Find somewhere comfortable and quiet to sit or lay down. Close your eyes, take in 3 deep slow breaths and quiet your mind. Once you feel completely relaxed imagine that you are going to the circus.

Who are you going with? Are you going on your own or do you have someone with you? Imagine that you are standing out side of the large circus tent. What colour is the circus tent and is it one or more colour? Does the tent have patterns or is it plain? Now enter the large circus tent.

What do you see? Is there a lot of people there? What types of animals or acts are there? Find somewhere to sit as the circus is about to begin. Where about in the large tent are you sitting? What does the person who is sitting on your left look like? What does the person who is on your right look like?

Now the conductor walks onto the stage. What does he look like and what is he wearing? He introduces the first act. What is the first act? The first act begins. What is it and who all are involved. Imagine what this act would be like and enjoy the show.

The first act is now finished and everyone claps. Did you enjoy that act? The conductor re-enters the stage and introduces the next act.

Do the same as you did above for the next 5 acts, each time taking in as much detail as possible, creating your own acts and performances. Making the experience be as real and personal to you as you like. This is your vision – your day dream so anything can happen.

Below are a few other things which you can do to help re-awaken your imaginations.

Be more creative as when you do creative work it helps to fire up your imagination. People who do a lot of art work or other creative work are more likely to see their guides. You do not have to be a creative person to do creative things. Who knows you may even surprise yourself.

Try to day dream as much as you can. Remember that in your day dreams you can be any where you like, be who you want to be, have the life you dreamed of. Day dreaming is free, fun and highly imaginative. If you do not have a strong imagination then, day dreaming is the perfect way to strengthen your imagination. Also the more you day dream about things you want to happen in your life, the more energy you send out – which helps make your dreams become a reality.

Try to train your mind to be more open to the impossible. Stop putting things down to your imagination. If something strange or unusual happens then do not judge it. Trust what you see and what comes to you. Train your mind to believe in what you see and feel instead of putting it down to your imagination.

Try practicing asking your guides and angels for help - even if it is only for little things and remember to also put the effort in. Try to also over come any guilty feeling of asking for help. The more you ask your guides for help, the more they will work with you and the stronger their presence will be. Try each day asking your guides for one or two little things.

Ask for small things at first like help getting the kiddies to school on time or for help finding a lost object. Once you have got used to asking for little things then you can start asking for help with bigger things. The more you ask for their help and accept their help, the more you will feel them working in your life. You will begin to notice just how much they are in your life and always have been.

Each and every day spend just 5 – 10 minutes listing your blessings and the things you are grateful for. Thank your angels and guides for their help in your everyday lives. For example: Each morning when I walk home from dropping my little ones at school, I will list all the things that I am grateful for.

It is always important to try and pick a specific time that is the same each day to talk to your guides – almost like making an appointment to see them. To give you a better idea of what I mean here is my list for today (10/12/2010).

I would like to thank my heavenly father, my heavenly fathers angels, the Archangels, my spirit guides and angels, my higher self and spiritual helpers for all the guidance and protection that you offer my family and I each and every day. Thank you for your constant love and support, for all the wonderful gifts and blessings that you bless us with.

(These are the words I use but you can use your own words. Make your grateful list be personal to you.)

* I m grateful that I got Monique and Kristi to school on time today, thank you.

* I am grateful that I managed to find Monique’s school top that was lost, thank you.

* I am grateful that you helped remind me about the lunch boxes last night, thank you.

* I am grateful for your help in preparing this lesson, thank you

* I am grateful for all the bargains I got at the shop this morning as it has saved me a lot of money, thank you.

* I am grateful that Kristi was so good this morning and did not play up when getting ready for school, thank you.

* I am grateful that my family and I get to work and school and back again safely each day, thank you

* I am grateful that it is such a lovely day and I do not have to walk in the rain, thank you.

* I am grateful for my friends and family and the home you blessed me with, thank you.

* I am grateful that Donna found her missing cat, thank you

* I am grateful that Maureen is feeling much better and that the operation went well, thank you.

If you do this exercise each and every day you will begin to notice just how much your angels and guides help and support you in your every day lives.