You can do this exercise any time and any where, as long as you have time to your self to think and will not be interrupted. Clear your mind of any chatter and thoughts. Make sure that you are feeling completely relaxed and clear headed.

Take hold of an object and try spending 3-5 minutes or more if you can just drawing all of your attention and awareness to this object. Take note of its colour, how it feels, how heavy or light it is, what thoughts or feelings come to you about the object. Try imagining where this object has been, where it is from and how it was made. Draw all of your attention and focus onto this one object.

If any out side thoughts pop into your mind then tell them to go away. Write down in your psychic journal how you found this exercise and jot down any thoughts, feelings, images, messages or sensations that came to you while doing this exercise. If you like you can try the same exercise with a few other objects. It is important to keep practicing this exercise until you feel that you can concentrate on an object for at least 5 minutes with out any other thoughts popping into your mind.