Go over to each of your house plants and some of your out door plants. Touch the plant, shut your eyes notice what feelings, thoughts, images come to you. Get a pen and paper and write down what came to you.

Write down what you felt your plants spirits are like. Does your plant feel happy, sad, free or lonely? Write down if you noticed or felt any differences between the indoor plants and the out door plants. Then try to do the same with a healthy plant and a plant that is dying. Write down the differences that you felt between the two plants.

Questionnaire – Please fill out the questionnaire as honestly as possible…

1. What does each plants spirit feel is like?

2. What do the plants need to feed their spirits?

3. What do the plants spirits look like?

4. What do the plants not need too much of?

5. What does the energy of all around you feel like?

6. Can you feel a tress energy and spirit?

7. What does the trees spirit feel like?

8. Hug a tree then describe how it feels to hug a tree and connect with nature?

9. Hold a non living item and describe how does the item’s energy feel like?

10. Can you feel any energy from this item?

11. How is it different from the tree’s energy?