A wonderful way of understanding and learning how our angels and guides communicate with us is by creating a special chart, where you record all of the different ways in which your angels communicate with you on a daily basis.

Each person’s angels and guides communicate to them in a different way. Our guides and angels communicate to us differently because we are all different. They want for their messages to be heard loud and clear. They communicate with us in a way that will be personal to us, understood and recognized by the person that they are communicating with.

To create your Signs and Messages Chart please find a piece of paper and pen. You could write your chart in your psychic journal, on a piece of paper or on your computer. On the piece of paper write the following headings:

Warning Signs or Danger

Advice and Guidance

Divine Inspiration

Health Watch


Lost Items

Under each heading list the various ways that your angels and guides communicate with you. Spend a lot of time on this exercise and put in a great deal of though into each of your answers. Think of all the times where you felt that your guides and angels communicated with you, helped or guided you, warned you of a danger or reminded you of something that needed doing. To give the most accurate and honest answers try asking your higher self to please perform this exercise – in this way you will be working through this exercise as your higher self.

Firstly write a short description of actual times when you felt that your guides helped you or communicated with you. What were you doing when they communicated with you? How did they communicate with you? Did you listen to their warnings or not? What was the out come? Then under your short description write down points that explain the method that your angels and guides use to communicate with you in that each situation. In this way you will recognize what messages your angels and guides are trying to pass onto you in the future.

Below are a just a few of the ways that my guides and angels communicate with me. I am sharing these with you to help give you and idea of how to create your own Signs and Messages Chart.

Please remember that your guides and angels may communicate to you in different ways than to how they communicate with me. You may find that in some cases they communicate to you in the same way as they do with me - then in other cases they may communicate differently to you. Our angels and guides communicate to each of us in a way that we can easily recognize and that is personal to us as an individual.

Natasha’s Signs and Messages Chart

Warning Signs and Dangers

When my guides and angels have warned me of dangers or of important things that I need to do they will show me a bright flash of light (like a camera flash), followed by a mental image of what the danger is or what important thing needs doing. Like when I forgot to turn off the chip fryer, forgot to close the back door at night and when I did not pay attention to the road when crossing. Each time I saw a bright flash of light followed by a mental image of the danger at hand or warning that my guides and angels were passing onto me. Thankfully I recognized these signs and so put a stop to the dangers that were around me. If I had ignored the signs then our house may have burnt down, been broken into or I may have been hit by a car. My guides and angels sent me warning signs that helped to keep me safe. Thank you my angel and guides.

* Flash of light followed by mental image

Advice and Guidance

When my angels and guides pass on guidance or advice to me they will send it to me in the form of images, dreams, repeated songs, signs and billboards, through people and also as nagging feelings or thoughts. Like when my guides were advising me that the person I met today was not a very nice person, I kept feeling panicky and on edge when I was around that person. I knew this was my guide’s way of warning me to keep away from that person.

Also like the time when my guides were trying to warn me to let go of a friend who was not good for me and was draining my energy. They tried to warn me through dreams, feelings, people, signs and even repeated songs with lyrics of letting go of a loved one. I also kept seeing films on the telly or reading in books and magazines of people going through what I was going through. Unfortunately I did not listen and ended up getting extremely hurt in the end by this friend and one of her friends.

Repeated songs in my mind

Through people

Feelings and thoughts

Voices with physical ears and inner ears

Through Media and Books

Signs and Billboards


Divine Inspiration

Our guides and angels love to help us out with divine inspiration and guidance. How my guides and angels do this is by sending their divine guidance to me in the form of thoughts, dreams, people and ideas. For many years I kept having the idea to start my own website, performing readings for people and teaching others about angels and how to develop their psychic gifts.

I kept making up excuses of reasons why I could not do this. For example I would tell myself that my family would never support me and it would cause so much friction between us, I kept telling myself that I was not qualified enough or that I would never have the confidence to actually teach others. I would doubt my abilities and worry that I would let people down or be a failure, what if my lessons were not written well enough and people laughed and so on. So I never did start a website or course.

Years went by and my idea did not leave no matter how much I tried to blank it out or find excuses why I should not do it. I kept having friends and people tell me I should try starting my own business performing readings, or telling me that with all the experience I have that I should teach others. I also kept having dreams telling me that I should do this and that everything would turn out well if I did.

