Each and every one of us has many different guides that come in and out of our lives at any given time. Each person has different amounts of guides in their life. Where one person may only have a couple of guides, another may have up to 30 or 40 guides. Some guides work more with us more than other guides depending on our life’s situation at the time.

This next exercise will help you to find out how many guides you have. Please do not give up if nothing comes to you the first time round. Keep practicing and you will soon see some results.

Find somewhere comfortable to sit or lay down. Try to be completely relaxed and feel comfortable. Take in a few deep breaths slowly. Try to calm your mind from the days chatter. Once you feel completely relaxed take in a few more deep breaths.

Ask your spirit guides to please tell you how many guides you have. Say out loud or in your mind, “My spirit guides I call upon you now. Please tell me how many guides I have. Thank you.” Then wait and see what comes to you. Do not judge what comes just accept it and be thankful.

Please know that when finding out how many guides you have, you will either see a number in your minds eye, hear a number being said out loud or in your mind, you may feel several taps on your foot or hear several bangs or noises at once. Our guides talk to each of us differently. You need to just trust what comes to you and have faith that you have communicated with your guides.

It is extremely important to always remember to thank all of your spirit guides each time you work with them or ask for their help. Like us they like to feel appreciated and respected. Remember if ever you are unsure of the answer you received then you can always ask your guides for conformation – they will be happy to give it to you.