Do you have a specific goal, dream, an item or wish that you hope to fulfil and have? If so them here is an easy exercise that will help to draw these things to you. It won’t happen over night as it takes a lot of imagination, creating with light and determination.

Sit down somewhere where you will not be disturbed. Put on some soothing music and light a scented candle or two if you like. Shut your eyes and take in three deep breaths. Let your body completely relax. Think about what it is that you truly want most or about your goals, dreams and wishes.

Imagine that you are in a cinema and in front of you is a large white screen. Imagine that you are watching a little movie on the large screen. The movie is all about you achieving your goals, or getting the things that you most want in life. Imagine that you do achieve and receive all that your heart is longing for. Actually see yourself in the movie receiving and achieving these things.

Try to imagine this in as much detail as possible. Imagine how you would feel if you achieved these things. Feel the feelings deep with in, take in any smells, thoughts, feelings, tastes and sounds that come to you. Make this movie as real and vivid as you can.

Once you have reached your goal, got what you most wanted then imagine the white screen filling with brilliant white light. Watch as the light fills up the images on the screen.

Once you have done this then imagine that you are sending the images and light from the screen up as high as you can. Imagine this light going higher and higher through space and different dimensions, where it forms into a large ball of energy and light. Watch as this ball of energy and light grow larger and larger.

Then bring the ball of energy and light back down to you. Imagine the energy and light from this ball enter with in you and fill you with light. Say out loud or in your mind, “This is now my reality, I have the things I most want in my life.”

Try to repeat this exercise daily if you can and try to do it for a few months or more. Watch as your dreams, goals and wishes soon begin to take form and become your reality for real.

Our imaginations are incredibly powerful tools. I know of a very true saying that, “Every thought is pure energy.” When you think and use your imagination – you are actually working with energy and creating what you see around you.

If your thoughts are negative then you send out negative energy, which in turn brings negative things into your life. If you keep your thoughts positive and upbeat then, you radiate positive energy and draw good and positive things into your life.