Ask a friend or family member if you could please try and perform a Psychometry reading for them. Ask a friend or family member if you could please hold a piece of jewellery or item belonging to them – something which they have on them quite a lot.

Now find somewhere quiet and where you will both not be disturbed. Sit facing one another. Hold the item in your left hand as this is the receiving hand. Close your eyes and say this short prayer;

“I call upon …………………(say your friend / family members name) angels and highest level spirit guides, my own highest level spirit guides and angels, the Archangels and my angels of Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircogniance and Clairaudiene. I ask that you will please pass on accurate and detailed messages that are meant for …………. (say your loved ones name.) Please help me to give ……………… an accurate and detailed reading. Please help me to clearly and accurately hear and interoperate the messages that my spiritual and angelic helpers pass onto me.Thank you.”

Now try to completely relax your mind and body. Still holding onto the object in your left hand try to feel its energy, try stroking it and touching it. Relate to your loved one any pictures that pop in to your mind, any words, feelings, smells, tastes, sensations or images that come to you. Relate everything no matter how silly they may sound. It may not make any sense to you but it will to the person you are reading for. Trust what comes to you and do not judge it.

Keep practicing this exercise and do not get disheartened if nothing happens or comes at first. Practice makes perfect and the more you practice the more info you will be able to receive. Each time you practice this you will be developing your Psychometry gift. You can also try this exercise with any item such as a building, pets or even items you buy in a bootfair or second hand shop. Try picking up the energy and reading of the items around you. You will be surprised at what comes to you.