Sit down some where quiet and where you will not be disturbed. Now plan a date when you can invite a group of friends and family to meet for a sitting with you. Once you have a date and time then say out loud or in your mind…

“Archangel Michael, I call upon you now. I would like to have a mediumship night on …………….. at ……….Time. I will be inviting my family and friends to come along to the Mediumship Night. I ask that you will please help my friends and families, loved ones who have passed over to come though on the night. Please ask each spirit connected to my friends and family to take it in turns to come through. Please also ask them to leave again once they have passed on their messages. I ask that you will please block out other spirits who are not connected to my family and friends. May only spirits connected to my family and friends come though on the night. Thank you Archangel Michael.”

By saying this prayer before the actual mediumship night, you are letting your loved ones in spirit know that, you will be open to their messages on your chosen date. In other words you are making an appointment for them to come though and share their messages. This will give them time to make sure that they are available to come though on the day.

Invite your friends and family members to have a sitting with you on your chosen date. Ask each member of your family to please bring along an item that belongs to the person in spirit that they hope to come through. By bringing this item it helps you to build a stronger connection with the person who has passed over. Ask all those who attend to please NOT sit with their arms folded as this blocks out the energy for spirits to come through.

Now ask your guests to sit in a circle or sit quietly in one room. Stand in the middle so everyone can see you. You may sit or stand – which ever feels most comfortable for you. Try to get in a trance position or extremely relaxed state if you can. Have your arms at your sides and do not close or fist your hands – keep your hands open to receive spiritual messages.

Take in several deep breaths and say this short prayer, “Archangel Michael, please may you stand by my side while I do this exercise. Please help to keep my home, family and myself grounded, centre, shielded and protected.

Please remove anything negative, evil or bad that tries to come though. Please make sure that only the people who are present here tonight’s loved one’s come though. Thank you.”

Now say in your mind, “I call upon the loved ones in spirit who are connected to those present here today. Please may you come through one at a time and pass on your messages for your loved ones. Thank you.”

Now quiet your mind and pass on to those in the room any messages, thoughts, feelings, words, pictures, smells and tastes, feelings and sensations that come to you. Please pass on everything that comes to you no matter how silly they may sound. Do not judge what you feel, hear or see, just trust in your self that you are passing these messages on.

Do not get disheartened if nothing happens or comes through the first time. Organize another date and keep practicing. In time it will get easier and you will find that more and more messages come though. Once you have practiced and mastered both exercises above then you can start performing mediumship work for strangers too. Try to always be as relaxed as possible when performing mediumship work. The more stressed and nervous you are, the more you will block connection with spirit.