Recognizing the Spirit of your Pets...

Go over to each of your pets and hold your pet in your arms and stoke them, shut your eyes notice what feelings, thoughts, images come to you. Get a pen and paper and write down what came to you. Write down what you felt your pets spirits are like. Does your pet feel happy, sad, free or lonely? Is your pet mischievous, jokey, fussy or playful?

Write down what you felt your pet needs to help feed their spirit. Does your pet need more cuddles and love or less, is your pet in a happy place and is their spirit getting what it needs to thrive.

Questionnaire – Please fill out the questionnaire as honestly as possible…

1. What does your pet’s spirit feel like?

2. What do you feel your pet needs to feed its spirit?

3. What makes your pet happy and content?

4. What makes your pet sad?

5. What does your pet’s spirit look like?