Next time the phone rings or the door bell goes, try to sense who your caller or visitor is. Or when you are speaking on the phone or texting / messaging someone try to sense how the person you are talking to is feeling. What feelings and thoughts come to you? Notice what your senses and feelings tell you.

Our guides and angels regularly communicate to us through our senses and our feelings. For example: You are walking home from the town when you see a short cut home. You are tied and can not wait to get home so decide to take the short cut.

You suddenly feel as though someone is watching you. You get a sudden pain in your head or stomach, or you may suddenly feel a strong sense of butterflies or goose pimples ripple over you, it could even be a wave of fear that spreads over you suddenly.

These are all signs from your angels and guides that this short cut is not a safe route to take. It is then up to you to trust your feelings and instincts (messages and senses from your guides and angels) and go the long way home, or to go against their help and take the short cut. Our guides and angels can advice and guide us in our every day lives but, they can not intervene in our lives with out our permission to do so. The only time our guides and angels can intervene, is if our lives are in danger when it is not yet our time to leave this earth.

Try each and every day to always take note of any feelings, senses, thoughts and pictures that come to you. How do you feel like when you talk to a stranger? What dose it feels like when you talk to someone you like, opposed to someone you do not like?

What feelings do you get when trying to make important decisions? How do you feel when you know you got something right or wrong? How do you feel when you are in danger or being warned about something? Note the feelings you get when shopping, buying a new home, going for a job interview or watching the news.

Our guides and angels are constantly talking to us through our thoughts, feelings and senses. We need to push the though of “its all in my imagination” aside and learn to trust our instincts, senses and feelings. You will find that once you have tried out this exercise a few times that you will begin, to recognize what senses and feelings your guides and angels send you. You will begin to realize how they talk to you and you will understand their messages more clearly. Write down in your psychic journal how this exercise made you feel. Also write down any thoughts, feelings, visions and senses you got.