Below is a wonderful meditation that I use regularly. It truly helps you to open up to your Higher Self and connect with your Higher Self on a deeper Level. This Meditation comes from the book, “Spiritual Growth – Being your Higher Self.” By Sanya Roman

(I find that I like to put on some soft classical or meditation music quietly in the background when doing this meditation. You can light a candle or two if you like – what ever makes you feel most comfortable and relaxed.)

Sit with your eyes open or closed. Adjust your posture so that you are comfortable, perhaps putting your hands at your sides. Begin taking a few deep breaths.

Imagine your entire body relaxing, starting with your toes.

Bring a feeling of relaxation into your feet, calves, and thighs, then up into your abdomen and lower back, chest upper back and shoulders. Next relax your arms, hands, neck, head, and shoulders. Let the muscles around your jaws and eyes relax. Do these until you feel peaceful, focused, and physically comfortable?

Adjust your posture so that your energy can flow more easily up and down your spine. Breathe a full breath into just your upper chest, moving your lower diaphragm and abdomen as little as possible. Breathe into your upper chest several times; note how you feel. Now breathe into your abdomen several times, following this with several breaths into your upper chest and abdomen.

Straighten and lift your upper chest with a deep breath, so your spine is more upright. Notice that as you do this you may also want to adjust the back of your head and neck to the most comfortable upright posture. This helps create fluidity in your emotional body, open your heart centre and make it easier to think in higher ways.

You are now ready to meet your Higher Self. Imagine that you are being joined by many high beings (angels and guides) who are sitting in a circle around you. Feel the peace, joy and love all around you. These beings are here to assist you in meeting your Higher Self.

Imagine your Higher Self in the distance, beginning to come toward you. You might picture it as a beautiful, shimmering, radiant light. Greet and welcome your Higher Self and invite it to come closer.

Mentally ask your Higher Self to assist you in making a stronger connection. Feel the radiance of its love surrounding you and embracing you. Feel the lines of light coming to you from your Higher Self. As these lines of light touch you, feel your vibration increase. Your Higher Self is now merging and becoming one with you.

Feel your molecules and atoms merging with it, as if you are reclaiming a part of your energy. Let your Higher Self merge with you even more until your energy patterns are taking on the radiance of your Higher Self. You and your Higher Self are now one.

As your Higher Self, open your breathing to create a greater flow of energy in your body.

Adjust your posture so that you are sitting as your Higher Self. As your Higher Self, adjust your shoulders and chest to reflect your confidence and wisdom. What facial expression do you have as your Higher Self?

Think of a situation you want guidance about. As your Higher Self, you are going to give yourself advice about this situation. Imagine you are a wise teacher and consultant. What advice would you give yourself on this situation? You may want to speak out loud or write down your answers.

As your Higher Self, do you have any other messages, perhaps about your spiritual growth, your higher purpose, or anything else? Thank your Higher Self for becoming one with you and sit as long as you like as your Higher Self.