This exercise is designed to help heighten your sense of touch and feelings – making it easier for you to sense and feel the spiritual realm. This exercise helps you to use your senses and feelings more.

Find some where nice and quiet to sit down or lay. Make sure you are completely comfortable and will not be disturbed. Close your eyes and take in 3 deep breaths very slowly.

Now imagine that there is a beautiful horse standing in front of you. Walk up to the horse and stroke its back and mane. Notice how the horse feels, is its skin and fur soft or rough? What colour is the horse? Is his mane messy or neat? How does the horse smell – can you smell him? Now draw your hands to his nose. How does his nose feel? Is it soft or hard? Is it wet or dry?

Spend some time looking at the horse, feeling how he feels – is he happy, sad or healthy? What feelings and senses come to you? How does the horse make you feel? Notice your feelings and thoughts associated with the horse.

Now imagine that you are holding a lemon. Notice how brightly coloured it is. How does the lemon feel? Is the lemon smooth, bumpy or rough? Is it big or small? Now smell the lemon – can you smell it? What does it smell like? Now imagine that you cut the lemon in half and take a bite. Is it sour or sweet? What does it taste like? What can you sense and feel from the lemon? How does the lemon make you feel? Notice your feelings and thoughts associated with the lemon.

Now imagine that you are standing next to a beautiful tree. Notice how the tree feels, does it feel happy and content in its environment? Is the tree healthy and strong or weak and brittle? What condition is the tree in?

Now put your hands to the tree and touch its bark. How does the bark feel? Is it smooth or rough, is it bumpy or scratchy? What does the tree look like in size, weight and health? How dose the tree make you feel? Notice your feelings and thoughts associated with the tree.

Imagine that your best friend walks up to you. Notice what she / he are wearing and what expression is on their face. Are they happy or sad? What feelings come to you? What do your senses and feeling tell you about how your friend is feeling. Look deep into their eyes. What colour is their eyes? What is their skin tone, height and weight like? What colour is their hair?

Touch their hair and notice how it feels. Is their hair rough, soft or smooth? Is it dell, damp, shinny or healthy? How do you feel about your friend? What feelings, thoughts and emotions are associated with your friend?

Write down in your journal how you felt, any thoughts, feelings, senses that came to you, how you found the exercise and if you feel any different.