Below are a few more ways in which you can heighten your telepathic skills.

Ask a family member or friend to please try out this exercise with you. Find some where quiet and where you will not be disturbed. Now both your friend and you sit down opposite each other. Both close your eyes and take in 3 deep breaths.

Become completely relaxed and clear headed. Push out any thoughts that pop into your mind. Now take it in terns for one of you to think of something while the other has to try and telepathically sense what the other is thinking. You could think of any thing such as a type of animal, food, and certain person you both know, a beverage, a place or country.

Both close your eyes and while one is thinking of a particular object or place, the other has to try and sense what it is. Once the person guessing has guessed then the other person can let them know if they were right or not. You then swap over and keep practicing this. Try doing this exercise as much as you can. Try writing down how you did each time. At first you may find that it is not going too well but with patience and practice you will get better and better at it.

Believe with all of your heart that you are telepathic. The truth is that each and every one of us is telepathic, just some more so than others. Have faith and belief in your self and in your telepathic ability. Truly believe that you can develop it and grow spiritually.

Ask a family member or friend to look at a picture in a magazine or book or even a photograph. Make sure that you do not know what the picture is. Now sit in front of them and close your eyes. Try to see if you can sense or see what your friend is looking at. What picture are she / he looking at? Do not give up if you do not get it straight away. With practice and patience you will get there.

When the phone rings or the door bell goes try to think of who is calling or visiting before you answer. See how many times you can get it right.

Take a plain deck of playing cards and try to guess what each card is before you turn it over. Write down how many times you get it right.

Try and guess what colour car will come around the corner or drive past you, or who you will see when you walk into a shop. Guessing games are great ways to help you develop your telepathic skills. Try playing more memory and guessing games.

Try thinking of a friend or family member and in your mind ask them to ring or contact you. Keep saying in your mind (while truly believing that this person can hear you) …………….. please contact me now or as soon as you can. You will be surprised how this person will get in touch with you.

I tried this once with one of my best friends named Sarah. I found somewhere quiet to sit and where I would not be disturbed. I then brought all of my awareness to my friend Sarah. I tried to mentally see her in my mind and then I kept saying, “Sarah please contact me now or as soon as you can.” Each time I said it I truly believed that she would hear me. I even said, “Sarah can you hear me? Please contact me as soon as you can.”

About an hour later I had a phone call from Sarah. She said that she kept thinking of me that afternoon and wanted to ring but was at work. She said that she did not know why but she kept feeling as though she needed to talk to me. I laughed and told her about the little exercise I had done. It had worked and I had telepathically linked with Sarah.

Another time I was living away from home and was going through quite a rough time in my life and previous marriage. I was only 19 at the time and desperately wanted my mother to come and get me away from a terrible place and situation that I was in.. I did not have access to a phone so could not ring her. My mother lived a good 45 – 50 minute drive from where I was staying.

I sat slumped on the floor sobbing my heart out. Praying to God and the Angels to help my mother hear my cries and for her to come and get me. I pleaded with my mother in my mind. Pleaded for her to come and get me away from this dreadful place that I was in.

About 35 minutes later my mother’s car pulled up to the building where I was. She rushed over to me and said that she had this desperate urge to come and see me. She said that she kept having this horrid feeling that something was very wrong. I explained to my mother how miserable I was and about the situation that I was in at the time. I asked her to take me away from that place and the people I was around, which she did.

She kept telling me all the way home that she knew something was wrong. She said that she drove so fast to get to me that she could not even remember how she got there – she could not remember the journey she took to get to me. I was amazed at how fast it did take her to get to me. I had telepathically let my mum know that I needed to leave the place that I was in. This is why she had the urge to come and see me and why she knew something was wrong.

Some people find that they have a high telepathic link with animals. They can easily and readily understand their pets and their pet’s needs. I am fortunate enough to have this strong telepathic link with animals. I can always tell if our pets are ill or unhappy before they show any symptoms or if they are hot, cold, and hungry or need some love. We can all learn to develop this special telepathic link with our pets and other animals. Animals are highly psychic and telepathic. Animals are well aware of all that is going on around them and can clearly and accurately pick up on energy and vibration.

When I was about 14 or 15 years old I was climbing off of a roof. I grew up on a farm so I was always climbing trees, boulders and roofs. Unfortunately while climbing down the roof I got a terrible leg cramp – well to be honest I more like tore the cartilage in my knee. You see for years I have always suffered from leg problems. I was half way down from the roof and in great agony. My brother and sister were out that day, my mom was at work and no one was around to help me except our pets.

Despite for help I called Skippy our little Jackrussel. I pleaded with Skippy to run and call my mother. She worked as a Bookkeeper and Accountant on the farm. Her office was a good 10 – 15 minute walk from our house. I remember using all of my mind power to try and telepathically ask skipping to run and get my mom as I was in trouble. Skippy looked up at me and then turned round and ran down the road to get my mother. About 8 – 10 minutes later my mom and Skippy rushed over to the house and helped me down from the room. Skippy telepathically heard my message and went to get my mother just as I had asked him. Thank you Skippy.

Another time where one of my pets helped me was when my brother, sister and I were talking a long walk in one of the fields on the farm. We had many dogs and they used to always join us on our long walks. As we walked though one of the fields chatting away one of our dogs named Rambo began to bark loudly.

We stopped talking and I asked, “What is wrong Rambo, why are you barking so much.” We tried to continue walking forward but Rambo would not let us continue with our journey. He kept running forward and then running back again to a certain spot where he stopped and then kept barking. I instantly knew that he was trying to tell us something important. I shared my feelings with my brother and sister and told them how I can just feel that something was wrong and that we should not walk any further.

Just then we saw a large cobra rear its head and spit at Rambo. Suddenly it all becomes clear as to why Rambo did not want us to venture any future with our walk. I screamed for Rambo to come back to us which he did. We thanked him for his help and decided to walk a different way instead. Thank you to Rambo who tellepathicly as well as physically warned us about the snake, we were all saved from being bitten and killed. Thank you Rambo.

Try spending as much time as you can with animals. Take special note of how they seem to be with in them selves. Look in their eyes and see if any images, feelings, sounds, tastes, smells or words pop into your mind. Mentally or out loud ask your pet or the animal, “How are you feeling to day? Are you having a good day?”

Trust what ever comes to you. Try to communicate with your pet or other animals telepathically. With patience and practice you will begin to build a special bond and connection with these animals. You will begin to know how your pet and other animals are feeling and what messages they have for you. Ask your pets or other animal’s angels to please help you to telepathically link and connect with your pets.

The most important thing for us to learn to do when growing spiritually, developing our psychic abilities and learning to channel as well as connect with our angels and guides, is to raise our vibrations. The more we raise our vibrations to a higher lever the easier it is for us to connect to our guides and angels. How we raise our vibrations is by being our higher selves at all times and by connecting to our spirit.