Sit down or lay down somewhere where you will feel very comfortable and will not be disturbed. Put on some soft soothing music. Light a candle or two if you wish. Try to calm your mind from the day’s chatter and make yourself feel completely relaxed. Keep a pen and piece of paper next to you and jot down any thoughts that may pop into your mind.

Once you feel that your mind is completely relaxed and any mind chatter has faded then take in up to 10 – 20 deep breaths. Draw these breaths into your upper chest and take note of your upper chests movement and your breathing pattern. Try to relax and calm your entire body.

Once you feel completely relaxed, draw all of your concentration, focus and awareness to the music that is playing softly in the back ground. Try to listen to it as carefully as you can. Take in each and every note and instrument. Try to see how many instruments you can hear. Take note of any thoughts and feelings, images or sounds that come to you about the music.

If any out side thoughts pop into your mind then push them aside and tell them to go away. Repeat this exercise several times until you find that you are able to do the exercise with out any out side thoughts interrupting.

Write down in your psychic journal how you found the exercise, your thoughts feelings and how the exercise has left you feeling.