Firstly ask someone who you do not know very well if you could please read their photo. You could do this by asking someone online or asking a friend if you could read a photo of one of their friends or relatives.

Once you have the photo of the person you are going to read for then find somewhere quite to sit where you will not be disturbed. Quiet your mind from the day’s chatter and then say out loud or in your mind,

“I call upon my angels of Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircognianze and Clairaudience. I also call upon the Archangels, my highest level spirit guides and angels and………………….(name of the person you are reading) highest level spirit guides and angels. Please help me to accurately read ……………… photo. Please help me to give………………. an accurate and detailed reading.”

Now quiet your mind and take in a few more deep breaths. Then take a long hard look at the photo and write down anything that comes to you. Write down any sensations, smells, tastes, feelings, emotions, images, numbers or words that pop into your head or that you hear also write down any aches or pains you feel. Write down everything that comes to you. Do not think over what you have written down and do not judge it. Just write it done and trust that you are writing down accurate information.

Once you have finished reading the photos then look at what you have written. Just below what you have written write down anything else that comes to you. Then share with the person you have read or with your friend the information that you received. You will be surprised at how much you got right about that person.

Remember that it takes a lot of practice and penitence so do not give up on the first attempt. Keep practicing reading photos. Just like any thing else the more readings you do the more accurate your readings will become. Practice makes perfect. Try doing at least 3-5 readings each day for different people. You could do Photo Readings, Mediumship Readings, Psychometry or any type you like.

The more practicing you do the easier it will become for you to perform accurate readings for others. Also always remember the reason you are performing readings for others. It is not so you can become famous or prove how good or talented you are, it is not just for the money. It is so that you can help and guide others.

Psychics and Mediums have been blessed with their psychic gifts so that they can help to make a difference to others and our planet. We are NOT super heroes, we are NOT magic, we are NOT better than anyone else. We are normal people just like everyone else it’s just that our six senses are heightened and developed at a higher level. This helps us to better understand others feelings, find it easier to connect with angels and guides and helps us to help others and out planet on a deeper level. Each and every living thing is psychic can develop their gifts if they truly wanted too. Each living person and thing on this planet is equal and special!