bodies somewhere in the fields next to our farm manor so that it could rest in peace. Angels usually send us messages through birds and it is said that if a bird flies into your window it is a sign that danger is a head. This made me feel even more on edge so I said plenty of prayers.

As we travelled back home from our holiday our two daughters began fighting in the back of the car. My husband and I were trying to sort out our daughters and stop them fighting. Next thing we knew we were heading in the wrong way on the road. Another car suddenly speed towards us at a great speed. It all happened in slow motion and we knew that this was the end for sure. There was no way possible of avoiding a head on collision with the other car. What happened next was a true miracle. Somehow the other car managed to not hit us and both our car and the other car carried on traveling with out any crash. It was just incredible! We had to pull over just afterwards as the shock of the incident was too much to take in. We were truly blessed with a miracle. I strongly believe that God and the Angels heard my prayers and kept my family and me safe.

Our House Miracle

Monday the 13th of June was the most strangest day I have had in a very long time. We have been trying to move house since January and have had quite a few hic cups along the way. We were told that we would be in our new house just before Easter, BUT each time something else would crop up and things would be delayed again.

My husband and I began to loose all hope of ever moving home. The past few months have been very stressful and emotional times for us. At about 12pm on Monday 13th June 2011 we were told that things had fallen through with the house as they lady buying ours, had walked out of her job so will not be able to pay the mortgage. This was devastating as everything was completed and we were told that we would exchange Mon / Tue and move next week. How can we be about to exchange on minute and then everything fallen though and over in the next. We felt absolutely devastated!!

Our estate agents suggested we re-put our house on the market so we did. We were absolutely gutted as the people who owned the house we had brought, had told us that they were sick of waiting and if we did not exchange by Friday then they were re-putting there house on the market too. Not only had we have to go back on the market but we had the fear of loosing the house of our dreams. I sat down and had a good old cry. I asked God, the Archangels and the my angels with all of my heart to please help us in this difficult time. I asked the Lord and Angels to please lift our house moving burdens off of my shoulders and carry them to heaven. I asked the Lord to take our house moving situation in his hands. I had a deep one to one heart to heart talk with God and all my heavenly helpers.

Then at about 12.45pm (only about 45 minutes after we found out everything had fallen though) we were told that someone would like to view our house at 2pm. We were shocked as we had only just gone back on the market only like 45 -50 minutes earlier. The man came at 2pm and viewed our house, and then I got a phone call from my husband Dave at about 3.15 - 3.30 saying that the man would like to buy our house and he has put in an offer.

We were in disbelief and total shock!! All this happening with in a few house from each other. We accepted his offer and have now re-sold our house. The man has offered us more for our house that what the previous people did. So we have resold our house and will receive a higher price for it than we would have. The extra money is so welcomed as we are really struggling financially at the moment. The people who own the house that we want to buy said they are happy to continue again and will not re-put their house on the market. So we can still move in to our special dream house.

We were told that we will not move for another 4-5 weeks now but we do not mind as we feel positive again. I believe that God and the angels were watching over my family and me. What and emotional and bazaar kind of day Monday was!! Thank you so much my Heavenly Father and the angels for your help, love and support.

Angelic Lights of Support

One day in May last year I was feeling particularly down in the dumps. I asked the Archangels to please give me a sign they were with me and helping me in my time of need. I knew they were there but I felt the need to see a sign just for extra comfort. After I said my short prayer I kept seeing Archangel Gabriel's yellow lights swirling around me and following me. I could also see Archangel Zadkiel's blue lights around me. I felt so comforted and loved for the rest of that day. This meant so much to me as I was going though an emotional period. Their lights gave me strength to face each day. Thank you. x

An Amazing Night with the Archangels

On the 5th of May I was lying in bed and said my prayers as always. I had almost finished saying my prayers when I had a strong urge to look up at our bedroom window. I looked up and saw a milky mist that looked similar to a heat wave. The mist started near the window by my feet and then moved its way towards me. The amazing thing was that this mist was in a human shape. I felt completely at peace and so filled with love that I wanted to burst into tears.

