Find somewhere quiet and where you will not be disturbed. Sit or lie down and make your self feel completely relaxed and comfortable. Shut your eyes and take in 3-4 deep breaths very slowly.

Imagine that you are sitting at a table and in front of you is a large plate. On the plate is a lemon cut in to 4 wedges, there is a large stake, some Brussels sprouts, a fish, a ripe red tomato, garlic bread and a bar of chocolate.

First pick up one of the lemon wedges and take a long hard look at it. Look at the skin, what does it look like? Is it bumpy or smooth? What is its texture? Look at the flesh of the lemon and notice any colour differences. What does it look and feel like to compare the skin of the lemon?

Now bring the lemon to your nose and smell it. What does it smell like? Do you like the smell or not? Can you smell it strongly or clearly? Describe to yourself what the lemon smells like.

Now take a bite of the lemon and describe how the lemon tastes. Does it taste nice, sour, sweet, bitter or unpleasant? What feeling does it leave in your mouth? Feel what the taste of the lemon feels like.

Do the same process for each of the foods on your plate. After completing the exercise, write down your thoughts, senses, feelings and experiences with this exercise in your psychic journal.