Find somewhere that is nice and quiet. Take in several slow deep breaths until you feel completely relaxed. Now close your eyes and try to relax your eyes. Concentrate on your breathing. Notice how your chest and stomach rise and fall. When you feel ready then do the following...

Try to remember things from your day – replay your day in your mind. Try to remember as much as possible and in as much detail as possible about your day. What happened in the day? Was it just a normal day or did something exciting or different happen? How did your day go from the time you woke up until the time you went to bed.

Now choose one of the people that you saw that day. See that person in your minds eye as clearly as you can. Can you remember what clothes they were wearing? What styles and colours where their clothes. How did they wear their hair and did they look happy or sad. Try to visualize this person as clearly and as vividly as you can.

Now pick one room in your home (not the room you are sitting in) and try to see how accurately you can see this room in your minds eye. What objects are in this room? What furniture or wall pictures are in the room? What colour is the walls and floors, curtains and furniture? Try to see this room as clearly as you can in your minds eye. Then open your eyes and go to this room and see how accurate you were.

Visualize a place or scenery e.g. a forest, beach, busy town centre, mall, woodlands, fields, farm, desert, lake, mountain or somewhere where you feel happy and comfortable – this does not have to be a place where you have been before -try to make this vision as clear and as vivid as possible.

See what is around you and take note of your thoughts and feelings. Feel what the ground feels like beneath you. Is it hot or cold? Can you feel the wind in your hair or smell what the air smells like? Imagine that you are in your chosen place and you are looking all around you – take every detail in.

Try remembering little details from your day e.g.; if you were in the supermarket then try remembering what the woman or man looked like who served you. Were they wearing jewellery or not? What colour were their eyes and hair? What clothes did they wear?

What did they say to you? Or if you caught a bus to work or school then what did the bus driver look like? Which places did you pass on your journey? Who all was on the bus? What did you see when looking out of the bus window? If you walk to the places you need to go then what did you see on your walk? Did you greet any people on the way and what did they look like? Try to remember these things in as much detail as possible.

Try to remember what the weather was like for your day. Was it very windy, raining, sunny or snowing? Try to remember a time when you looked out side and saw the weather. What were your thoughts and feelings at the time? What did you see and notice?

Sit down somewhere nice and quiet and take a pencil and a piece of paper. Try thinking of someone very close to you and draw this person. Try and make the drawing look as clear as you can. Even if you can not draw still try and draw the person you are thinking about. Once you have done this then try and draw a place that you visit each day.

This could be a supermarket, work, school, your home or garden. Try and draw this place as clearly as you can and add in as much detail as you can about what you remember about this place. Now try and draw a picture of your pet or a house plant – again drawing it as clearly as you can with as much detail. Lastly draw a picture of yourself using as much detail as possible. With this exercise you are using your memory and imagination to draw as accurate picture as you can.

Take a picture from a newspaper, magazine or book and look at the picture for a few minutes. Then close your eyes and see if you can see that picture in your minds eye. Each time you loose the picture in your minds eye – take another look at the picture and try again.

Pick an object in your minds eye – you could choose to see a dog, candle, picture, rock, dvd, spoon (any object) and try to visualize what this object looks like. Try and see if you can feel what it feels like and see any details on it. Record in your journal your experiences, feelings, thoughts and sensations while performing each of these exercises