Sit down or lay down somewhere where you will feel very comfortable and will not be disturbed. You can put on some soft soothing music and light a candle or two if you wish. Try to calm your mind from the day’s chatter and make your self feel completely relaxed. Keep a pen and piece of paper next to you and jot down any thoughts that may pop into your mind.

Once you feel that your mind is completely relaxed and any mind chatter has faded then take in up to 10 – 20 deep breaths. Draw these breaths into your upper chest and take note of your upper chests movement and your breathing pattern.

Now imagine that with each breath you exhale you are sending relaxation energy to the various parts of your body. First imagine sending relaxation energy to your toes and feet. As you do notice how your feet and toes begin to completely relax. Feel them relaxing and becoming still. Then send relaxation energy to your ankles, lower legs, knees, upper legs and so on until, you have sent relaxation energy to your entire body. Each time you send a part of your body this wonderful relaxation energy, notice how those body parts feel and feel them completely relaxing.

Once you have become completely relaxed then imagine that you are in side of a beautiful bubble. Imagine that this bubble is made out of pure heavenly white light. This white light is surrounding you to help raise your vibration to a higher level.

Know deep in side of you that because of this white light bubble, your vibration has now raised to a higher vibration level – helping you to connect more deeply with your spirit guides. If you like you could spend a minute or two playing with your bubble. You could make it square, a heart shape, round, a star or a shield. Make your bubble of pure white light be personal to you.

When you are happy with your bubble then calm your mind once more. In your mind or out loud say...”I call upon my highest level spirit guides, please help me to build a stronger connection to you. Please help me to easily and readily hear your messages and sense your presence. Please stay by my side each and every day and guide me though out my life. Please help me to make a positive difference to others lives and our planet. Thank you.”

Now gently tell your body to stir and come out of the meditation. First wriggle your fingers and toes, move your legs and arms and slowly come out of the meditation.

If this meditation has worked then you will now feel completely relaxed. You will feel a deep sense of inner peace, love and happiness. You will feel completely protected and supported. Thank your guides for assisting you during this meditation and record your experience in your psychic journal.

If you do not feel any of the above, or if you did not manage to complete the exercise then try again at another time. Remember practice makes perfect and everyone works at a different speed. Never feel disheartened or give up. Just keep going and persisting and you will in time, learn to completely relax and quiet your mind.