You can do this exercise any time and any where, as long as you have time to your self to think and will not be interrupted. Clear your mind of any chatter and thoughts. Make sure that you are feeling completely relaxed and clear headed.

Think of one thing that you would like to accomplish in your life or have in your life. What is the one thing that you feel will change your life for the better? How would having this thing in your life change your life? How will it affect or change your relationships?

If at any point in this exercise out side thoughts pop into your mind, just push them out and tell those thoughts to go away. You could write them down if you prefer and deal with them after the exercise. Tell you’re out side thoughts that this is your time to focus and concentrate one topic at a time.

Now think about how different your life would be if you had this one thing in your life. Spend as much time concentrating on each question as you can. When you are ready spend at least 3-5 minutes or more if you can, imagining that you have this thing in your life and what it would feel like. Play a mental movie of you having this thing in your life.

Write down if any out side thoughts popped into your mind while you did this exercise. Write down how you found the exercise and how you feel. Record all of this in your psychic journal. Tell your self that you will learn to concentrate and focus. It is important to keep practicing this exercise until you feel that you can concentrate on any topic for at least 5 minutes with out any other thoughts popping into your mind.