Like the Archangels who have different coloured auras so do our guardian angels. Our guardian angels aura is white and sparkly. If you see a white sparkles of light, or white mist or maybe even a ball of light which is white and sparkling like thousands of stars or glitter then you know that you are seeing your guardian angel.

Find somewhere that is nice and quiet and where you will not be disturbed. Lie down and make sure you are in a comfortable position. Take in a few deep breaths slowly to help completely relax you. Try to calm your mind of the days chatter and try to feel the vibrations in your room. Try to see if you can feel the vibration of your Guardian Angel.

Ask your Guardian Angel to please help you to feel their presence. Once you feel their presence then ask your Guardian Angel to please help you to see them. Close your eyes and trust any images or thoughts that come to you. What do you see and how do you feel? Do you see a person in your minds eye or do you see an animal? Do you see bright colours or lights?

Do you see a feather or a heart? What pictures come to you? Try to take in as much detail as possible and try see these images as vividly as possible. At the same time try not to over concentrate as this will block out any genuine images. Just totally relax your body and mind and trust what ever come to you.

Keep practicing this exercise until you feel comfortable with what comes to you. You may find that you see many different things at first, but then one image should keep coming back to you each time you do this exercise. The image that keeps coming back to you is a vision of how your angel would like to show themselves to you.

Write down in your journal your experiences, thoughts, feelings, visions and any other things that come to you during this exercise. It is so important to write it all down even if it seems insignificant.