I had a strong knowing sense that this was the Archangel Michael. I then saw clearly and vividly in my minds eye - though it was so vivid it was as though I were seeing it with my physical eyes. I saw four men standing by my bed. The first man had long sandy blond and red hair (like a strawberry blond colour). His hair was down to his shoulders and was thick and wavy. He had a kind face and bright green eyes. He had the most comforting smile I had ever seen.

He also had a beard and moustache that joined like in the bible times - it was a short beard and not long. He was dressed in white. He looked like one of those country singers - just had a country kind of look about him. I smiled at him and he smiled back. I then said, "Hello" and he said hello back. I suddenly had a strong knowing feeling that this man was the Archangel Raphael. As soon as I had this realization Raphael smiled at me and then another man stepped forward.

This man had long straight blond hair to his shoulders. He had a thin and pointed face - yet he looked very handsome indeed. He had deep blue eyes. His eyes then changed to a deep glowing reddish, yellow and orange colour – just like what fire and flames look like. It looked as though he had fire in his eyes. This triggered a memory of what my friend Caroline’s mom had told me when she did a reading for me once.

She said that she could see fire in my eyes and that I should not worry as the fire in my eyes was a very good thing. She said that the fire in my eyes was not evil or bad, but wonderful and good. When I looked at this man in front of me with fire in his eyes I was not afraid. I felt over whelmed with love and hope. I was not afraid as the fire in his eyes was not evil or bad; it was more of an angelic glow which glowed so brightly that it looked like fire.

This man then smiled at me and I smiled back at him. I instantly knew that he was the Archangel Michael. I said Hello Archangel Michael and he said hello back. He then stepped back and made way for a third man to come to me. This man was very handsome and had short dark brown hair and caring brown eyes. He like the others was dressed in white. He had such a loving and friendly smile and eyes that I felt all warm inside.

He smiled at me and I smiled back at him. I then found myself saying, "Hello Archangel Gabriel." I just knew who he was with out knowing how I knew this. He smiled at me and said hello before stepping back to let one more man step forward. The fourth man was a wonderful elderly man who was in his late 50's or early 60’s. I thought he looked very healthy and well. He was an African man and had dark skin and hair. He had some grey in his hair too. He had a little beard and moustache which had grey in them.

I instantly knew that he was the Archangel Uriel. I greeted him and he said hello back and gave me the loveliest smile. Reality suddenly sunk in that I had just been visited by the Archangels. I sat up quickly but the room was all dark once more. It was the most amazing experience. I am so grateful for my special visit.

Show Me the Way

On the 19th of April I was on my way to pick up my daughter Monique from her friend Seashas house. Monique had spent the night there. I had only been to Seashas house once quite a while ago. I had lost the bit of paper that had her house details on it.

For the life of me I could not remember where she lived and panic sunk in. I could remember the street but not the number. This was a very long street with many, many houses that all looked the same. As my youngest daughter Kristi and I walked towards the turning for the road where Seasha lived I said a quick prayer to the Archangel Chamuel (the Archangel of finding things.) I asked that he will please show me the way to Seasha's house.

As soon as I turned the corner and looked down the longs row of many houses, my eyes felt drawn to one particular house about 8-9 houses down the road. I had a deep inner gut feeling that this was her house. The house also seemed to have a blue tinge to it where all the others were white.

I said to Kristi, "Don't you worry; mommy knows exactly which house we need to go to." I went straight up to the front door and rang the bell. I was not surprised to see that it was the right house. As I was leaving I noticed that the house did not have a blue tinge to it after all – the blue tinge had vanished as fast as it had come, and that it was exactly like the others. I thank the Archangel Chamuel for helping to show me the way to Seashas house.

Archangel Chamuel to the Rescue

My daughter Kristi lost her toy rabbit and it had been missing for a good week or so. My family and I searched high and low for it. She kept crying all day for her rabbit as it was one of her favourite toys. I had not thought of asking the angels for their help in finding Kristi’s toy. So after looking high and low for a whole week with no joy, I sat down and asked the Archangel Chamuel to please help me find Kristi’s rabbit.

