Sit down somewhere where you will feel very comfortable and will not be disturbed. You can put on some soft soothing music and light a candle or two if you wish. Take in 10-20 deep breaths and feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed. Take special note of how you feel and how the room you are in feels.

Now ask out loud or in your mind, “I call upon my highest level spirit guide, the highest guide who is aligned with my spiritual growth and greater good. Please come to my side and help me to feel your unique vibration, energy and presence. What does your presence feel like?”

Notice if you can feel any changes in the energy of the room or with in yourself. Does the room feel different now than before? Do you feel different now than before? Pay very close attention to how you feel and what these feelings are. Pay very close attention to what the room feels like or if you can feel a presence around you. The feelings you are feeling and the energy you feel is your spirit guide.

Remember what this feels like as each time you feel it – you will know that your spirit guide is around you. This is what your spirit guides unique energy and presence feels like. You may find that you have felt this feeling many times before but did not realize it was your spirit guides presence. Once you begin performing readings or mediumship work you will feel your spirit guides vibration by your side.

If you do not feel any different or any difference in the room or around you then, keep practicing this exercise until you have learnt to feel your spirit guides presence.

To feel your angels energy and vibration please do exactly as the above exercise, only this time in stead of calling upon your highest level spirit guide, call upon your guardian angel and ask him / her to help you feel their energy, vibration and unique presence.