Find a time when you are alone and will not be disturbed. Find a magazine, book or newspaper and read one paragraph of the book.

Try to bring all of your focus onto that one paragraph. Take in each and every word as if your life depended on it. Push out any lingering thoughts or intruding thoughts.

Once you have read the paragraph a couple of times and really taken it all in then put down the book. Try to remember each word in the paragraph and say them out loud. See if you can say out loud the entire paragraph with out having to look at the book.

Keep practicing this and devoting all of your focus and concentration onto that paragraph. Keep repeating this exercise until you have remembered the whole paragraph off by heart.

Once you have done this then try writing down in your own words about what you have read. Add as much detail as possible. If you like you can try this same exercise on several different books and paragraphs, articles or poems.