In the beginning of this exercise we spoke about how all of us have felt spiritual and angelic presences before and have not realized that we have. I also gave you a list of common ways in which we sense and feel the spiritual and angelic realms. In this next exercise we will be using these common feelings and senses to recognize when there is a spiritual presence around us.

Take note of each time you experience, feel or sense one of the common senses you get when there is a spiritual presence around you. Write these down in your journal. What where you doing when you felt this sense or presence? How did it make you feel? Did you see, smell or taste anything when this happened? What feelings and thoughts were associated with the senses and feelings or experiences that you had? How many times a day or week did you experience these?

Try sitting down or lying down in a quiet room. Make sure you are completely comfortable and will not be disturbed. Ask your guides, angels and spiritual helpers to help you to feel their presence. Take note of how you are feelings, what the room feels like; are there any changes in the temperature? Do you feel a presence? What pictures, visions, smells and tastes, feelings and thoughts come to you? Did you hear any words or feel someone touch you. Did you feel any of the common senses associate with a spiritual presence?

Write down in your psychic journal how this exercise made you feel. Also write down any thoughts, feelings, visions and senses you got.