One of the most important things to learn to do when trying to open up to seeing, the spiritual realm is to learn to use your imagination more often. The worst thing a parent can tell their child is to stop using their imagination.

Children can see the spiritual and angelic realm much easier than we adults. This is because they do not judge what they see. They do not put everything down to their imagination playing tricks on them.

As they grow up their parents tell them to stop being silly as it is all in the imagination. This makes the children stop using their imaginations and start doubting what they see. As they grow older they use less of their imagination, they do not accept the images that they are shown – resulting in making seeing the spiritual realm harder and harder.

In this exercise we will learn to re-awaken our imagination. We will learn to be open to what we see and to not judge or dismisses it. What I would like for you to do is to try and use your imagination as much as possible. Below are the things I would like for you to please do as many times each week as you can...

Try day dreaming more often – make up stories in your mind and day dream about all your goals and dreams. Make each day dream as vivid as possible. Be more creative by doing arts and crafts, working with colour and designs. Try creating things (even if you are not a creative person just try and do creative things) as this helps you to use your imagination when creating.

Read more novels and books as when you read you are using your imagination to imagine, what the characters in the book look like and you imagine the story.

Also try to do a lot more Meditation (especially guided meditation).

When watching the telly try closing your eyes so that you can hear what is happening on the telly but you can not see. Then use your imagination to see what is happening on the telly screen.

Try putting on some music and closing your eyes. Listen carefully to the music and try to imagine seeing who is playing each instrument. Try and see how many different instruments you can pick out.

Try asking a friend to blind fold you then place objects into your hand. You can then try to describe the object as clearly as you can. What colour do you think the object is? How does it feel and does it taste or smell of anything.

Try seeing the object in your minds eye as clearly as you can. Then take off the blind fold and see how accurate or wrong you were. Then continue the exercise with other objects.

Record in your journal your experiences, feelings, thoughts and sensations while performing each of these exercises.