If you have a Quartz Crystal (one with a point at the end – like a pendulum) then, first wash the crystal in cold water and ask the angles to please cleanse the crystal, to wash away any negativity or entity that is with the crystal. Do not dry the crystal just put it on a window sill where it can get plenty of sunlight – for at least 4 hours.

Once you have done this and thanked the angels, place the crystal on your bedside table or under your bed. Make sure that the points are facing your head. This helps to open up your third eye for seeing and your psychic hearing; it also helps you to feel your guides and angels presence.

Keep this crystal there each and every night. As you open up your intuition you will become more and more sensitive to the spiritual realm. You then might want to start moving the crystal a little further a way from you each nigh – this is entirely up to you.