Sit down somewhere where you will feel very comfortable and will not be disturbed. You can put on some soft soothing music and light a candle or two if you wish. Try to calm your mind from the day’s chatter and make your self feel completely relaxed. In front of you have 2 – 3 different plants, flowers, fruits or vegetables, or pets – anything that is living – but not another person.

Take in up to 10 – 20 deep breaths. Draw these breaths into your upper chest and take note of your upper chests movement and your breathing pattern.

Once you feel completely relaxed then pick up or bring one of the living things to you. Draw all of your focus, attention and concentration onto what you are holding. Take special note of how it looks.

Take in as much detail as possible. Notice how it feels. What thoughts, feelings, sensations, images and words come to you? Now ask this living thing what its life purpose is and take note of what comes to you. Imagine what you feel this living things life mission is and what it brings to you and your home.

Thank the living thing for sharing its energy with you and then put it back down.

Now pick up another living thing and do the same process all over again until you have felt the energy of each plant or animal.

Write down everything you felt and if you noticed anything different. Write down any thoughts, feelings, images, messages and sensations that came to you while you did this exercise.

If you did not notice any differences between each plant or animal then keep practicing this exercise until you can clearly feel each plants energy and vibration.