With in seconds of me asking I suddenly saw an image of our printer desk in my mind. I got up and rushed into the dinning room. I looked at the printer desk but could not see Kristi's rabbit. I then felt the urge to look under it which I did. There lying under the printer desk was Kristi's rabbit. She was over the moon to have it back. I thanked the angels for their great help. I also scolded my self for not thinking to ask the angels for their help.

I then thought of my make up bag that had been missing for a good three months or so. My family and I had searched everywhere for it for months, even got to the point where I thought I would never see it again.

Seeing how successful Archangel Chamuel’s help was in finding Kristi’s rabbit I decided to ask him to please help me find my make up bag. I had not even finished asking the question when I saw the foot of my bed stand out in my minds eye. I jumped up excitedly and very hopeful and straight up stairs to look by the end of my bed.

Unfortunately I could not see the make up bag anywhere. I then saw an image in my mind of Dave’s chest of draws which was directly opposite our bed. So I literally turned around (as the chest of draws was so close to the end of our bed that all I had to do was turn – not even take any steps), and I opened Dave’s draw and there it was. I had found my make up bag. It must have some how ended up in Dave’s draw where he keeps his books, keep sakes and so on. This is why we never thought to look there as why would my make up bag be in his draw.

I had to laugh out loud at how easy it was to find my lost items as soon as I asked the angels. I thanked them with all of my heart for the super help. Our angels never let us down. They are dying for us to think of them and ask for their help. Thank you so very much Archangel Chamuel for all of your wonderful help and guidance.

Everything will be okay!

On New Years Day 2011 one of my best friends named Annette had a massive stroke. My heart felt it would break and the thought of loosing my friend was too painful to even think about. I had to fight back the tears when I spoke to her on the phone about 3 – 4 days after she had the stroke.

She said that her right side was mainly affected from the stroke. Her hearing on her right side was not a hundred percent and her speech was not very good. She said that the doctors were going to be running a long line of various tests to find out what caused the stroke – especially since she is so young. I spent the whole of the next day (5th Jan 2011) praying to God, Archangels Raphael, Michael and Annettes angels to please keep my beautiful friend safe and to nurse her back to full health. She was constantly on my mind all day.

For the whole of that day I kept feeling as thought there was an angelic presence around me. I can usually always sense a spiritual or angelic presence around me but today I felt it stronger than usual. I also kept hearing a ladies voice whispering to me though out the day - unfortunately I cold not make out what she was saying. I felt that the ladies voice I kept hearing all day was my guardian Angel Elizabeth’s voice. I felt that she kept whispering to let me know that she was with me and that my friend Annette was going to be okay. I found her whisperings to be comforting as I knew she was letting me know that Annette is in good hands. I knew deep down that God, the Archangels and all of my heavenly helpers were watching over my friend.

"Dear Heavenly Father, Lord above, My heavenly father's angels and the Archangels, Please surround Netty (Annettte) with heavenly divine healing light. Please hold her close in your loving arms and please nurse her back to full health. Please keep her protected, alive, healthy, safe and well. Please support and care for Annette’s family and friends and help them in this difficult time. Thank you, I put my trust and faith in you and I know you will look after my friend. Thank you, Amen"

A year and a month after Annettes stroke and she is doing just perfectly. Annette found out that she had a massive hole in her heart. She also had other complications and problems which were all connected to the heart. She had to have a device put into her heart to help close the whole. Unfortunately she was allergic to the nickel in the device which caused her serious illness and pain. Thankfully her angels as well as the Lord and the Archangels have been with her each step of the way. She is now feeling so much better and can finally begin the process of rebuilding her life. I do thank the angels for helping my friend to heal and mend. Thank you Angels and thank you my heavenly father.


Call upon the Archangels and notice how different you will feel for doing so.

Try out the various exercises and meditation provided.

Remember to record all of your experiences down in your psychic journal.

Listen to as much calming music as you can

Try to create your own Archangel Rainbow

Play an instrument or two or make music

Draw the Archangels and angels – even if you can not draw.

Look at as many angel and Archangel Pictures as you can.