Find somewhere that is nice and quiet. Take in several slow deep breaths until you feel completely relaxed. Now close your eyes and try to relax your eyes. Concentrate on your breathing. Notice how your chest and stomach rise and fall. When you feel ready then do the following...

Listen to all of the sounds around you. What can you hear? Take one of the sounds that you can hear and try to visualize what the thing you are hearing looks like.

For example; you hear a car driving by.

Imagine what this car looks like. What colour is the car? How many people are in the car? What do the people in the car look like? Try to see if you can see this vision as clearly as possible. Or you can hear birds chirping out side. Imagine what these birds look like, how many birds can you see? What colours are they and what types of birds are they? What are these birds doing and where in your garden are they? Try make these visions as clear as possible.

Once you have done this then quiet your mind again and listen. What other sounds can you hear? Pick one of the sounds you can hear and try imagine what it looks like. Continue with this exercise until you have imagined what each sound that you can hear looks like.