First sit comfortably facing white wall or white background. Make sure there is no direct sunlight or artificial light shinning on you. Stretch out your right arm in front of you – so it is in front of the wall (do not touch the wall). Make sure the back of your right hand is facing you.

Open out your fingers and look at the space in between your fingers and the wall. Only look at the space in between your fingers – not at your fingers. Now allow your eyes to completely relax. You will begin to see a fuzzy white or gray outline around your fingers. If you begin to see this it means you are doing the exercise right. What you are actually seeing is your aura.

Continue to look in between your fingers at the fuzzy outline. As you continue to look at the fuzzy outline you should notice it start to change colour – usually to blue. Keep looking at your aura until you can see it all around your hand and fingers.

If you do not notice anything at first, then please do not give up, keep trying and trying as with practice the exercise will become easier and easier. You can do this exercise any time and place.