Sit down in a nice quiet place. Make sure that you feel completely relaxed and comfortable. Start at the bottom and with your Root / Base Chakra and then work your way up to your Crown Chakra. Try the following on each Chakra...

Hold your hand about 30cm away from your Root / Base (Red) Chakra. Move your hand gently towards your body and Root Chakra until it meets some resistance. Once it meets some resistance this means that you are making contact with your Chakras energy. Continue to move your hand backwards 30cms away and forwards again to your body and the Root Chakra.

Notice and sense the Chakras energy, how it feels and how different it feels to the rest of your body and aura. You may feel a slight pressure in your body as you do this exercise and press the Chakras energy.

Now move your hand upwards to the next Chakra which is the Sacral / Spleen (orange) Chakra. Repeat the above exercise with this Chakra and all the other Chakras. Notice and jot down how you feel at the end of the exercise and how each Chakra felt.