This is a beautiful meditation and it works so very well. It is easy to do and truly does help to keep you protected and safe. You can do this meditation any time while laying down or sitting, standing or walking. It is that easy to do.

Imagine that there is an angel standing beside you. Ask this angel to please place a bubble of protection all around you. Watch as the angel does exactly that.

Notice that all around you is a beautiful clear bubble of protection. See this bubble in your mind’s eye as clearly as you can. Now see this bubble begin to change to a beautiful red colour. As the bubble changes colour see sparkling red light radiate from the bubble. Put your hand in the read light and feel it’s purity and energy.

Now the bubble changes to a beautiful orange colour and see luxurious orange light fill with in the bubble. Feel the light as it gently dances on your skin. The bubble now changes to brilliant yellow. Watch as brilliant, bright and clean yellow light swirls all around you. Feel it’s intensity and heat.

The bubble changes again in colour and this time to a gorgeous green colour. See beautiful green light fill the bubble and feel its calming and relaxing effect. The bubble is now a stunning turquoise colour and beautiful turquoise light dancers all around you. Feel how calming and free this light is. Notice how it makes you feel.

The bubble now changes to a deep blue colour. Deep and passionate blue light takes over the bubble and fills you with a deep sense of protection and love. Notice how soothing this light feels.

Finally the bubble turns to a rich, deep and mouth-watering purple / violet colour. See tantalizing purple light fill with in the bubble washes over you.

The bubble now turns back to a beautiful clear heavenly white light. You feel calm, relaxed, content, healed and protected. Watch as many angels surround your bubble of protection. Notice that you and your bubble of protection are now completely surrounded by heavenly angels. These angels are your personal body guards sent to you from the Lord above. They have been sent to your side to protect and watch over you. Know that you are completely safe.

You can do this same exercise to on your loved ones to keep them protected. You can also do this exercise on your home and pets too.