In my dreams I was told that my family would come round to the idea in the end, that I would be fulfilling my life purpose and that I would help a great deal of people. Again I would not listen and pushed the thought of it a side. The more I ignored this idea the stronger the craving grew inside of me to do this until I could not ignore it anymore.. So one day I sat down and created my website. I then began to perform readings online and from there began teaching others to develop their gift.

I am so very grateful that I listened to my guides as I have never been more happy. I love my work and have made so many wonderful new friends through the work I do. For the first time in my life I feel that I belong, I feel confident with in, I feel connected to the world and feel that I am helping to make a difference. As I was told in my dreams – my family and friends have accepted what I do and now support me more than they realize.


Thoughts and Feelings

Repeated Ideas and inspirations (if an idea, thought, word, advice or feeling comes to you 3 or more times, then this is a sure sign that your guides are sending you divine guidance. Try your very best to not ignore the guidance that your angels and guides pass onto you.)

Health Watch

If I am not looking after my health properly such as drinking or smoking too much, not doing enough exercise or getting enough fresh air then, my angels and guides will warn me in the following ways: I will keep feeling the urge to do exercise, I will feel sick each time I have a drink or cigarette, I will have a deep sense to get healthy or go for a walk, I will hear with both physical ears and inner ears words such as, “stop drinking”, “exercise more”, “go to the doctors”. I will keep feeling this nagging feeling that I need to do or stop doing what ever I am doing that is not good for me. A friend or loved one may mention that I need to what my health or I may keep seeing health related programs on telly, the radio or hear people mention them.

Senses and feelings – urges to stop doing what it is that is not good for me

Hearing words with physical ears

Hearing words with inner ears

Through people

Seeing signs on the telly or radio


When my angels and guides are trying to remind me to do something important such as: Not forgetting to go to Kristi’s school assembly, not forgetting to water the plants or to feed the fish and rabbits, or to remember to go to the doctors, remember an important appointment or to meet a friend, they will send me little reminders in the form of repeated words or images in my head. For example my guides and angels are trying to remind me to do the school lunch boxes before I go to bed. I will keep hearing the word “LUNCH BOXES” with my inner ears. Or I will keep seeing images of the lunch boxes, bread or other bits and bobs that I put in the lunch boxes. I may keep seeing lunch boxes on the telly in adverts or programs, or hear the word “lunch boxes” or “lunch time” being said on the radio or by someone around me. My husband may remind me several times that I must do the lunch boxes. At times I may even hear the word “lunch boxes” or the words, “do not for get the lunch boxes” with my physical ears. At times I may have a song repeat over and over in my mind that has the word lunch boxes in the lyrics or mentions lunch time or food.

Hearing repeated words with my inner ears

Hearing repeated words or sentences with my physical ears

Seeing mental images

Through another person (as Dave my husband did)

Through telly or radio and even books

Song repeating in my mind – listen to the lyrics

Lost Items

If I have lost something and am desperately trying to find it then I will hear words with my physical ears or inner ears telling me where the item is. I may see images with my minds eye of where to find my lost belongings. My husband David once lost his Zippo lighter. He was very upset as it was a gift that I had given him and it had his name engraved on to it. We looked for the lighter solidly for at least a week or two. We even went through the bins. I kept asking the Archangel Chamuel to please help me find Dave’s lighter then felt disappointed as it was not turning up.

I could not understand why the Archangel Chamuel was not helping me. The truth was that he was helping me all along I was just not listening to his messages. You see all the time the lighter was lost I kept thinking about my gown pocket. I kept hearing in my mind to check my gown pocket. I kept thinking that it was just my mind playing tricks on me as why would Dave’s lighter be in my gown pocket?

One day Dave and I sat in bed having a coffee and cigarette. We had given up looking for the lighter and accepted that it was gone for good. I sat thinking about the lighter feeling very sad for my husband as I could see how disappointed he was. Suddenly I heard loud and clear (with my physical ears) a males voice. It sounded as though it was right next to me. It said, “Check your gown pockets!”

This time I listened and checked my pockets. To my amazement I found the lighter instantly. I apologised to the Archangel Chamuel for being so silly and not listening to him. The experience was an important reminder for me that I should always listen carefully to the guidance and advice that my guides and angels offer me and to not judge what I hear - no matter how silly or unlikely the advice sounds.

Hear words with my physical ears

Hear words with my inner ears

See images with my mental eyes

Many times our guides and angels will communicate to us through our loved ones, people around us and through media such as telly, computers, and radio and through signs.