Find somewhere quite and where you will not be disturbed. You can either lie down or sit. Put on some soft music and light a candle and incense or two if you like. Make sure that you are feeling completely relaxed. Now close your eyes and take in 3 deep breaths into your chest slowly. Now call upon the Archangel Michael and your Guardian Angels.

“Archangel Michael and my guardian angels I call upon you now. Please surround me with your Heavenly Devine love and light. Please help me to raise my vibration to its highest rate.”

Imagine that you can see the Archangel Michael and your guardian angels standing next to you. See them in as much detail as you can. Now notice that your guardian angels are holding their hands out to you. Take hold of their hands and feel yourself rising to your feet so that you are in a standing position (in the meditation). Watch as the Archangel Michael puts a wonderful bubble of pure white light all around you.

See this beautiful white light fill with in this bubble that is all around you. Feel the light as it begins to fill with in you. See your feet, legs, thighs; stomach, back, chest, arms, neck and head fill with white light so that your entire body is glowing with beautiful Heavenly light. Feel how at peace you are and how much love you feel deep with in you.

Now still holding your guardian angels hands watch as you begin to rise off the floor and go higher and higher into the air – you are still in this bubble of white light with your angels by your side.

Notice that the higher you go the brighter the bubble around you shines. See your self going into space and then through many different dimensions. Watch as you go higher and higher.

Notice that in front of you is a bright light. See yourself and your guardian angels getting closer and closer to this gorgeous white light, until you reach the white light. Once you reach this white light notice that there are many doors all in a row. Each door is glowing with beautiful white light and is open. There is a space in between two of the doors.

Watch as your guardian angels walk over to the empty space and begin to draw a door. Once they have drawn the door they send white light to the door. The door opens and behind it you can see many angels and spirit guides who look so very happy to see you. Your guardian angels return to your side and take hold of your hands once more. They walk with you towards the glowing door.

As you walk through this door you are filled with so much love and light that, you feel at one with the universe and with your angels and guides. Feel how much love and peace is all around you. All these wonderful angels and guides that surround you now all surround let you know how happy they are that you are there.

Watch as you see yourself rising higher and higher. Spread out your arms and send love to the world and everyone you know. Now ask your guardian angels to help you to know what your life purpose is. Ask them out loud or in your mind.

“My wonderful guardian angels, please can you tell me what my life purpose is.” Trust what ever comes to you. Once you feel sure that you know what your life purpose is then say to your guardian angels, “Thank you for your help my beautiful guardian angels. Thank you for helping me to know what my life purpose is. Could you please tell me who I truly am?”

Once again trust what ever comes to you. Again thank your angels for their time, love and answers. Thank all of the angels and guides that are around you for their time and say that it is now time that you head back. With your guardian angels by your side go back the way you came so that you are back on the couch or were you started the meditation.

Thank the Archangel Michael and your guardian angels for helping you to raise your vibration, find out who you truly are and for helping you to find out your life purpose. Then slowly and gently stir and bring yourself out of the meditation.