This exercise can be done any place and any where...

Each and everyday try to take particular note of how everything around your tastes and smells. Take note of how different smells make your feel. What senses do you get from each taste and smell? What does your home smell like? What do your family and friends smell like? What is your Childs particular smell like? What does your bed smell like? Your perfume, food and soap.

When eating your dinner or other meals – instead of just eating it, really take note of all the flavours and sensations you can taste and smell. What spices or herbs can you pick out in your dinner? How does each taste and smell make you feel?

Everything living thing has its own unique smell and taste. Try recognizing and getting to know the smells and tastes around you. What are your loved ones unique smells and tastes? What is your unique smell? What is your pets and homes unique smell and tastes?

After completing the exercise, write down your thoughts, senses, feelings and experiences with this exercise in your psychic journal.