Find somewhere quiet and where you will not be disturbed. Lie down or sit in a comfortable position. Make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed. Take in 3 deep breaths slowly. You may light a candle or two and put on some soft music – if you feel this will help you to fully relax.

Say out loud or in your mind, “Archangel Michael, I call upon you now to clear and vacuum away any negativity, any blockages, fear or entities from myself, my loved ones and my pets and home.”

Imagine that standing behind you is the Archangel Michael. Imagine that all around you are beautiful angels who are watching over you and keeping you safe. Believe with all of your heart that Michael and the angels are by your side and are watching over you.

What as Archangel Michael puts a golden hoover (vacuum) pipe through the top of your head. See Michael press a button on the hoover and as he does the Hoover begins to suck up thick black liquid from your body. Watch as all this black liquid is sucked out of your body and is in the hoover bag.

Feel your body become lighter as all negative energy, entities; fear and depression leave your body. Feel your body become light as a feather as all the stresses of the day are sucked away forever.

Watch as Michael hovers every inch of your body from your toes all the way to the very top of your head. Hoover your organs, ears, eyes, veins, spine and your entire self. Keep hoovering until no more black liquid is left in your body and only clear liquid is being sucked up.

Watch as Archangel Michael presses the button on the hoover again. This time see beautiful white heavenly light ooze out of the hoover pipe and into your body. Watch as this beautiful white light fills with in you. This white light Fills up your entire body from your toes to your head. This white light is so pure and heavenly and makes you feel whole, refreshed, healed, balanced and cleansed.

Take a minute to notice how you feel. Notice if you feel any different from before you did the meditation to now that you have done it. How do you feel?

Once Michael has fully filled your entire body with heavenly white light, ask him to please do the same process with your loved ones and your home and pets. Watch as Michael hoovers up all the black liquid or smog from your loved ones, home and pets.

Then watch as Michael lets beautiful heavenly white light fill your loved ones, home and pets. Once done, thank Archangel Michael for his love and protection, healing and guidance. Thank the angels who are standing around you for their protection and love too.