Put on some soft music and make sure that you will not be disturbed. Sit down in a chair with your back straight. Imagine that you are walking along a beautiful sandy beach. Feel the sand beneath your feel and take special note of how the waves crash on the shore. Take note of your surroundings and how you feel. See how many sounds, tastes, smells and feelings come to you. What are these smells, tastes, feelings and sounds that come to you?

Now draw all of your awareness back to yourself and your sitting position. Take note of how you are sitting. If you feel uncomfortable then adjust your sitting posture to one that feels more comfortable. Now imagine that you are back on the beach and in the distance you see a few people on the beach. What do they look like and what are they warring. Are they families or couples, are they friends walking on the beach or both?

What are they doing and what emotions are they expressing. Now continue to walk along this sandy beach. Think about your spiritual path and how far you have come. What would you like to accomplish on your spiritual path? What would you like to do in the future to make you spiritually happy? Ask your guides and angels to help you move forward on your spiritual path and to help you fulfil your life purpose. Trust what ever comes to you.

Now draw your attention back to your sitting position. Are you comfortable in the sitting position that you are in? If not then adjust your sitting position so that you feel more comfortable. Then return to the sandy beach and go back to your thoughts about your life and spiritual path. Keep repeating this exercise until you feel totally comfortable in the position you are sitting in.

If you feel comfortable with your sitting position then stop this exercise as you have found the sitting position that is best for you. Remember this sitting position as it is the one you should use when performing readings and connecting with your guides and angels. It is the best position for you to use when going into trance.