Sit quietly and alone where you can not be disturbed. Get a pen and paper and write down what you think your loved ones spirits are like. Think about what type of person they are. Are they a caring person, a jealous person, angry or happy person, are they musical, creative, troublemaker, joker? – write these things down.

Ask some of your closest friends and family members how they see that person. You will be surprised as you may find out things about that person that you did not know or realize.

Questionnaire – Please fill out the questionnaire as honestly as possible…

  1. Choose 3 people: What are your chosen 3 peoples spirits like?
  2. What do you feel feeds these 3 peoples spirits?
  3. What do you think these 3 people’s spirits look like?
  4. What do you feel these 3 people’s life purpose is?
  5. Do you think that these people are feeding their spirit properly?
  6. Have you learnt anything new about these 3 people?