Sit or lay quietly somewhere where you will not be disturbed. Put on some soft, relaxing and soothing music. Light a candle or two if you like. Shut your eyes and take 6 deep slow breaths in and out.

Quiet your mind and try not to think of anything, let yourself completely relax. I find that the perfect place to have complete peace and quiet and to get relaxed is in the bath. In your mind ask, “My spirit what do you look like? Please show me what you look like?”

Wait and see what images pop into your mind. Do not force the images to appear, just let them come naturally. You may see a horse, a glowing ball of light, an open field; you may see a sun or even a butterfly or a musical note. Do not judge the images just accept what you receive.

Stay calm and let your mind take over, what happens? Where do you go? What do you do? – E.g. you may see yourself upon a horse. What colour is the horse, are there any markings, where does the horse take you? What are your surroundings like? Are you in a familiar place or a place you have never been before?

It may take a few attempts before any images come to you. It took me 4 different tries on different days before I could see my dove. Do not give up heart or give up trying. The images will come to you.

Write down what happened and what you saw. Try to add as much detail as possible. Keep doing this exercise at least once every day. You do not have to be completely relaxed to do it. You can do the exercise while cooking dinner, cleaning the house, walking to work etc.

Each time you do this exercise the images will become clearer and will change a little each time. Notice the subtle differences each time you do this exercise. I was doing the exercise for about 4 weeks before I noticed that the angels began to appear in my visions.