Ask 2 – 4 of your friends or family members if they would not mind being your guinea pigs for this next exercise. Sit some where that is quiet and where you will not be disturbed with one of your friends. Ask your friend to sit in front of you. Draw all of your focus, attention and concentration onto your friend.

Take special note of how your friend or family member looks. Take in as much detail as possible. Notice how your friends energy feels. What thoughts, feelings, sensations, images and words come to you? Now ask in your mind what is your friend’s life purpose is and take note of what comes to you. Imagine what you feel your friends life mission is and what they bring to you and your life.

Thank your friend for helping you with this exercise and ask them to please leave the room and ask another of your friends to enter. Do the same process with each of your friends or family members. Write down everything you felt with each friend and if you noticed anything differences. Write down any thoughts, feelings, images, messages and sensations that came to you while you did this exercise.

If you did not notice any differences between each friend then keep practicing this exercise until you can clearly feel each person’s unique energy and vibration.

Other ways that you can learn to sense people’s energy and vibrations is by taking very close note of how you feel, when you are in different peoples company.

Do your feelings, thoughts, the way you behave and act and your sensations change when you talk, or are around different people? Take note of these differences and how each person that you talk to and see each day feels to you. Are they happy, sad, or in between?

Dose talking to one person make you feel good in side where you feel sad and miserable when talking and spending time with another person? Try notice how different you feel each time you are in a different person’s company. Write down all of your experiences, thoughts and feelings in your psychic journal.

Another good way of sensing a person’s energy and vibration is to take note of how you feel when you talk to different people online or over the phone. Note what thoughts, feelings, sensations, messages, images and other senses come to you when you talk to different people online or over the phone.

Record your experiences, thoughts and feelings in your psychic journal. You will be amazed at all you discover and what comes to you. As with everything it takes a lot of practice, patience and time. If you are willing to put in the time and effort then you will reap great rewards.